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2017 Project 365, Day 200: RareJob Challenge

Photo #200: July 19

Received my prizes from completing the #RJChallenge2017 and being one of the top 5 in my batch. ^^ Thank you, RareJob Philippines, Inc. <3

2017 Project 365, Day 193: New RJ Website Color!

Photo #193: July 12

Oooooooh me likey RareJob’s new website color!!! This shade of green is much better! Great for the eyes!  Aaaaand for the nth time, in case you’re interested to teach English online, register here.

2017 Project 365, Day 164: RareJob Student Message

Photo #164: June 13

I’ve got mail! ♥

A lot of people ask me how I manage to work for more than 10 hours a day, and receiving messages like this is one of my many reasons. 37 more words

2017 Project 365, Day 130: FTL Achievement

Photo #130: May 10

Even though I now have more business and young learner students, I am still grateful for being part of my original premium program at work: free trial lesson. 37 more words

2017 Project 365, Day 123: Titas in Tagaytay

Photo #123: May 3

This quarter’s batch of Good Tutor Awards is special because the#TitasOfRareJob are complete!  Rewarded ourselves with a Tagaytay trip since no official RJ event was held. 6 more words

2017 Project 365, Day 121: Labor Day

Photo #121: May 1

Isn’t it ironic that today is “LABOR Day,” but a lot of people are on holiday?  Anyway, I’ll be laboring away as it’s a new month!

2017 Project 365, Day 117: RareJob Good Tutor Award

Photo #117: April 27

I’ve been having some work-related woes lately, but these surely made me smile. Thank you for the recognition, RareJob Philippines, Inc.! <3