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Don't Allow Your RAS To Mess Up Your Negotiations

Every day, our brain is bombarded with millions of bits of input and data from the complex, chaotic context we live in. Somehow, it needs to organize this massive flow of information and make sense of it, and the… 666 more words

RA Hiring Process is Underway

A resident assistant (RA), is someone who is looking out for students during the period of time they live on campus. These undergraduate students create a fun but safe atmosphere for residents. 1,000 more words



A reminder.

If you are installing RaspBSD following the instruction from here┬áthen the default disk size is going to be 2GB no matter the size of the Micro SD card you’re using. 77 more words


A week in the life of a UCI Stage Race Rider

Just to give some background information on the rider whose Ras 2003 diary I have is Brian Lynch. He was a 32 year old male Category A(A1 in modern day terms) who had the previous winter thrown out his back and was training and racing at only partial capacity for the year and never managed to this day to get his back fully right. 713 more words

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Why I LOVE Training

Training. I know, right? Who actually can say that they enjoy the grueling hours of work, preparation, scheduling, and getting ready for a new semester? I know that I certainly do! 411 more words


Some advice on getting a post-baccalaureate research assistant position

I’ve heard it said that if you send the same email more than a couple of times, you might want to turn it into a blog post. 1,918 more words


This 7-Step Formula Will Help You Reach Your Dreams in 2018.

(Source: www.inc.com)

Any serious achiever knows the importance and effectiveness of writing down their goals. It’s not uncommon for very successful people to read their goals list… 835 more words

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