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 Are you open to the right opportunity?

In times of struggle, have you ever wondered why things were not just easy?  Why do I have to continuously fight while others have success handed to them? 636 more words

Work Up 2016!

Almost every year one of our frigates completes a lengthy training and evaluation period which we call a ‘Work Up’, to ensure it is ready to go and ‘defend New Zealand’s interests at sea’, both at home and abroad.  627 more words


aan die anderkant van praat 1

Die volgende paar weke behels ‘n ondersoek in die wêreld van Afrikaans. Afrikaans het verskeie variasies, liewe leser. As jy op Muizenberg se strate loop hoor jy dinge wat in jou alledaagse gesprek met mense nooit gemerk sal gaan nie. 1,016 more words


Pushing Through Adverse Situations

We’ve all had them  – situations that are stressful and/or seem insurmountable to the points we don’t know how to deal. This is a bit different than dealing with ‘bad days’ as I’ve addressed before. 341 more words

Career Management

GO! Trips Now Mostly a No Go For RAs

By Theresa Schliep

Resident Assistants (RAs) will not be able to attend Global Outreach (GO!) trips during the academic year, including spring and winter breaks. Justin Muzzi, assistant director of residential life for leadership, development and training, made the announcement during RA Spring training in mid-April. 880 more words


Targeting KRAS Mutations In Pancreatic Tumours

Targeting KRAS Mutations In Pancreatic Tumours

Curator: David Orchard-Webb, PhD

In pancreatic cancer KRAS is mutated between 70-90%. Next generation sequencing suggests 90%, however it must be understood that the allelic frequency of KRAS mutation will not be 100% – not all the cells within the tumour will contain a KRAS mutation due to tumour heterogeneity [1]. 630 more words

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