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TN-19-S-5674 07/04/2018 3:00 PM Tavera taxi

Rash and dangerous driving on NH4 between Queensland Junction and ACS Medical College.


Sow and You shall Reap

Today morning I saw crowd accumulated on road while I was coming to my office. Day is 17th April 2018. The people were gathered around a cow who was hit by a speedy vehicle a few minutes back. 960 more words

Dear Hyderabad Traffic Police, its Time to Revoke Your "No Headphones" Rule.!!

Traffic Police departments of almost all the metros have been showing off their skills lately on social media with their witty posts creating the much-needed awareness in the public. 1,070 more words


Help Bangalore From Immoderate Meter Charge!!

“I am new to Bangalore. When I boarded an auto, he told me that, I had to pay Rs. 150 for just 6 km. I got shocked and then, I called my friend and asked him to come there. 540 more words

Why Is Indian Driving Sense So Bad?

I had recently narrated an incident that occurred with me on the roads. HERE’s where you can read the article.

On my drive to office every day, I encounter a number of F1 enthusiasts who look at the pothole-ridden roads as a challenge to simply zoom forward. 636 more words


Student Life

“Hey! at least finish your juice” mom shouted at my back while I ran out of my house to catch the college Bus. Just as expected the bus was about to leave, I ran and caught it in time. 1,237 more words