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He drove a Mercedes and killed a man

You remember how we were as kids? If our friends had something then we wanted it too. We would cry and beg and ultimately force our parents to get us what we wanted. 365 more words


A Collective Responsibility We Can't Ride Away From!

What kind of a society are we moving towards, if we make all the efforts to ensure a bright future for our younger generations yet don’t undertake the responsibility to ensure their safety.

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Thanks, KSRTC, for sparing a few lives daily.

I would like to place on record my immense thanks to a KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) bus driver. I don’t know who, but he gifted me a new lease of life yesterday. 700 more words


5 wierd things which every real indian do everyday without being aware of it

Hey folks,as you have read the above title,today i am posting against myself becuz i am one of them,scours i am an indian and my primary objective of writing this is that i am fed up of these daily routines of an indian,so today i am exposing them,the things which we are doing from a long time without being aware of.(we have to change guys)that for indian reader only.So i am showing those creepy things so we could improve by reading them.Every Indian reader,please share this post to change every Indian. 469 more words