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Student Life

“Hey! at least finish your juice” mom shouted at my back while I ran out of my house to catch the college Bus. Just as expected the bus was about to leave, I ran and caught it in time. 1,237 more words

Short Story – Indian Traffic is Karma

Let me tell you a story this time.

So last week, on my way to work, I encountered a red at the Indira Park signal, which happens more than half the time. 648 more words


দোষ কি আমার একার? (১১ মে, ২০১৭)

পার্টিতে গিয়েছি, ভোররাত অবধি পার্টি করেছি, আর একটু মদ খাব না? তাও আমার কাছের লোকদের জিজ্ঞেস করে দেখুন না কেন, অনেকেই বুক ঠুকে বলবে, আমি আদৌ মদ খাইনি। ছবিতে কী দেখা গেছে?


Dear motorist

Dear motorist who
drove past me, almost scraping my skin.
Do you see the road as a plain sheet
devoid of traffic?

Does a cyclist seem to you a… 57 more words


The Harsh Reality

We lost our dad in an accident in December 2014. It was a hit and run case, and to our dismay, we still do not know who the culprit was. 191 more words

Fatal Reality