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The year I ruined Christmas

Not all scars are visible…

A vivid memory of living in our first home all together (Step-mom, two step sisters, my brother and I).  I shared a room with my one sister as the house was not large.  886 more words



1. Knight of Swords (Reversed)

It might be best to slow yourself now- your mind and reactions. There are big shifts occurring in the consciousness of Earth, and we are being pushed to face our full selves and do better…this does not mean that we cannot appreciate all we have been. 32 more words


Today is June 23, that afternoon I was going to giving the dogs water in their yard.  The redneck fencing is still up.  It has tables and lattice’s.  467 more words

My Acreage

My skin is fighting a battle with my self esteem and it’s winning. It hurts.



I have a rash. It itches. Occasionally it hurts, but mostly it itches so much I’m ready to tear my skin off. Cortisone (or chemical equivalents) help, but nothing cures it. 696 more words


"An Epidemic of Contact Dermatitis"

There are a number of reports about a preservative and synthetic biocide used in thousands of personal care products that is very irritating to skin. I am summarizing the valuable information in  222 more words