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All Over Me Like a Rash

So I’m ok…but Drama Queen has struck again. I was itchy all over my body yesterday from the moment I woke up (before I put on my make-up). 818 more words

Health Updates

Jewelweed: Fight the Poison Rash!

Jewelweed is a great topical remedy for when you come in contact with poison ivy, poison oak, or stinging nettle!  It has a beautiful translucent, succulent green stem, which is more apparent when held up to the light. 509 more words


Possible Change of Plans. TICK BITE!!!!

Ugghhh.  So originally our plan was to begin the summer with several 4 day backpacking trips in the Adirondacks. And then……….. Greg had a poppy seed sized deer tick latched on to his hip after an overnight trip at Harriman State Park. 201 more words


Eczema- Atopic Dermatitis

I have four children and they all have Eczema condition on their skin. And the condition is getting worse if their skin gets dryer. Also some of my friends have Eczema, too. 532 more words


"QCK helped me Heal a rash on my skin"

In the above video, Sally shares her experience of a QCK session I had with her in relation to a rash she was experiencing on her arms and how the session assisted and supported her to heal the rash. 205 more words

Kids Now Allergic to Water

Bubblers have been turned off in schools across Australia and parents have been told not to pack water in their kids’ school bags following a rash of instant yet painful playground deaths attributed to allergic reactions to the world’s second-most popular form of hydration after vodka. 191 more words


Chocolate tagliatelle

Have you ever thought about chocolate made tagliatelle?

We have. Actually, we have done it the vegan way. Since you have chocolate, why on earth should we use Parmigiano cheese? 108 more words