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7 Great Products for Eczema

Last week I had received a picture of Tallen’s arm from his teacher. It was his persistent, patchy eczema. We have literally been battling this skin rash since he was born! 193 more words

Minor tribulations contributing to general glumness

Nothing too bad, but…

B fell down the stairs on Sunday. Mr C was with her, but she had a head start and slipped, and fell down almost all the stairs, bumping herself several times on the way down, like… 386 more words


Deodorant- day 4-allergic reaction

Time to FREAK OUT. I was about to put deoderant on, until I looked at my pits. Red! Bumpy! Surprisingly it doesn’t hurt & im so thankful for that. 376 more words

DIY Beauty

Side Effects of Taxol/Pertuzumab

Everyone can experience different side effects while undergoing chemotherapy. For me, when I was on Taxol, Herceptin, and Pertuzumab I experienced:


Thoughts from a Film Set

On Sunday I had the pleasure of being invited to the set of a new film in London. It was perhaps one of the most fascinating weekends I have spent in London, as it gave me an insight into how the independent film industry works and a brief snapshot of how the creative process works in cinema. 464 more words


My Itchy Newborn Daughter - Our Eczema Journey Part 1

Our Eczema Journey

Part 1 – A babe is born

Miss M was born just over 5 years ago – our beautiful, first born child; but before we left the hospital Miss M’s face was covered in a “ 429 more words

Chickenpox and ibuprofen

Have you seen the social media post about a small boy with chickenpox and a very nasty bacterial infection to boot? It’s now made some national media, and is trying to raise awareness about not using ibuprofen with kids who have chickenpox. 797 more words