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Raising awareness of the dangers of laundry capsules

Suffolk Trading Standards is joining an international campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of liquid laundry detergent capsules.

The campaign focuses on liquid laundry detergent capsules and raising awareness to prevent toddlers and babies worldwide injuring themselves on the chemicals contained in them. 378 more words

Trading Standards

Pityriasis Rosea

Sometime in 2013, I noticed a small, rashy looking spot on my back.
It was itchy, but not untolerable.

A few days later, my rashy spot had a friend. 274 more words

Butterfly Rash?

This rash isn’t new but it is the worst I’ve seen it. Was working in the sun the last few days so I’m wondering if it’s the UV sensitivity from the Hydroxychloroquine(Plaquenil) or if it’s butterfly rash. 74 more words

Chronic Illness

Day 541 - My skin burning episode in the Canaries

I burned myself really bad (picture) on my body after having forgotten to take on myself sun blocking, from the strong sunshine in the Canaries. I ended up with a body full of dandruff and scars. 765 more words

Photo Blog--Rashes #lupus

I went to the Dermatologist on Thursday. She said that my rashes are consistent with Lupus but that there wasn’t anything she could biopsy, since they come and go relatively quickly (as opposed to scabbing, scarring, or turning into sores). 283 more words

DIY Itch-Away Spray

Summer is almost here, and in Alaska that means mosquitoes all day long!  My son and I have been bit multiple times, and after dabbing lavender mixed with a carrier oil I decided to come up with an easier way. 189 more words