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My First Selfie In The Lane

C’mon mom, let’s go for our walk.  It’s not as windy.                                                       
MOM……MAROON This is what’s left of our snow.                                                     188 more words

Hump Day, GoT Neck and insurance arseholes.

Wednesday. My day of rest – also hump day. Not hump day as in shagging by the way, I made that mistake once during convo and looked like a perv, but as in: its the middle of the week, the toughest bit, but the weekend would soon be here. 2,043 more words

Day To Day

DC Inst - Rash

You were evaluated in the Emergency Department today for a rash. Your evaluation suggests your symptoms are most likely due to ***.

Please follow up with your primary care physician within 2-3 days. 55 more words


Beware Antibacterial Soap!!

“I suspect there are a lot of consumers who assume that by using an antibacterial soap product, they are protecting themselves from illness, protecting their families,” Sandra Kweder, deputy director of the FDA’s drug center, told the AP. 297 more words


Rashes, Rashes, We all fall down.....

Happy Sunday out there! We are having some very unseasonable cold weather with the high yesteraday at a 50 degrees! WHAH? In April? It’s been pushing 80 this past week but then a cold front rolled in. 870 more words

The Present

Poison Ivy

Leaves of three, leave them be, right? But sometimes you’re standing in it before you realize it’s there. What to do?

I’ve often recommended Miracle Skin Salve… 232 more words

Skin Care

Combating Lyme Disease With Biomagnetic Therapy

An Article by Natural Awakenings

In 2013, unknowingly, Alan Grazioso was bitten by a tick near the woods of Camp David in Maryland. “This deer tick the size of a sesame seed changed my life,” he says. 283 more words

Why Biomagnetism