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Starting Lamictal: The Rash

In 2012 my doctor suggested I switch from antidepressants to a mood stabilizer. Antidepressants weren’t working for me – I was getting all the side effects while getting just a few benefits. 280 more words



***Mild profanity, ranting, etc.***

It started out as just a tiny bump on my arm that I started scratching while watching Mad Max in 3D last Saturday. 422 more words


No news is no news

Unfortunately, the rash is not finished with me, so it’s back to the allergist next week. Either I misunderstood many many things, or many many things were not communicated to me very well because getting to the bottom of the rash is still a priority. 200 more words

Breast Cancer

That rash was...


I mentioned a few days ago I had a painful rash on my chest and thought it was something like folliculitis.

But it was very painful especially when my clothes touched it and I did not think it would ever be shingles. 224 more words


5 Painless Things-to-do to Self, Once a Week

You may look good right now, but if you let things go? You know you’ll find yourself hairy, smelly and hang-nailed within a month! Here’s five painless things to do just Once a week, to keep yourself looking and feeling like you’ve just had a photo shoot all year long! 729 more words


Police investigating rash of car break-ins in North Truxton

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Residents of the North Truxton neighborhood in Portsmouth say a group of people is targeting cars at night.

Portsmouth police are now investigating.  210 more words

Local News

Half-Arsed Haiku - Wed 20 May, 2013

I’ve mentioned on here before about the slightly upside down universe I inhabit alongside others dealing with cancer (and probably any other serious or chronic illness whereby things that would normally illicit sympathy or concern from others in any world tend to be met with a strange celebratory reaction in our land.  568 more words