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Harry Siegel: Black lives and hard facts

By Harry Siegel

Black lives matter.

Obvious as that should be, it’s needed saying. And saying it and hearing it said has been cathartic. Because too often, the choices Americans have made — and those of the leaders they elect and the police chiefs those leaders appoint — say otherwise. 208 more words

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We're Losing The War On Terrorism.

According to a new Rasmussen Poll, we’re losing the war on terror. And it’s not just by a little bit. For the first time since the poll was taken over 11 years ago, fewer Americans think we’re winning the war on terror than ever before. 452 more words

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Yes, It Can Happen Here

In 1935, Sinclair Lewis noted the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany and penned a novel entitled It Can’t Happen Here describing an alternate America where the president becomes a fascist dictator. 149 more words

Obamacare - The Double Standard

A Rasmussen Poll conducted December 5 and 6, polled 1000 likely voters who were asked five questions, the first of which was:

Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable impression of the new health care law?  423 more words


73% of U.S. voters worried about Obama's lack of strategy for ISIS

This is a follow-up on my post of Aug. 29, 2014, “Obama admin turns to Twitter crowdsourcing for foreign policy.”

On Aug. 28 in a press conference at the White House, … 615 more words

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Dr. Eowyn reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:

Pay attention, politicians! 8 out of 10 voting Americans are paying attention to the IS jihadists laying waste to Iraq and Syria, and a majority of them rightly are concerned about their slacker president's inattention and admitted lack of strategy.

Rasmussen Poll: Illegals Should Be Deported And Mexico Should Foot The Bill....

by Jonah Bennett, Daily Caller

A new poll reveals that 52 percent of Americans want illegals deported as soon as possible, with the added suggestion that Mexico foot the bill for transportation costs, the Washington Examiner  284 more words

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Bob Beauprez's Running Mate Is A Single Mother, Colorado Native

DENVER (CBS4) – The ticket is complete after the Republican candidate for governor of Colorado has just picked his running mate, and it comes on the same day a new poll shows the race is a dead heat. 497 more words