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Rasmussen poll: Clinton leads Trump by 3 points

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Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 3 points according to the a new national poll from Rasmussen. 102 more words

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Russ has some lovely photos for us of this season’s stellar performers. With our hot, dry weather, not every plant has put on the best show, so it’s great to know which cultivars thrive despite the brutal weather! 40 more words

Latest Rasmussen poll shows Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by seven points

  Last week a Rasmussen Reports poll showed Donald Trump taking the lead over Hillary Clinton by 2 percentage points. While this was considered a statistical tie and within the margin of error it showed the billionaire businessman surging because the week before he trailed the former Secretary of State by 5 points. 233 more words


The Immaculate Indictment

Yesterday’s remarkable performance by FBI Director James Comey, or as I call it, The Immaculate Indictment, would take a religious epiphany for one to conclude Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be indicted based on the evidence presented. 716 more words

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And the Least Hated Candidate Is ...

Keeping score has proved difficult in this crazy presidential election year, as the polls have been all over the place. One poll released Thursday had presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump with a four point lead, another had presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading by six points, and while the average of all the polls still has Clinton leading by five points that’s down by a point or so over the past week and barely over the margin of error and really rather embarrassing given her huge advantage in advertising buys and her opponent’s gaffes over the same period. 725 more words


Latest Rasmussen poll shows Donald Trump surging into the lead

 At this point I do not trust the polls because they are all over the place and I believe they are all being spun to promote political agendas. 634 more words


The Samuel Taylor Coleridge Election

This November, Americans will likely have to choose as their president one of the two most reviled and polarizing people in American politics.

Putting aside straight up Democrat vs Republican politics, the media should take the blame for two things they hate to acknowledge and likely won’t remedy; lack of trust by the public and their own bias. 2,257 more words

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