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WHOA: Well Respected Poll Has SHOCKING, Post Debate, Numbers – Are They REAL?

Published on October 21, 2016

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Guess who’s leading the polls now? Have these pollsters found something the others missed?

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A Tale of Two Pre-election Polls

Richard Charnin
Oct. 21, 2016

Just published: 77 Billion to One: 2016 Election Fraud
Matrix of Deceit 
Proving Election Fraud

This analysis illustrates how polling results (and electoral votes) are manipulated due to the over-weighting of Democrats and under-weighting of Independents. 228 more words

2016 Election

Utah becomes the next state in an expanded map for Clinton

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is likely going to try to coast to Election Day.  Why not.  National polling is showing an expanding lead.  You can check the… 194 more words


Rasmussen poll: Clinton leads Trump by 3 points

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Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 3 points according to the a new national poll from Rasmussen. 102 more words

Donald Trump

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