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Raw Raspberry (or Blueberry) Cheesecake

Raw cheesecake was something I had always admired from afar and put it down to being way to difficult for me to attempt.  Then I found this… 226 more words

Gluten Free

Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes

I had some soaked cashews to use up and was delighted when I found this recipe. These mini cheesecakes are really really yummy! I think they will be perfect for the holidays! 63 more words

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

1 C. slivered almonds
2 C. graham cracker crumbs (7 oz.)
1/2 stick (1/4 C.) unsalted butter, melted

8 oz. fine quality white chocolate… 264 more words

Breyers Gelato Indulgences

I am an avid ice cream lover and am always on the hunt for great store bought varieties. Most of them are just ok, but never as good or smooth as ice cream from an ice cream shoppe. 127 more words

All Things Foodie

Raspberry Mini Cheesecake

Gorgeous summer raspberries, sugar cookie crust, fresh whipped cream. Chilled to perfection. Served in a 5″ size that’s perfect for sharing with a friend (or maybe not). Ahhh, summer…

Seasonal Flavors

Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit Dip

This dip really tastes like the filling of a cheesecake, but much faster to make! It’s great with fruit and dipping some of those graham crackers that didn’t make it into your summer s’mores :) 113 more words


Divine baked raspberry & lemon cheesecake

There is nothing better than a rich and creamy cheesecake, and nothing more daunting than attempting your first baked cheesecake recipe. I assumed that it was really strenuous and that it required a large amount of precision, skill and some sort of magic to get it right. 454 more words

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