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I2S Audio Interface for Raspberry Pi Zero

Sergey Kiselev designed this I2S Audio pHAT:


This is a Raspberry Pi Zero pHAT form-factor I2S audio interface board based on a Cirrus Logic (Wolfson) WM8731 audio codec.

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Grow Wild Raspberry Pi Time-lapse

This year our school Eco Club began a project to plant a wild flower area in the school grounds. This was part of the Grow Wild scheme run in association with Kew Gardens. 748 more words

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Finding the latest os for the Pi

I am revisiting my Jukebox build instructions and filling in the missing steps.

First off, of course, is getting the os for the Pi, and that can be found here

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Hackaday Links: September 24, 2017

This is it. After twelve years we finally have a new Star Trek. Star Trek: Discovery (we’re using ST:DSC as the abbreviation) is airing  411 more words

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RaspberryPi-the combination of the traffic light and the light sensor

I tried to put the traffic light and the light sensor together.

When there is no light around the light sensor, the green light on the sensor will be off while the red light on the traffic light will be on. 319 more words

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Si7021 Sensor to Raspberry Pi to PIC to LED

I started this I²C project by creating a simple I²C-controlled LED display using a PIC micro controller. Then I found an I²C Python Raspberry Pi library to communicate with my PIC. 286 more words

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Bodgers – Make Your Ideas

Hi Everyone

We started today’s session with some information about the group and our plans for the year ahead.

We spoke about Digital Making, Digital Makers use technology to make something and learn about that technology while doing so. 264 more words