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Raspberry Pi First Time Setup

After installing a new operating system for your Raspberry Pi there are still a few things to do to get better functionality out of your Pi. 40 more words

Jam Packed UK at Digital Garage, Leeds

The Jam Packed tour visited Leeds again on Saturday 25th July, in partnership with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google.org.

Over 80 people registered to join us at the Raspberry Jam event for a day of computing fun, talks, demonstrations and hands-on workshops. 189 more words

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Basics of Installing an Operating System to a Raspberry Pi

Out of the box, the Raspberry Pi comes with no installed software on it. Heck it doesn’t even come with any sort of disk space space, so make sure to read 8 Things You’ll Need For Your First Raspberry Pi Build before clicking the ‘Order Now’ button wherever you buy it from. 20 more words

Command Prompt Demystified

If you have seen some of my previous posts from when I installed Raspbian and played around with config.txt, you will have seen in the screenshots lines of green text that signify the command prompt, where you enter your commands in the Linux Terminal. 246 more words

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Adafruit Segment Display

As I mentioned in my Scalextric timer project update, I wanted to run the Raspberry Pi headless with a simple display for the lap times. Adafruit’s 7-segment units seemed to be a good choice, with it’s bright clear display of numbers. 351 more words

Your First Project - LED Lights

My first project I took and slightly changed from the source below. What we are going to do is turn on a LED light with Python Code. 204 more words

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