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UNIX Commands

This post follows on from the UNIX Structure which introduced commands. Below is a list of the basic commands that can be used in a UNIX environment. 1,173 more words


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After many of revue, an android tablet is too small for a smart mirror, and raspbery pi will need a display of some sort. This is where things get tricky…. 60 more words

Bad Ideas

An Open Source Lead Tester

If you’ve ever needed an example of colossal failure of government actors, you need only to look at Flint, Michigan’s water crisis. After the city of Flint changed water supplies from Detroit to the Flint river, city officials failed to add the correct corrosion inhibitors. 250 more words

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Controlling GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi Zero

In the previous post, we saw how we can control a Raspberry Pi Zero over UART. We took control over the command prompt through UART. Now we can write a small python script for controlling the Raspberry Pi Zero’s GPIO pin, using the command prompt!!!. 330 more words

Embedded System

My First Slice of Raspberry Pi

My First Slice of Pi: Discovering Raspberry Pi with my Class

Raspberry Pi is an exceptionally small, inexpensive and simple computer used to help teach students about hardware and programming. 1,571 more words


Raspberry Pi Online Tutorial

Power up your life with Raspberry Pi by learning ample of tutorials online through our online learning program. Learn here @Cloudinfoways about Raspberry Pi, a small and compatible single board computer equivalent to the size of a credit card chip fabricated to promote basics of computer science. 183 more words

Online Learning Program Raspberry Pi

Google Drive Utility On Raspberry Pi

I’ve finally gotten back to updating and reconfiguring my Raspberry Pi 2 as a headless server and was browsing the forums to see if there’s any other services that I can add. 171 more words

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