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Wondered about the wonders of Pi? STEM to STEAM just got large scale in Hull!

Raspberry Jams are community events organised to support knowledge share, learning new skills, gleaning new ideas and meeting other like-minded digital makers using Raspberry Pi… 176 more words


Fixed IP Address & Fixed SSID for Wifi access on Raspbian Jessie

The latest version of Raspbian, Jessie, change the way Wifi config works. Old tutorial on the Internet doesn’t work anymore. Follow these steps to configure Wifi for your Raspberry headlessly (no display). 184 more words


Run python script as cgi under apache2 server

I was trying to set up a server with Pi 3, so I ran into this python CGI + Apache server path. Here is what I did and it works: 250 more words

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Raspberry Pi (Model B) NAS and Backup

It seems that there is no one place to do all of the things you need to do to make this happen. So here are my detailed notes for the next time I have to set up a Linux based NAS. 3,041 more words

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Chromium for Raspberry Pi

Chromium ARM Installs 55 whereas the official Raspberry Pi installs 56 compatible with #PiZero and Pi 1

Epic Chas Gamer (no emoji because I am typing this from my Raspberry Pi itself)

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Raspberry Echo - Alexa

When the Amazon Echo first came out I was looking at them in earnest, but decided I couldn’t justify the expense for something that I may lose interest in or not really make use of. 423 more words