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Back Up And Sync Your Files Inside A Mason Jar With Raspberry Preserve

Do you like the concept of backup services like Dropbox or Box but don’t want to relinquish control of your data? Well now you can keep your files safely stored in your own pantry, right next to your jars of fruits and vegetables. 261 more words



In this second post of my short series on setting up my Raspberry Pi, I’m going to go into the raspi-config tool. I’ll only cover the things I investigated as some of the options aren’t really relevant at this point, and for most beginners I imagine it will probably be the same case. 860 more words

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Stratum-1 NTP server, part 2

It took me about an hour to work out that I had the board plugged in the wrong way around, and that’s why nothing worked. My excuse is we’re in the middle of a heatwave at the moment …. 355 more words

Stratum-1 NTP server, part 1

I’m following the instructions here and here to try and make a Stratum-1 NTP server using GPS and a Raspberry Pi 2. If this works, I should have a very accurate NTP server for a very reasonable amount of money. 60 more words

Second Boot, Logging In, Shutting Down

It’s been a few days since my last post. In that time I’ve been tinkering and playing around with my Raspberry Pi, adjusting some of the settings and basically getting to know my way around the interface. 644 more words

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Run Python script on your Raspberry Pi

From the following link

Add this line to your python.py file

#!/usr/bin/env python

Change permission to Execute the file and run it

$chmod +x my_python_script.py
$python firstprogram.py

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How to spawn mobs on Minecraft Pi version 0.1.1

This tuto will explain you how to spawn mobs on Minecraft Pi version 0.1.1 alias MCPI, the Minecraft version of the Raspberry Pi, the embedded version in Raspbian. 741 more words