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I'm back!

It’s been years… YEARS! since my last post; that’s just way too long. It’s crazy to think that around the time of my last post I was dual booting Windows 7 and CrunchBang Linux (RIP CrunchBang). 154 more words


The Best Pi Emulation Console You Can Build

By far the most popular use for a Raspberry Pi is an emulation console. For an educational device, that’s fine – someone needs to teach kids how to plug a USB cable into a device and follow RetroPi tutorials on the Internet. 71 more words

Raspberry Pi

Ads? What Ads?

For the last month or so there has been a noticeable decrease in the number of ads that
appear on our network. Why? I installed a Pi-hole. 714 more words


Blowing a Raspberry

Last week I went to a great meetup for #LinuxingInLondon at CodeNode, My first meetup which I went to on my own where I didn’t know anyone… EEP! 117 more words


Broadcast Number Stations on the Raspberry Pi

This year I started up a computer club for children and adults and I wanted to get a bit more practice writing tutorials, so I submitted a simple tutorial to Instructables.com this weekend. 98 more words


The Pitar! #3: Hello Fretboard

Part of my daily routine after getting up is checking the postbox for anything (mostly china stuff). When I looked inside today, I found that my buttons had finally arrived! 180 more words

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