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Hosting the entire Apt-Get Repository!

Here’s what I’ll do today: I’ll build a server that will hold the entire Aptitude Debian repository. That’s 86+ Gb of packages. Yay. However since I’m only getting the latest releases and only the ARM architecture, the number is now around 20 Gb. 1,002 more words


Intel Exits the Maker Community and the DIY Crowd Shrugs

Launching a reality television show was not enough for Intel to win a place in the hearts of American inventors.

Intel entered the maker world with a lot of fanfare. 807 more words


A Raspberry Pi WiFi Access Point for HiBal Missions


During Pre-flight checkout, and post-flight data dumps, I’d like a balloon payload flight computer to function as a stand alone wireless access point. I show how to setup a Raspberry Pi as a stand alone wireless access point, and include shell scrips to switch between a mode to connect to my home wifi network, and a standalone access point mode. 2,762 more words


pi-gen: Stage Specification

In the GitHub page for pi-gen, there is a section on Stage Specification. However the example there is a little misleading. I wanted to run until stage3 and export an image from that stage, but because the example showed only touching the SKIP files, I did not realised that the EXPORT_IMAGE file is what the export script was looking for (until I read the export script….). 63 more words


pi-gen: Enabling ssh by default

There are some system services that you can enable or disable by default. ssh is disabled by default, which I presume is due to security reasons, but for my purpose it is easier to manage the RPi’s if I have ssh access. 51 more words


pi-gen: Timezone and Locales

The tweaks here are minor, Just documenting so that I will not forget. The changes relevant to me are:

In stage0/01-locale/00-debconf

-tzdata	tzdata/Areas	select	Etc
+tzdata	tzdata/Areas	select	Asia
… 58 more words

pi-gen: Setting default WiFi settings

In Raspbian, the WiFi settings are found in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf. In my use case, all my RPis are in the same WiFi network, and it is easier for me to write that setting in the image. 127 more words