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Chromium 53 on Raspbian Jessie (updated)

Hi guys.When I showed you how to install Chromium 53 on Raspbian Jessie in an older post, it lead to dependency errors. I COMPLETELY didn’t notice this. 272 more words

How To Use A Raspberry Pi

SMD edge connectors

SMD edge connectors

So you want to joint two boards together, You decide to use through hole female and male 2.54 pitch headers. Normally you would use through hole than ether have a 90 degree headers or just bend them over. 182 more words


Bodgers – Finishing Our Automonous Robots

This week we worked on the function calls for our robot, however as most of the robots were low on battery power we didn’t get a chance to test them properly. 92 more words

Linear Obsessional in The Quietus

The excellent Linear Obsessional Recordings, on which I released this this earlier this year, has been featured in The Quietus. this this, among other recent releases, is discussed in the article. 6 more words


Raspberry Pi could generate ISS HamTV video

The ARISS meeting minutes for August 16, 2016 cover the discussion about using a Raspberry Pi computer board to generate video to feed the ISS Digital ATV transmitter. 424 more words

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Raspberry Pi Zero as a USB Stick

The Raspberry Pi Zero is small enough that it could almost be mistaken for a USB gadget, rather than a standalone computer. Maybe that was the inspiration that drove to… 221 more words

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