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XNOR.ai frees AI from the prison of the supercomputer

@tachyeonz : When someone talks about AI, or machine learning, or deep convolutional networks, what they’re really talking about is — as is the case for so many computing concepts — a lot of carefully manicured math. 6 more words


Persistence Of Vision Death Star

Death Stars were destroyed twice in the Star Wars movies and yet one still lives on in this 168 LED persistence of vision globe made by an MEng group at the University of Leeds in the UK. 155 more words


A Motherboard Manufacturer's Take On A Raspberry Pi Competitor

In the almost five years since the launch of the original Raspberry Pi we have seen a huge array of competitors emerge in the inexpensive single board computer market. 374 more words


Getting started with raspberry pi

What’s a Raspberry pi?

Raspberry pi is a microprocessor or a mini computer to which external devices such as keyboard, mouse and monitor can be attached to interact with it.Because of it’s small size it is used in many potential applications such as IOT, Automation, Robotics e.t.c., 356 more words

Raspberry Pi


I am very interested in the Pinebook. Hopefully, it will be released towards the end of February.

It’s an ARM based quad-core laptop for only $99. 13 more words


Raspberry Pi 3 + Slackware

Yesterday I realized I havent even tested the Raspberry Pi 3 that I got from China on the 29th of December, so this evening I spent setting it up. 177 more words

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi: KMTronic One Relay vs. Phidgets Interface Kit

the comparison between the two relay boards may be a bit unfair, because the Phidgets offering is a series of sensors, motors, relays, displays and other stuff which are all handled by the same sophisticated driver library, whereas the… 511 more words