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Guest Blogger: Phil Underwood hacking the Bareables Badge

Pimoroni are selling very cute flashing badges in a range called Bareables (get it??). You can wear them as a badge that flashes a number of patterns or connect it to a motion or light sensor. 599 more words

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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 in a GameBoy Original

has been making custom PCBs for GameBoys for a long time. Long enough, in fact, that other people have used his work to build even more feature-rich GameBoy platforms. 213 more words

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Homebrew SNES Mini Aims for Historical Accuracy — Hackaday

While “normies” are out fighting in the aisles of Walmart to snap up one of the official “Classic Mini” consoles that Nintendo lets slip out onto the market every once and awhile, hackers have been perfecting their own miniature versions of these classic gaming systems.

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Visual Studio for Raspberry Pi/Linux C++ Development

Since Visual Studio 2015 it is possible to develop software in C++ for linux systems.

This is pretty great if you are planning on developing software for a Raspberry Pi. 397 more words

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Disable screensaver

In order to have your raspberry screen always on just edit the file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf:

sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Look for the line 


Change it to… 8 more words

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Mp3gain: Normalise mp3 level in Linux commandline

Normalize and entire directory tree of files:

$ sudo apt-get install mp3gain
$ find . -iname '*.mp3' -exec mp3gain -r -m +4 -c {} \;

Original source: idolinux.blogspot.com


Pip is a retro games console for kids to learn coding

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has been incredibly successful at sparking all sorts of creativity via its low cost microcomputers, which arrived in the market back in 2012. 808 more words