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Tech Tear Down - Computer Mouse


I had the sudden urge the other day to tear apart another electronic device, the victim being the computer mouse that I use for my Raspberry Pi that happened to being lying so very innocently on my desk. 244 more words

Raspberry Pi

The Pi-Powered Hamster Hunter Part 3: Putting it all together

Assembling the components

The first prototypes we put together used an Arduino, and it was with these first prototypes that we had many problems with the motors. 988 more words

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi... as a starter?

To start my journey into the IoT, I was recommended to “Just buy a Raspberry Pi. Buy one, and then play with it”. My first instinct was to make a crude reference to the… 391 more words

Adventures In Raspberry Pi

The scrappiest little prototype

It’s been a while since I’ve noodled around with the ‘physical’ side of computers.¬†Mostly I work on the web, but sometimes it’s not the right tool. 571 more words


Hello There. How You Doin?

It’s been a while, Blog. I’ve missed you. Let’s start over.

* * *

A lot has happened. I don’t know where to begin. So let’s start on what I’m currently working on. 535 more words

Multi-room audio on raspberry pi 2 with multi-channel DAC

A good friend of mine just built himself an eco-house out of 2 shipping containers and wanted me to come up with a way of distributing audio into each room. 4,879 more words


The PiStop

I’ve realised that I haven’t yet written a blog post about my favourite bit of kit for the Raspberry Pi, the PiStop by 4Tronix.

So first lets talk about why I like it so much then I’ll talk through a demo of using it. 827 more words