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In which I embark on new projects

I had chips and salsa for dinner tonight, because 1) I’m grown and 2) shut up you’re not my momma.  Unless you are my momma, which I suppose one of you probably  218 more words


Raspberry Pi ... Headless



  1. Raspberry Pi, poate fi orice varianta/versiune/model
  2. Alimentator, capabil sa livreze de la 1A pt. Raspberry Pi 1, pîna la 2.5A…
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Infrared Hacking

Remember last week’s post about tearing apart a component switch to repurpose parts? I spent some time fooling around with IR after that. I thought it would be neat to recreate the basic functionality of switching between 3 devices. 1,633 more words

Nick Momrik

This Hacker Fit An Entire RetroPie In An Altoids Tin

A few months ago, built the mintyPi, a Raspberry Pi-based gaming console that fits inside an Altoids tin. It’s amazing — there’s a composite LCD, an audio DAC, and a chopped up Nintendo controller all connected to a Raspberry Pi for vintage gaming goodness on the road. 206 more words

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi As An IR To WiFi Bridge

has a Sonos home sound system, with a bunch of speakers connected via WiFi. also has a universal remote designed and manufactured in a universe where WiFi doesn’t exist. 200 more words


SupTronics - X800 2.5 inch SATA HDD / SSD Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi

if you want to add a SATA HDD / SSD to your Raspberry Pi, Suptronics – X800 expension board is designed to it. The Suptronics – X800 could be purchased on  147 more words

Raspberry Pi

Ultrasonic Raspberry Pi Piano

Cheap stuff gets our creative juices flowing. Case in point? built an eight-sensor HC-SR04 breakout board, because the ultrasonic distance sensors in question are so affordable that a hacker can hardly avoid ordering them by the dozen. 192 more words

Raspberry Pi