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Moving the Raspberry PI from an Ender 3 Pro to an Ender 3 V2

Yesterday I got my¬†Ender 3 V2 set up and printing. It has been going pretty much nonstop since I got it going. The only problem I’ve run into is not being able to manage it or see it remotely. 614 more words



One of the unique features of the Raspberry Pi is its ability to be configured in a multiboot mode. What this allows you to do is to boot the Pi with the multiboot utility which in turn allows you to boot & install another Operating System of your choice. 56 more words

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Adding a central power supply to my Raspberry pi Rig

I’ve been building a modular server cluster for my development projects and, there are just so many little computers, I’m running out of power strips and the cable management is a mess no matter what I do. 362 more words


Updating my Kubernetes Raspberry Pi Cluster to containerd

There’s been a lot of conversations happening on twitter over the last couple of days due to the fact that Docker is deprecated in Kubernetes v1.20. 590 more words


Raspberry Pi Home Development Server Overkill

I started out just needing somewhere to play around with a server environment without spending an arm and a leg. I ended up building a dynamic, modular system to serve my home projects. 1,000 more words


Tech Tuesday - Save Your Fork, There's Pi! (Reduex)

Back when I was doing the original Tech Tuesday on the radio station blogs, is about the time the first Raspberry Pi came out. And it really was a game changer! 327 more words

Tech Tuesday

Nucu Car Devlog: 0x03 - Android

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working lately on my little project involving Raspberry Pi and .NET, during my free time. Now, I’ve introduced a new technology, Android! 307 more words