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Rasputin: An Interesting Coincidence

Excerpted from ‘The Occult’ by Colin Wilson

Pages 499-500

“There was one time in which Rasputin may be said to have meddled in politics. He had on two occasions strongly advised the Tsar against going to war about the Balkans, which were claimed by Austria. 513 more words


STALIN, PARADOXES OF POWER 1878-1928 by Stephen Kotkin

Trotsky lived on his armor-plated train, which had been thrown together in August 1918… It required two engines and was stocked with weapons, uniforms, felt boots, and rewards for valiant soldiers. 995 more words

Bogd Gegen


Nature abhors a vacuum
and there’s no vacuum quite like the mind
of an aristocrat.

All sorts of flotsam and jetsam
swirl around royalty,
like trash around a storm drain. 200 more words


Paciente confinado en la Clínica El Cedral

El caso de Alejandro de Armas Dávila ha conmovido a toda la opinión pública. Se trata de un paciente psiquiátrico confinado en la Clínica El Cedral desde hace más de catorce años y reducido a la condición de entredicho. 124 more words


The Four Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand Duchesses

CulturePunk Cutie reviews Helen Rappaport’s book on the tragic Romanov sisters

Centred on the last four Grand Duchesses of Russia – Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia Romanova – Helen Rappaport’s book explores their lives from birth to imprisonment, their relationship with each other, their parents and the world. 787 more words

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“Odys didn’t know why she always compared people historically, but she usually got it right. Like Hegel with his spiritual manifestations in history, Odissa pursued this timeless principal in her own life. 59 more words

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