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read: Rasputin no.4 (2015)

This issue feels a bit "meatier" too. I really want to know what happened that made the people closest to Rasputin kill him. (and i have to listen to Mastodon’s Crack The Skye again).

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read: Rasputin no.3 (2014)

And we’re off to the races! I am enjoying this title!

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read: Rasputin no.2 (2014)

Again, a fast, entertaining read, again, great Riley Rossmo artwork. The colours of the flashback pages are faded/muted which makes the page when Rasputin’s final hours start even more effective.

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read: Rasputin no.1 (2015)

Good set up issue. We all know that it took a lot to get Rasputin to stay dead, and here we get a story of what could have gotten him into that rather unpleasant situation. 15 more words


Leap of faith

The West Weekend Magazine

Published: Saturday, April 25, 2015

Byline: Ros Thomas

Fear pricked the soles of my feet. The Griffin road bridge over the Collie River was so high I could feel the adrenalin flooding my gut. 770 more words

May 6 - Tsar Nicholas' Birthday

On May 6, 1868, 147 years ago today, Nicholas II, Tsar of all the Russians
was born. He was to be the eighteenth sovereign and last of the Romanov dynasty. 967 more words