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There's Grigori and Then There's Grigori

There’s Grigori and Then There’s Grigori

The Grigori (a Slav transliteration from the Greek egregoroi meaning “Watchers”, “Those who are awake”, “Those who never sleep”, “guards”, “sentinels”) is a term used in connection with Biblical angels. 591 more words

Vampire Novel

Rasputin: Devil or Saint?

Grigori Rasputin (1869-1916) was a complex Russian cunning man, sometimes called a monk, yet also described as a demon.  Why is he still such a fascinating figure? 350 more words


Rasputin's Russia

The Winter Palace

Grand Stairway at the Winter Palace

Church of the Spilled Blood

Russian Countryside

Village Life in Russia


Rasputin: A Short Life - Frances Welch

I picked this book up for a variety of reasons. One: I have a degree in Russian History focusing on Imperial Cultural and Intellectual history. Two: Having taken several classes on Russian history I have found that while Rasputin is mentioned he always appears as a side note and this has left me wondering what the details of his life really were. 229 more words


Art Nouveau

I ordered the book “Flowering Lines” from another kickstarter campaign held by Century Guild. It is a book filled with various Art Nouveau prints from around the world. 92 more words

Tiny Perfect Moments – Midway Malaise & The Mad Monk

Sometimes a tiny perfect moment presents itself when you find yourself at a low point. This was the case on the day I arrived in Cusco, Peru. 937 more words

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