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31 Days of Halloween 2016 #8 - Rasputin is Mad

To coincide with the celebration of Christopher Lee, this marathon takes a look at Rasputin, the Mad Monk from 1966.  This movie is underrated.  When I first saw it, it was on a lark, and almost accidentally, I liked this film.   581 more words


Anastasia Romanov

The Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov of Russia was born at the Peterhof Palace in Peterhof – a town located about 25 km from St Petersberg, Russia. 953 more words


The Devastating True Story of the Romanov Family's Execution

Most people interested in history know something about the executions of the Czar and his family in 1918. However, the story of what led to their deaths, and especially what has happened to their remains since then, is somewhat bizarre. 23 more words


Agoniya (Agony) (1975)

It was about a year ago that I viewed Elem Klimov’s two hour gutpunch of a movie, Come and See, based on his own experiences in World War II (and he claimed he soft-pedaled it, good lord). 1,018 more words

Movies That Do Not Suck

Friday Fare: 9/2/16

Friday Fare is where I post links to the random articles that have resonated with me during the week. Sometimes they make me smarter, sometimes they make me hungry … sometimes they have to do with writing and som… 221 more words


How to seduce the girl, kingdom or nation of your dreams – lessons from Shakespeare’s Richard III

It’s the summer of 2016, of Brexit and Trump’s nomination as the Republican candidate. How did this happen?

If you know anything about combining a knowledge of human psychological weaknesses (our… 1,502 more words


Truth! Stranger than fiction

The Strange Reason Nearly Every Film Ends by Saying It’s Fiction (You Guessed It: Rasputin!)

By Duncan Fyfe

Thanks, Rasputin.

Wikimedia Commons

Virtually every film in modern memory ends with some variation of the same disclaimer: “This is a work of fiction. 814 more words