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Right... What Are Matryoshka (Russian) Dolls?!?

Matryoshka dolls are those cute, but disturbing, dolls which neatly fit into each other like they’ve been created to fit into each other, or something. They’re in turns alarming, wildly compelling, and alarming again. 306 more words


Rasputin's Legendary Death

By the end of 1916, the extended Romanov family was desperate.

Someone had to put a stop to Rasputin. For some reason, the tsar and tsarina appeared to be completely bamboozled by this drunken, filthy man who took bribes and sold government appointments. 723 more words

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Rasputin's Influence Over the Romanovs

Over time, Rasputin became more and more necessary to the Romanovs, at least in Alexandra’s opinion. The monk gradually became a fixture in the palace. He was given unrestrained access to the palace and was casually familiar with the family. 366 more words

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Who Was Rasputin?

Nearly a century has passed since he walked amongst the living, but people still ask, “Who was Rasputin?”

Grigori Yefemovich arrived in St. Petersburg in 1903. 550 more words

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Mixtape Review-Traffic Jamz by Scotty ATL

Mixtape Review-Traffic  Jamz by Scotty ATL

by Dan-O

When Scotty ATL is about to go to sleep and he’s alone just gazing into the ceiling with his private thoughts, he has nothing to regret about how he has attained his success. 536 more words

Meet Aegon

Meet Aegon, my beautiful Betta fish. That’s right Ice & Fire fans, Aegon the Conqueror, first of his name, King of the pebbles and lily pads, destroyer of… 342 more words