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Peace love light and grateful

 Good Morning! Today I would like to share some of my dear friends from Deadhead Art Alliance team on Etsy. There are so many beautiful items to choose from. 234 more words


Week Twenty-Eight (w/c 4th Oct) - Six Months And Counting

I’ve been an ‘unemployed bum’, as my brother so kinds refers to me as, for half a year now – how crazy is that! On one hand it feels like the time has flown (I still catch myself wondering how the work projects I used to run are progressing) but on the other hand I feel like the whole job/Singapore thing never happened and that I’ve been on the road forever. 808 more words


If you want to call walking upright and making sense "composure," go right ahead!

We made it through yesterday.  I was the worse for wear by the time everyone got home from work, but I got from morning to bedtime in a somewhat functional state.   1,205 more words


Dressed like grown-ups and meaning business...

Earlier this morning:

Giddy and giggly, J is getting dressed for school.

Me- “Today is Monday.”

J-  (still giggling and giddy) “MONDAY!”

Me-  “Remember I told you about today?   828 more words


How to Crochet a tam aka rasta hat aka rasta slouch hat with a tight weave

Hey hey! my tutorial is back!

You like it free? I like it free too!!

Free stuff makes the world go round

and I figured, I’m making enough money that me and my bay will be alright lol… 663 more words