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Musical Friday - Ratatat

Another example of completely different approach to electronic music. There’s a nice vibe going on in most of their tracks. Heavy synths, low bass, hh drum beats and really chilly guitar parts. 59 more words


Ratatat - Magnifique (Album Review)

Hello all, I’ve written another review for HitTheFloor.com. This time it’s for the French duo Ratatat’s new album ‘Magnifique’.

Click here to read the review.


Daily Dose: 'Abrasive’ by Ratatat

Music means different things to everybody, and that’s great. Personally, one of things that makes me really fall in love with a band is if their music consistently fires up my imagination and gets me thinking about stories, and Ratatat’s brand of spacey, smooth guitar driven instrumental music has always had that effect on me. 123 more words

Daily Dose

Flying Saucer Attack, Ratatat, MS MR, Flo Morrissey

2015 has been somewhat an interesting musical year, not to say that it hasnt been a good one but to us, it kind of feels like the world of free access music is really taking its toll.   2,342 more words

New Borns

Ratatat - Magnifique

There’s something to be said about a music group that stays within its self-imposed boundaries. Is it smart to stick to what you do because what you do is distinctly  526 more words


Ratatat: Magnifique

This is definitely a grower; one play is not enough to start to appreciate its charms, and for several plays we were planning to dismiss it as a little bit annoying (a feature of their earlier work, apparently). 286 more words