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This is a new 5e background based on the Warhammer RPG Ratcatcher. This guy is cool for at least two reasons. The small but vicious dog and he made that sign he wears around that says, “Rats Killed”. 122 more words

Ratcatcher - 1999, Lynne Ramsay

What is immediately apparent from the very first frames of this film is that Lynne Ramsay is not just a director. She’s not just a storyteller. 815 more words


Growing Pain

One of the more inventive things about the beginning of Lynn Ramsay’s Ratcatcher is that it managed to subvert my own assumptions about the early staging of a story of a young central character. 1,044 more words

Past Discoveries

British Cinema: Northern Realism vs. Southern Splendour? In Conversation with Tom Jackson

Earlier today, I spoke to Tom Jackson about a few British films. Here is the transcript of our recorded conversation:

Tom Draper: Unlike our previous talk ‘Documentary Ethics and Aesthetics’ which looked at how a few contemporary documentaries experiment with the form and methods of documentary practice, today we are going to discuss British fictional cinema of the past twenty years with a focus on content and politics. 5,206 more words


52 Weeks of Directors: Lynne Ramsay

Scotland wouldn’t be the first place that comes to mind when you think about good filmmakers, but Lynne Ramsay proves it to be true.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1969, Ramsay studied photography at Napier College in Edinburgh before attending UK’s National Film and Television School where she specialized in cinematography and direction. 1,041 more words


Taken by the ratcatcher...(excerpt)

(Just another little plug for the book.)

“Well, don’t just stand there like a garden gnome. Come in and warm the place up.”
It was the barrel that had spoken; it had a jovial voice with a nature to match. 319 more words

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