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Detective 586 - Batman vs the Ratcatcher

Great cover by Breyfogle on Detective 586 (May 1988), as he, Grant and Wagner conclude the introduction of the Ratcatcher.

We (and Batman and the Gotham police) learn that the Ratcatcher is an ex-con seeking revenge on those he blames for putting him into prison.  76 more words

Detective 585 - The Ratcatcher debuts

Grant, Wagener and Breyfogle introduce the Ratcatcher, another new foe for the Batman in Detective 585 (April 1988) with inks by Ricardo Villagran.

The Ratcatcher manages to be seriously scary without being terribly imposing himself, simply because of his horde of rodents. 70 more words

To pay, or, what to pay?

To cut to the chase, how much does it cost to publish a book? Well, clearly very little if you do everything yourself.

The three/four main costs to factor in are book cover, editing and/or proofing, and formatting. 1,507 more words


Starring Role: Ratcatcher

Often when I’m watching films for the purpose of writing about them on this blog, I’m sitting taking a lot of notes. I also find myself frequently pausing the movie to take a closer look at a location, or skipping back to catch a bit I’d missed because I was too busy scribbling down notes. 387 more words

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