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Hair of the Dog Brewery - "Ale Strong Enough to Make You Attack the Mailman" *

*  Quote from an article in Maxim Online by Tim Clark

Followers of this blog will already know that Portland’s Eastside Industrial District is a thriving area as evidenced by the post on the resurrected… 1,766 more words

Why Lagers Will Never Be a "Best" Beer

There are always a typical set of reactions when discussing anything determined to be “best.” Even if the word isn’t always grounded in subjectivity – certainly there are quantifiable examples of what’s best – it does swing the gates wide open for a rush of discussions and arguments of what the word and its context means. 1,440 more words


Trend Spotting: What Can RateBeer's Best New Beers of 2015 Tell Us?

In my previous post about RateBeer’s latest collection of “best” beers, we focused on the overall top 100, as released annually by the beer review site. 1,292 more words


Crunching Numbers: An Analysis of RateBeer's Best in 2015

Note: You can also find an analysis of RateBeer’s best new beers of 2015 here.

Earlier this month we took a look at 2015’s… 1,185 more words


Rate Beer: The Best Beers in the World 2015

Each year RateBeer presents it’s awards for the Best Beers in the World, and this year is no exception, but with one key difference… The 2015 RateBeer Awards will be held in person! 196 more words

Craft Beer

Semantics and the Search for a 'Perfect' Beer

What is a perfect beer?

Ask the question and subjectivity runs amok.

Would it be our favorite beer? One that holds particular nostalgic value? A sum of specialized ingredients? 1,034 more words

Beer Advocate

Reporter's Notebook: The Hidden Game of Buying Beer

We are all unique snowflakes.

We pride ourselves for the power of individual thought. Nobody else is like us. Nobody else can influence us.

We do what we want, what we like and what we need. 520 more words