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Reporter's Notebook: The Hidden Game of Buying Beer

We are all unique snowflakes.

We pride ourselves for the power of individual thought. Nobody else is like us. Nobody else can influence us.

We do what we want, what we like and what we need. 520 more words


Når en øl bliver et tal

En kölsch med topkarakter på Ratebeer? Glem det!

Ratebeer, BeerAdvocate og Untappd er en tumleplads, for alle, som elsker at sætte tal på øl – ofte i stedet for at sætte pris på øl. 566 more words

The French can also make beer - good beer!

We all know France for its great wines, but I have to say, the craft brewing scene is also growing in France, with some great beers as result :-). 238 more words


The High ABV Beer is Dead! Long Live High ABV!

Lagers make a comeback. Session IPAs steal share from their imperialized counterparts. Dogs live with cats!

It’s mass hysteria.

Or, at least, if you’re ready to buy into the… 736 more words


What's in a rate?

The problem with rating anything is that it is personally subjective, plus there are so many variable external influences that can, or could, influence the reviewers score or comments either consciously or unconsciously. 875 more words


Sour but Sweet

Right after publishing the previous post, we rushed to a tasting with our fellow ratebeerians and untappers. It’s been a while since we all met – with The Secret Agent and I being sick, me having to study, us traveling to Spain and them – a whole bunch of them – traveling to the US for a hardcore West Coast beer tour. 266 more words

1001 Beers Challenge

Mega-Mikkeller madness at Norey's [updated]

Two years ago at the late, lamented Providence Phoenix, the Bottles & Cans desk crossed the Pell Bridge to hit some of the City by the Sea’s top beer stores and bars, which yielded a column titled “Beer On Broadway: Taking Newport by Storm.” We visited Bridge Liquors, Vickers’ Liquors, and Sandy’s Liquors , then headed to “state’s best walkable stretch of beer bars on the same side of the same road: it’s .3 miles from Pour Judgment to Malt to… 868 more words

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