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Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Protected by a Silver Spoon

It’s a strange thing, the way one person can impact your life. It was never something that Daryl understood until he met Beth.

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Haunted Hello by mondieu666

Daryl is haunted by what happened to Beth but in this new, unpredictable world, nothing stays lost.

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This Can't Be The End by bethyl.we.will.be.good

..this.. this just can’t be the end, after everything we went through.. tell me that there must be more Beth..

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Summer Breeze, Silk Fabric and Butterfly Wings by bethyl.we.will.be.good

Beth was following her beloved family, was following HIM, even when she knew that she just couldn’t, just shouldn’t go back to them, go back to HIM. 17 more words

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Bad Decisions by Storychan

After burning down the distillery, Beth is still a little out of it. Out of it enough to want to make some bad decisions with Daryl. 10 more words

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Title : Love, Taeyeon (With all the emotions he has)

Maincast : Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Marcia G. Harden,

Andrew G. Harden, Luke Harden, Robert Hudson, Harold Burke, 1,724 more words