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It's Too Cold Outside by EmmyGreene

Beth spends her days in the window daydreaming waiting for the man with the wings to come and rescue her.

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Quiet by Candylion22

When she was growing up she thought love always came in one, big, beautiful blinding moment. But loving Daryl has come in quiet little paces, in the darkest, scariest places.

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Clinging To The Ruin Of Your Broken Home by cc5

Things aren’t working out as they should, not at all, and happy endings are a lie.

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Daryl Dixon's Salvation by rachellovesyou13

Beth Greene was everything to Daryl Dixon.

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[CtE] Full of Yourself 02

His berth kept twitching and rumbling beneath him, not quite as at rest as it should be, Starscream remarked with poorly concealed amusement. Then again, he was equally to blame, as his wings kept pushing into broad strokes, demanding more and more of the soft, soothing pets. 4,533 more words


[CtE] Full of Yourself 01

Decepticon Headquarters was a different place late in the evening, when most of the regular staff had returned to their homes, and all that remained was the skeleton crew. 2,490 more words



GIRLS! (part 8)

Cast :

EXO Members

Han Sehyun

Choi Hyejin

Song Jihye

Jung Hanna

Lee Taein

Summary :

Kisah lima gadis dengan karakter berbeda-beda yang berusaha mencari arti cinta. 2,628 more words