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IVY [3/3]

warning! long very long 18k words and unbeta-ed!!


IVY 3.1 18,010 more words


Part 5:: Whispers and the Wolf (Thorn Fan Fiction Skyrim Romance)

After that night of passion with Thorn, she had slipped out of the cave, early the next morning.  Just as dawn touched the sky, she was treading through heavy snow toward Whiterun. 3,016 more words

Fan Fiction

Seven Year Itch 5

9 Years Ago…

“Good morning beautiful”

Jinri opened her eyes slowly and a sleepy smile automatically curled on her lips when she saw the face of Choi Minho—the good looking boy she had met on a summer trip in Busan two months ago.Since then, they become close and constantly seeing each other. 1,535 more words

Choi Minho

Part 4:: Whispers and the Wolf (Thorn fan fiction Skryim)

((Preface: This part of the story contains adult material. I tagged it Rated M. Please do not read if this type of content offends you. A big thank you to all those who stop by to read these entries.)) 2,685 more words

Fan Fiction

Part 2 Whispers and the Wolf (Thorn Fan Fiction)

Arriving at their base camp near Falkreath had been amusing, since Vince and Lars made the mistake of believing the woman a new plaything.  Hunger glittered within his companions eyes, which Thorn understood, but had to laugh when Vince offered the maid a honningbrew mead. 1,812 more words

Fan Fiction

Bits of Sunshine by Terans-DinosaurCostume (Review)

I give this Vampire Diaries fanfiction ***** stars

This contains spoilers, so if you don’t want it ruined, I recommend you go and read the fanfiction first. 580 more words

Fanfiction Review

Schooled by WyrdSmith (Review)

I give this Harry Potter fanfiction *** stars

I came across Schooled when searching for a Tom Riddle/Harry Potter fanfiction (the shame!- it’s a guilty pleasure). 681 more words

Fanfiction Review