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Oh by rednecksaints

This short story provides a glimpse into Daryl’s head after Beth is shot, as well as several vignette flashbacks from when they were together. I also included a happier ending. 6 more words

Bethyl Fanfiction

[TCL] Bludfire

No matter how many times Megatronus had attended one of these… orgies, to put it plainly, he never quite gets used to it. You’d think a bunch of gladiators, half of them slaves, the other half on the edge of death, would have better things to do with their time. 3,834 more words


[TFP] Good Enough II

It started with a ping to his comm in the middle of the night, one Ratchet knew he should ignore, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. 1,891 more words


[Crown the Empire] Empty Promises

A cursory rinse in the washracks was not enough to wash out the energon and grime. It was still in his seams, his joints, his gears. 436 more words


[Crown the Empire] Tomfoolery

It should have made him angry, irrational beyond all reason. But there was something about the arrogance in Grimlock’s field that was a shade different and acceptable. 825 more words


Part 3: KOUJAKU!

“Your boyfriend was a bit pushy, but he was thinking about what was best for you. Don’t blame him too much, okay? Well please do come again someday. 2,051 more words


Part 2: Midorijima

The best way to travel around here is by foot. It’s what everyone does. The transportation system in the Old Resident District is pretty bad. There’s a big street running through the center of the city, and sometimes there may be a bus or a train, or even a taxi. 1,595 more words