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[Transfic] [Nammin] [M] When you say jump, I say how high daddy?

Title: Khi anh bảo nhảy, em đáp cao chừng nào hả daddy?

Author: Voseok @ AO3

Link: đây

Description: Em ngồi im trên chiếc ghế đắt tiền, đôi tay gọn gàng đặt trên đùi, nhưng đôi mắt lại hướng xuống đất. 762 more words


[Misc] Hot Springs

The steam rising from the heated water is an annoying cloak, hiding from Roy all the things he wishes to see. There are times when a breath of wind allows a glimpse, but it’s simply not enough. 404 more words


[G1] Drown In It 03

Sunstreaker stared down at his lovers, unsurprised that he found them in a compromised and debauched state. Sideswipe seemed capable of convincing Ratchet of anything, it seemed. 2,786 more words


[G1] Drown In It 02

Ratchet shivered as Sideswipe’s grin widened, no less salacious for the transfluid striping his face and the obvious puffiness to his lips.

Sideswipe rose to his pedes and looked Ratchet over. 1,633 more words


[G1] Drown In It 01

“You’re sure you want to do this?”

Sideswipe’s ventilations hitched. “Yeah, I’m sure,” he said, and he dropped to his knees, licking his lips. “Come on, Ratch. 2,092 more words


A Destiny Chosen by bethgreenewarriorprincess

This story is post Terminus, post Bethyl reunion, and is written for the sole purpose of inducing Bethyl feels. It encompasses the prompts from Bethyl week in a 6 chapter story arc of Beth and Daryl’s journey through their feelings for one another and what it means to find love and hope in a hopeless place.

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Bethyl Fanfiction

Nobody [M]


In a place where all of the people are diligently working their specific tasks, working fast but precised to meet the deadline of submission and surpass the former record that they had made for the last month, the chief executive and also the owner of the company walks in. 5,149 more words