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[TF] On the Edge

Rumor had it that Megatron had no virtually no control. He could not contain himself, could not hold himself back, could not be counted on to have restraint. 282 more words


[IDW] By Last Count

Cyclonus panted air through his intake, only capable of lying on the berth and twitching. The padding beneath his aft was soaked with fluids, lubricant and transfluid alike. 189 more words


[TCL] Aphrodisiac

The moment Sunstreaker stumbled, Megatron knew something was wrong. Sunstreaker did not stumble, especially not when hardly injured.

“Spinout?” Megatron was careful to use Sunstreaker’s stage name. 840 more words


[TCL] Claim

Megatron was bigger than him, but that wouldn’t stop Sunstreaker from fragging him against the wall. Not with battlelust crawling through his lines, the taste of energon in the air, and the roar of the crowd still echoing in his audials and victory like overcharge on his glossa. 314 more words


[TCL] A Swing and a Swagger

It was quickly becoming one of their favorite games, often swapping roles depending on who struck the mood first.

Tonight it was Sunstreaker. He’d walked in with a smirk and a swagger and Megatron knew exactly what he wanted. 229 more words


[TFP] Flustered

Optimus had first caught her eye.

But it was Arcee who left her weak in the knees, her heart pounding in her chest and her body slick with sweat. 1,343 more words


[G1] Behind the Scenes 07

07: When Opportunity Knocks

The invitation was not unexpected.

The offer to attend, with a guest and while in role; however, was.

“And who might this guest be, hmm?” Jazz drawled as he draped himself over Bluestreak’s lap, trying to make an appealing picture of himself. 2,015 more words