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A Lifetime Ago by bethyl.we.will.be.good

Judith being curious about the woman, who was there for her, when she was still a baby.

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[Gintama] [TakaGin] To the end of the world


Disclaimer: Gintama by Sorachi Hideaki

Pairing: Takasugi x Gintoki / Rating: M

A/N: To be honest, I don’t even know why I wrote R18 even though I’m sick of it now. 2,737 more words

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What Matters and What's Important by spaceshipdear

Sitting in the clean room of Deanna’s house, Beth answers her questions and realizes she can’t let her know who she truly is. ONE SHOT where Beth survived and entered Alexandria with the group. 10 more words

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Surfacing by lindentree

It’s the strangest thing, surfacing from unconsciousness.

Beth lives.

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[SoF] Tangled Threads

My Sun, 

I love you. 

There I said it. Three little words. Funny how it took me so long to get them out. Yeah, you already knew it, just like I knew it, but the important part is in the saying it.

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[TF] Trial by Fire 13

Rodimus took his time rinsing off, his thoughts darting between wild ponderings and an unexpected calm. He felt nervous and excited, expectant and wary. Not even Scuttle, beeping as he slid from solvent-slick to solvent-slick, could chase away the anxiety, amusing as the drone’s behavior was. 6,520 more words