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Let me just start by saying...

My mom has had a long hard battle after suffering from a stroke and not being able to return to work.

She has been to the welfare office time and time again to fill out paper work and to give in paper work. 538 more words

" Underware"

  “I was falsly acused of embazlement. I was inocent but was unable to prove it. I could not aford a good lawer. I was found gulty and sentenced to five years in prison. 566 more words


The Serpent's Possession

((Preface:: Don’t need to know? Skip down past the dotted line::

This is a fantasy tale, taking place in a different realm, far from Earth, far from science, which is forbidden and limited. 1,926 more words


Seven Year Itch 7

“What are you doing?” she asked, watching him pulling down his boxer shorts.His delectable wide chest and chocolate abs made her swallowed hard.

He gave her a devious sexy smirk that she hadn’t seen for quite a while.”Gonna do sit up in my birth suit”he responded and sat on the clean floor. 988 more words

Choi Minho

Part 8:: Whispers and the Wolf (Thorn Fanfiction Skyrim Romance))

Within a few days, Thorn was nearly whole again, while Lars remained a little worse for wear. Losing a great deal of blood had not helped matters, and to be honest, she remained surprised that he had recovered this much, so rapidly. 3,307 more words


Psalms 133-139 Rated M: By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept

From Psalms 133-139

Today’s psalm is about living with the pain of the past. Have you ever got really angry at another and wished vengeance on them. 894 more words

01 Old Testament

Seven Year Itch 6

Minho walked down the hallway, his fists clenched in anger.Once again he’d let his wickedly hot wife of his have the last laugh.He thought she had decided to bury the hatchet and was really sincere about missing him.He would have forgive her right away and tell her to give their marriage a second chance but when she pulled that evil-waxing-of-happy-trail-plan, the forgiveness and second chance he had in mind instantly went down the drainage. 1,886 more words

Choi Minho