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What Happened In Gayo...

Note: this is the sequel of one hot night.I wrote and published this in aff last year.


Jonghyun nudged Taemin upon noticing Minho’s absence… 2,257 more words

Choi Minho

One Hot Night

Choi Minho stared at Sulli still chatting with her PIRATES co-stars Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil in the set and told himself this was a really bad time to think about sex. 1,066 more words

Choi Minho

Little Adventure [Prolog]

“Sebuah kesalahan pasti akan berujung penyesalan, tapi penyesalan selalu berbuah pengalaman yang mampu membuat kita belajar, iyakan?”

428 more words


In the eyes of a child

Hey guys! I am an official co- panelist on Gyroscope Radio. It was an… experience I’ll never forget. My topic was to be about putting God first in your life in order to be fulfilled and live your purpose. 415 more words

Seven Year Itch 2

A week later…

“I am so gonna divorce him”

From looking down at the bridal catalogue,Soojung’s eyes went up to Jinri”W-what?what did you just say?divorce?who are you going to divorce?”she asked,blinking her fake eyelashes to her bestfriend of twenty years… 2,504 more words

Choi Minho

Seven Year Itch 1

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jinri who met a boy named Minho.They fell in love instantly.They got married after two years of dating and live happily ever after… 1,107 more words

Choi Minho