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[IDW] Again and Again

There were many things about Tarn that Pharma loathed.

But his face was the worst of it, that prominent Decepticon badge like a constant reminder of Pharma’s shame. 199 more words


[IDW] Predator

It was the little Prime’s favorite game to play.

He ran. He pretended he was scared. That he was just a little lost Autobot who accidentally crossed paths with a big, bad Decepticon. 422 more words


[IDW] Chasing Cars

Ratchet expected a lot of things from their return to the Lost Light. A sense of belonging again. A sense of fellowship, of homecoming. He expected relief, exultation, the simple pleasures of a large berth, a variety of engex, and the relative safety of a larger ship. 23,712 more words



The Unexpected Find
Hey, my name Devin Smith. I am your average Twenty-year-old, in college, have a good job, the usual. Love games and movies, and usually do more than my share of both. 1,608 more words

Her Own Cinderella Story by mizxmacmanus

Daryl and Beth are invited to their companies fourth annual Halloween party in the form of a Masquerade Ball, and total anonymity.

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Mods Worth Playing - Project Brutality for DOOM II

While Brutal DOOM does get the most attention in terms of DOOM mods lately, it being the very mod that pulled me back into playing DOOM several years ago with the 0.17 version, the mod projects that have sprung up thanks to its popularity have given me a lot more hours of fun when compared to the original mod. 507 more words

Brutal DOOM

[IDW] Place For My Head

The muted round of applause at the end of their final set was a far cry from the loud and boisterous crowds Jazz had once performed for. 5,925 more words