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[No 1 Crush] Let It Flow 05

Part Five – Washing Up

It took all Sideswipe possessed to hide how grossed out he was.

Not with Sunstreaker. No, never with Sunstreaker. But the room smelled of waste, and while most of it was on Sunny, a bit was on Ratchet, and the rest was on Sideswipe, and he didn’t like it. 2,421 more words


[No 1 Crush] Let It Flow 04

Part Four – The Second Round

Sunstreaker froze, mortification creeping in, as Sideswipe tilted his head, gaze sliding past Sunstreaker.

The door slid open to the sound of footsteps before it closed again. 5,658 more words


[No 1 Crush] Let It Flow 03

Part Three – The Surprise

Sideswipe was being weird. Well, weird-er.

Sunstreaker narrowed his optics and glared in his twin’s direction, not that Sideswipe noticed. He continued to squirm in his chair like a child with a secret, one end of a stylus between his lips as he nibbled on it, and his attention focused on his datapad. 3,745 more words


[No 1 Crush] Let it Flow 02

Part Two – The Discussion

Sunstreaker fell into recharge long before Ratchet and Sideswipe, partially because he actually had the earliest shift the next day, and partially because Ratchet and Sideswipe planned it that way. 2,273 more words


[No 1 Crush] Let It Flow 01

Part One – The Discovery

The idle stirrings of pleasure while in the middle of a shift were nothing new. Sideswipe had learned to ignore them. 2,059 more words


[IDW] Trust In Me

For once, it was not Rodimus’ fault.

Megatron only had himself to blame for his current circumstances. He had made the decision to come here, to this moist, squishy planet. 12,187 more words


[TF] Nights Like These

A pile of used polishing cloths here. Two empty tins of polishing wax on the table. A growing stack of empty energon cubes in the corner. 5,781 more words