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Disagree by PopCultureSalad

Based off the Tumblr Prompt: a one night stand that ends in pregnancy. Beth has only done two crazy things her whole life. This wasn’t one of those times. 12 more words

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Codetta by holdupjustnow

“We bury our own, no matter what.”

“They didn’t bury you.”

There’s fire in her eyes when they turn on him, “They were tryin’ to.” 18 more words

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Cravings & Whatnot by ImaginaryStories

Beth is pregnant and she has “unusual” cravings, or so she believes.

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[Crown the Empire] Reign 07

Starscream cuddled in his recharge.

Grimlock could not have guessed, years after first encountering Starscream on the field of battle, that he would ever come to this piece of knowledge. 6,928 more words


[Crown the Empire] Reign 06

It was a strange feeling to walk into Polyhex and be neither accepted nor rejected. No one questioned their presence, but no one saw them as Autobot either. 7,136 more words


[TG] [AriKane] Goodbye forever (3)

Fandom & Disclaimer: Tokyo Ghoul :re by Ishida Sui

Pairing: Arima Kishou x Kaneki Ken/Sasaki Haise / Rating: NC-17

Genres: AU – SA | Angst | Action | Dark romance (?) 9,262 more words