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[Ouran] Strong and Silent

It’s dark, which somehow makes the experience all the more erotic.

Haruhi can feel hands on her skin, stroking softly, making her hot and tingly. And though she can’t see whose hand belongs to who, she can tell, by the nature of their touch alone. 421 more words


Girls !

Girls ! (Part 6)

EXO Members

Han Sehyun

Choi Hyejin

Song Jihye

Jung Hanna

Lee Taein

Summary :

Kisah lima gadis dengan karakter berbeda-beda yang berusaha mencari arti cinta. 3,978 more words


[FMA] Knives

The anticipation makes him shiver. He’s hard as a rock and has been since the second Maes stared at him and asked in that low growl of his ‘ 422 more words


[Bleach] Kinky Things


He chuckles, mouthing the nape of Ichigo’s neck again, grinning when Ichigo arches into his arms, hands scrabbling for some kind of hold. “What?” Gin asks innocently. 364 more words


[Bleach] Safety First

The collar puts a light pressure on Ichigo’s throat. When he swallows, he can feel it. This shouldn’t arouse him, but it does, especially when Sousuke gives the leash attached to it a light tug, pulling Ichigo’s head and making him gasp. 364 more words


[Bleach] Sneak Attack

She doesn’t see them coming, a feat unto itself. Tatsuki has no ninja training but Yoruichi-san is fast enough to make up for her lack. Perhaps it is that Soifon is distracted. 416 more words


[Bleach] Misguided Manipulation - Switch Up

“You know,” Ichigo says languidly, and just the half-curious, half-purr in his voice makes Stark tremble with eagerness. “I think it’s time we switched things up a bit, don’t you?” 431 more words