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Make That Girl Smile by Schwoozie

It’s Beth’s first birthday since her suicide attempt, and Maggie thinks she deserves something special. Spending her 18th birthday at the Dixon Lounge isn’t exactly what Beth thought she had in mind; neither, of course, is being singled out for a private dance from the owner’s little brother.

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Fragmented Anamnesis by cc5

Daryl has trouble remembering Beth, no matter how hard he tries- the memories are fading.

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Battle Born by wellthatdepends

She’s young. She’s in love. She’ll follow him anywhere.

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[IDW] Come What May

Ratchet had done all the convincing.

Or, if Drift were being honest, Ratchet had nagged him until, laughing, Drift had agreed. He would return to the… 7,723 more words


Misery [Chapter 1. Class Room]

The cast are not mine. They belong to God.



Kim Jongin

EXO members

And others


Crime and General




Yaoi, Harem, No Romance, Humiliation, BDSM, Hardcore, Typo(s) 2,911 more words


Georgia Son by Catherine_Toast

Sad Bethyl one shot (loss of child)
AU sometime after Still 

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[Misc] Secrets of the Heart Final

Chapter Thirteen – The Reason

I tightened my hold around Mugen before I could whisper anything. “I’m sorry, Mugen,” I said softly. “I’m grateful that you would tell me something such as this.” 4,092 more words