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[RB] Ticket to Ride

It was a quiet, calm night. A thin sheet of clouds streamed over the stars, covering the moon, but the sea was still. It was a good night for relaxing. 3,207 more words


[TFP] Taking Chances

Knock Out stomped into the communal washroom hoping that the force of his footsteps and the fury in his field would ensure everyone left him the frag alone. 14,925 more words


The Moments Between by Ambrosia29

When Daryl is knocked unconscious during a fight alongside Beth, returned to him with amnesia, he dreams of Beth as she’d been. But is it really a dream?

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[IDW] Tyrannosaurus Wrecked

The calm after the storm is almost as tense as the frenzy leading up to it. Post-battle, Grimlock still feels as if he needs to move. 6,439 more words


[G1] Feels Like Tonight

Peace and quiet are forever in short supply around the Ark. There’s always something going on, and there’s barely any space as it is, so trying to find an opportunity to be alone is as difficult as keeping his paint immaculate. 7,192 more words


[CtE] Undaunted 06

“Third place, huh? That’s not so bad.”

The sudden voice from below – interrupting his sulking – made Hot Rod startle from where he perched on a roof. 6,871 more words


It's Too Cold Outside by EmmyGreene

Beth spends her days in the window daydreaming waiting for the man with the wings to come and rescue her.

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