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[Shattered] Dreams 05

Chapter Five – House Guest

Reeve was dreaming. He knew that he had to be. Because the last thing he truly remembered was working diligently at his desk, eyes occasionally watching the phone and willing it to ring. 4,477 more words


Language of Lovers

I can feel everything in the way he moves. Feel all the unspoken words with every kiss. All the emotion with every drag of his lips or calloused hands. 182 more words

[Shattered] Ice 35

Chapter Thirty-Five: Together at Last

Reno breathed in deep of the crisp evening air, even as he brought the cigarette to his mouth again and took a puff. 6,195 more words


[Shattered] Ice 33

Chapter Thirty-Three: Not a Perfect Person

Nanaki inhaled sharply as the airship gave just the slightest hitch. The pilot seemed to still be having trouble with his landing. 6,040 more words


[Shattered] Ice 29

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Created Human

“That voice?” Vincent murmured, eyes searching the cavern.

They fell on cracked, jagged rocks, and fluorescent light. A cold shiver wracked his thin frame when he finally caught sight of the ghostly figure. 9,782 more words


[Shattered] Ice 24

Chapter Twenty-Four: All in a Day’s Work

The Turtles Paradise was a favorite hangout of the Turks for many reasons, but mainly, it was because the alcohol was cheap and the owner easily intimidated. 4,878 more words


[Shattered] Ice 23

Chapter Twenty-Three: Secret Liaison

The Turtles Paradise Bar was the pride and joy of the city of Wutai. It was a large establishment located at the best spot, and it had been advertised all over the world, attracting many tourists. 4,226 more words