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My Girl Is A Switchblade by rednecksaints

Daryl and Beth flee the scene after watching Negan torture the group. For Beth, escaping means freedom. But for Daryl, it means he chose her over everyone else he loves.Did he make a mistake? 35 more words

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We'll Be Good by bbjogman

He seemed an unlikely friend for his youngest daughter but he made her happy and that was all Hershel wanted for his children. He wasn’t about to take that happiness from Beth or from the Dixon boy. 6 more words

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Apocalyptic Love by Ashley Trecartin

After the fall of the prison Daryl and Beth find themselves alone in the woods, trying to survive. Someone once told her that love happens in the strangest places, and she’s beginning to realize they were right.

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Just Like Heaven by burnedupasun

When struggling artist Daryl, searching for a new muse to spark his inspiration, put up a sign on the local campus asking for figure models, the last person he’d expected to walk through the door for a meeting was someone as sweet and innocent looking as Beth Greene. 26 more words

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Our Place by eReedus

Two-shot based on the prompt “angry Bethyl sex”. Beth does something selfless, Daryl sees something else completely, Beth gets angry, Daryl gets jealous, they both get mad, and plan to get even… inevitably leading to angry Bethyl sex. 19 more words

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Like Liner For The Eyes by Ambrosia29

When Beth returns, she hates being left alone and Daryl keeps his distance. Not a problem, until Maggie is posted for duty at the wall and Daryl is asked to keep her company that night…

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Frustration and Fantasy by eReedus

Beth and Daryl have been holed up with each other for months. Frustration is starting to show as Daryl remains blissfully unaware Beth is having the exact same dirty thoughts about him as he’s having about her. 30 more words

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