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Yes, Sir by RckyFrk

A 3-part contribution to Emergency Bethyl Smut Weekend 2016.

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Heart on Fire by wellthatdepends

It’s the feeling of infinite falling. the feeling of hurtling towards something amazing. the feeling of finding everything you’ve ever been searching for and more.

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Slingin' Shots and Greasin' Gears by thejennakayshow

Daryl didn’t see a certain blonde coming in his life and turning it upside down. Beth didn’t see coming home from college and finding more than drinks at the bar she works at for the summer. 29 more words

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Moonshine, Mistakes and The Morning After by darkmystress00

Beth and Daryl have met, briefly. Each of them secretly harboring feelings for the other. What happens when a fun time at a party with friends leads to the most awkward morning after?

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Carnival Games by SquishyCool

Daryl is a traveling carnival worker and Beth is a barely legal farmer’s daughter looking for a night of fun when the carnival comes to town.

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Cougar's Kitten by BustersJezebel

“Oh pretty kitten you got no idea.” Daryl said as his mouth swooped down, teeth biting at Beth’s deliberately pouting bottom lip. His teeth scraped over it, pulling on it as he used it to pull Beth forward into his arms. 16 more words

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Ride With It by exoticdeviance

Beth isn’t entirely sure how she got here.

Here being the crowded rail, surrounded by too many sweaty bodies packed tighter than a can of sardines. 42 more words

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