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Bloodlust by SquishyCool

Daryl can’t forget who Beth used to be, and she can’t seem to escape him; the vampiress and the vampire hunter.

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Bump Series by lemonstar

As the building manager in a newly renovated apartment building, it’s Daryl Dixon’s job to make sure that things are working properly for all of the tenants. 45 more words

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In Your Arms by Piper Elizabeth

After the prison falls, Beth and Daryl are on their own. When they find the funeral home, they think they have found a safe haven. But then Beth is taken and Daryl will do anything to find her. 33 more words

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How You Feel In Me by dynamicsymmetry

The first time with Daryl, Beth isn’t sure what to do about the fear he’s obviously feeling. But maybe, to push through it, all she has to do is get him to focus on a different feeling – and tell her about it.

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Sugar & Spice Seires by dynamicsymmetry

After both being so tired of losing people, Beth and Daryl discover each other – and that the world can be sweeter than they ever imagined. 21 more words

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One More Time by piper78 (piper1016)

Beth and Daryl they are thrown together through a baby boy in need of medical care and both are finding it more and more difficult to fight what they feel towards each other and the past that they once shared.

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Adult by JLeigh11

Beth plays at being an adult when her best friend drags her to a bar. The thing is, when you play at being an adult, you get yourself caught up in some adult situations. 16 more words

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