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And I'm Crashing Into You by dynamicsymmetry

When Beth came back alive, everything pretty was worn out of her. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss it. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss what she’s lost. 21 more words

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Going Home by piper78

When Beth finds herself a widow with two young sons to care for, she heads back home, to the farm she grew up on. Wanting to give her boys a good solid upbringing, she cant help but worry if she is making the right decision? 20 more words

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A Place We Can't Pronounce by Schwoozie

Beth is self conscious about her small breasts. Daryl makes sure she knows exactly how he feels about that.

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Safe Up Here With You by dynamicsymmetry

On a return trip to Grady, Daryl and Aaron make a discovery Daryl never would have imagined and never would have wanted to: Beth survived. And doesn’t believe she did. 27 more words

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All 'Round The Sun by tanglingshadows

Everything they knew was gone, and the people they cared about were scattered. There weren’t many guarantees in life outside the prison, but one thing was certain, nothing was coming between them now.

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Ticking Clocks Series by Abelina

Beth survived the gunshot wound that should have killed her. That her family believed truly had killed her. Against all odds, she has found her way back to them. 14 more words

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