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She Got The Power In Her Hand (To Shock You Like You Won't Believe) by dynamicsymmetry

First time with Beth like this, Daryl isn’t sure how to handle any of it. Fortunately Beth knows exactly how to handle him.

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Peach Schnapps, Tattoos, and Bartenders by CaptainPassion

Beth Greene just needed to feel. She wanted to remember what it was like. After months of not doing anything but ache, she finds herself in a no-name bar in the middle of no-name Georgia and to her surprise peach schnapps, tattoos, and bartenders are just what the doctor ordered.

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Building A Home by IntriguePrincess0621

“I love you Beth.” A confession he had ran from for almost a month now, ever since they escaped the prison attack and lost track of everyone else in the group. 22 more words

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Goosebumps by xmjcx

Bethyl Smut Week, Day One; ‘Goosebumps’. Set after the fall of the prison.

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Expired Lover by BethylAddixon

Beth leaves her fiance to come home. What happens when she sees a strange man working for her Daddy and takes a sudden interest? 

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Come Back To Me by SessInSunglasses

Daryl finds himself suffering from some massive guilt after Beth’s unexpected abduction. But she finds her way back to him… And the fun ensues from there. 47 more words

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By A Thread by doncellerspire

After a horrific murder leaves Beth’s sister a widow, she drops everything – her apartment, her job, her boyfriend, and relocates to Atlanta. She’s lucky, there’s an open position, and they seem to think she’s qualified. 33 more words

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