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Boston Cream Pie

It’s not a pie. It’s a cake with custard on the inside and chocolate ganache on top. For reasons I may or my not have already talked about, but I’m not going to here, my fondest with for the city of Boston is for it to fall into the sea and then flip over and float away forever, but damned if they don’t know how to make a delicious pretend times pie. 4.8/5


WizKid Returns With "Ghetto Love"

Please tell me that “Ghetto Love” is a sign that there is a new album coming from WizKid in the near future (I dey beg ooo). 96 more words

New Music


They’re shoe-coverings, I think. For the top of your shoe. I don’t know what they’re for. Maybe to keep mud off of them? Look, I’ll be honest with you: The only person I’ve ever seen wear them is Uncle Scrooge, and he wears them over his naked duck feet and he only references them to make a demi-swear like “Spit on me spats”. 41 more words


Real Madrid 3-2 Levante: Player Ratings

Real Madrid were able to come out with all three points against Levante but saw themselves struggle way more than they should have during the second 45 minutes. 562 more words

Real Madrid

Recipe Reviews #78

Mustard Salmon Sheet Pan

Recipe found on foodiecrush
My Rating: 5 out of 5

My Review

Salmon and mustard go really well together! I loved the sour tang from the lemon juice and the texture of the grainy mustard. 414 more words


Piano Man

A Billy Joel song about a piano bar where–surprise!–he is the Piano Man. There’s a line towards the beginning about how the man sitting next to him (on the piano bench?) is “making love to his tonic and gin.” I hope that’s meant to be literal, because it is the only interesting thing in this dirge about how Billy Joel is the only worthwhile thing in this sad piano bar where everyone wishes they had a better job. 10 more words