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Fear, Faith and Facing the Void

It’s only oblivion, true:
We had it before, but then it was going to end,

Philip Larkin, The Old Fools


Our beliefs and attitudes define so much of our self-identity that it can be disconcerting to look back to a time when one held a different view.

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Gods And Religions

Ouija Board, Ouija Board, Would You Work for Me?


This post is part of the “Turning the Gun on Myself” series.  For an introduction, follow the link.

What Happened?

When I was about 17, a mini craze developed at my school for dabbling with… 701 more words

Rational And Irrational

Turning the Gun on Myself (Introduction)

Throughout history, every mystery ever solved has turned out to be Not Magic

Tim Minchin

Introduction (to this Introduction)

Many people have had a spooky experience; seen, heard or felt something they can’t explain.

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Human Nature