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Through this blog we will share tips and resources for anyone interested in starting an online book club.

Our online book club project was conceived and executed as an assignment for a Project Management course at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana as a means of giving a means for online and on campus students with a desire to connect through reading an easy, fun way to do so.

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First, your (not boring) quote—



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and ponder (if you will) all possible connotations of the word “Wow~!” And now ponder the Truth uttered by one ‘Scientific Christian’. 186 more words


What is Religious Experience For?

What is religious experience for? Why is it a part of our human evolution and biology? The religious scholar and author of the book God: A Human History… 271 more words


US House Science Committee just had a rational hearing about climate

(Source: arstechnica.com)

House Science Committee hearings on climate change are many things to many people. For members of the committee, they are typically soapbox pageants, with long, blustery declarations punctuated by leading questions to witnesses who have been invited because they will give a desired answer. 1,072 more words


Secretive church's children

…  seek to heal

Jason Belcher says music saved his life after his family left the Commonwealth Covenant Church. Children who grew up in a secretive church sect say they were separated from their parents and sent to new families. 220 more words


Reception of God's Love is in Accordance with the State of the Mind

Selection from Arcana Coelestia ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

And He taught them many things by parables, and said unto them in His doctrine, Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow: And it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the way side, and the fowls of the air came and devoured it up.

411 more words
Emanuel Swedenborg

Kottke and the United States of Guns

Like you, I’m heart broken, confused and angry as hell about yesterday’s mass shooting in Texas.

With every mass shooting, one of my favorite bloggers, … 241 more words

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