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Chapter 9: Path to Recovery

Time, rather the illusion of it, lapped at the shores of higher order space, coming tantalizingly close but never quite crossing the threshold. There were no clocks on the walls of his room. 788 more words


Infographic - How emotions can increase consumption

This infographic, proposed by CoxBlue, explains how some emotional triggers can easily push consumers into buying.

Emotions are more efficient than logic to do that, let’s discover here some tips to easily turn your rational content into emotional content and increase purchases motivation of your clients !  


Chapter 8: A Stitch in Time

Cadmus opened his right eye just a slit. He saw a tall blue woman bending over him. A slice of sharp pain slashed through his chest and stomach. 695 more words


Hello again :)

I haven’t written anything in a while. Partly busyness, partly laziness, partly getting angry a lot at the moment, and partly not knowing what to write. 281 more words



Anxiety is a really misunderstood condition — and it is a condition, it’s not just the emotion some people think it is. It’s not one little thing that makes you anxious; it’s when anxiety takes over your life and you can’t do anything except watch it destroy your life. 324 more words


From Ramakrishna-Vivekananda to Atheism

Having been associated with the Ramakrishna Mission (not as a monk, but a volunteer) for almost 14 years and after pouring hours and hours on the books of Vivekananda, Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi, I wanted to give a critique of this movement. 994 more words


The art of talking oneself 'into' or 'out of' situations !

Lets take ME as an example. I am extremely stubborn at times and if anybody annoys me, I tend to do exactly opposite to whatever the person is saying even if that is in my own benefit. 631 more words