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B is for Back-Breakingly Marvellous!


I decided to write my first posts in a sort of, alphabetical thing to get started..just thought it might be more fun – not sure why I thought this but sometimes when my brain likes an idea I just have to go with it. 1,896 more words



Religion is usually the end of rational thought. Take, for example, how people choose their religion. A rational approach would be to examine the world’s many religions, look for evidence, and settle on the one that provided that evidence. 117 more words


Head and Heart

Follow the head look

follow the heart beat

follow the head hear

follow the heart dear

follow the head taste

follow the heart beat

follow the head smell… 180 more words


Multi Column Word and PDF Documents with RPE

You can produce multi column documents with RPE and the procedure is rather simple.

  • create a Word document
  • change the document’s page layout to multi column.
  • 49 more words
Rational Publishing Engine

How To Stay Calm in 5 Simple Steps

I recently came to the realization that I know how to stay calm in really stressful situations. It helps me to objectively evaluate what’s happening around me and it simplifies the search for solutions. 373 more words

Now is not a good time

As someone who has recenlty emigrated, I am often asked what made me decide to move abroad, and how I like it. Even though most have never lived outside their own country, it seems that most people would love to pack their bags and see a different part of the world one day.  273 more words


Irony and the principal part

Irony is the principal part of the truth as the irrational is the principal part of the rational and one is more in irony and more in the irrational as the principal part… 35 more words