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Simon's Rational Fractions Rule

This weekend Simon told me he came up with this rule that if you take two denominators that make rational fractions when you divide one by those denominators and you multiply them together, you always also get a denominator that makes a rational fraction:


Reason (an acrostic poem)

Rational ideas set up bulwarks and walls, defending what it considers truth

Emotions launch themselves at those fortifications, trying to lay them low… 44 more words

Acrostic Poem

The Sacred Gift and The Faithful Servant

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." – Albert Einstein… 491 more words


Light Enough To See

With grandma, there was always a god
who balanced karmic echoes with miracle and punishment,
and spoke to her with a familiarity that came
from decades of negotiation and compromise. 222 more words


[BSC Vietnam] Do You Think You're A Rational Investor? (VNM, GAS) 12.07.2017


Stocks scored 0.63% gain following a slight up yesterday. All 10/10 industry sectors settled in the green, led by consumer staple (+1.26%)

VNM (VND 155.400/ share +1.6%/ Market Cap: USD 10 billion  – Target price: VND 190,000/share / Upside 20.5% / Div yield: 4% – P/E 2017 FW: 19.8x / P/B 2017… 774 more words


"It's called Love Island, not Friend Island" - Is being a snake the best strategy?

The Game

Love Island is sweeping the country by storm this year. If you’re out of the loop, it’s a reality show where singles “couple up” in a villa in Mallorca where they develop relationships and try to find “love”. 1,296 more words


an evolved response…

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Some attribute this axiom to Oscar Wilde. Others give Will Rogers the credit. We may never know who said it first but humans have been surviving on first impressions since at least 400,000 years ago (about the time Cousin… 572 more words