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Let Go

Letting go of things is something that can often be rather difficult. I am speaking from experience as I have recently let go of many of my favourite things; most of which as potato based. 884 more words


On being rational

Right now, I want a rational psyche.

Before I proceed to expound on why I feel the need to justify this irrational want to be rational, let me appease those who find people who strive to be different or special to be distasteful or pretentious (or both) – It is not my aim to separate myself from the norm. 174 more words

Irrationally speaking

The problem with arguing rationally about issues of identity is that one risks missing the forest for the trees. In a formal sense, a position should stand exclusively on the merit of its arguments. 753 more words


RPE@ Interconnect Solution Expo

For the latest&greatest on RPE, detailed technical discussions and more you can find us at the Interconnect 2015 Solution Expo, the Continuous Engineering – Unlocking Engineering Knowledge pedestal. 22 more words

Rational Publishing Engine

Get Gross

Starting off big again in my afternoon post. Up to bat? Ethics, justice, morality and equality! Through the grimy lens of compost and hand washing. Enjoy my self-righteousness. 734 more words

Chronicles of a Martian

“There are two kinds of people: Earthlings and Martians”
Dr. David West Keirsey

People who are generally observant are more ‘down to earth.’ – Earthlings… 658 more words


The "Rational" Irrational Fear of Maumoon

I’ve never been a supporter of Maumoon. Don’t think I ever will be. People talk about all the ‘good’ that he has done. I fail to see any good that has come out of population centralization and development just to suite his needs. 910 more words