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Artist research: Dexter Dalwood

All websites mentioned in this post were accessed on 19 October 2016. All images shown are in the public domain.

19 October 2016. When comparing my own research to the refined, meticulously presented equivalents written by other Painting 1 students, I find myself in doubt where to place the emphasis in my own learning. 420 more words



When people ask me what Paganism is, I always start with a baseline. Because (let’s face it) Paganism is hard to define in a soundbite. Any spiritual path is, due to inherent complexities of belief, subjective individual perspectives… stuff most people aren’t really interested in. 1,284 more words


New is a Reflection of Old

– Action: drink coffee

-Reaction: brain starts to work

-Resulting thought: new expereiences are simply associations with past experiences.

– Why that thought? Well, that involves a lot of words to explain eight words. 689 more words


Transitive filtration on (Q,<)

This a bonus question for HW 2 Basic Modal Logic course 2016/2017.

Show that transitive fitration on is a finite list of clusters, maybe interspersed by some irreflexive singletons, no two of which may be adjacent. 366 more words

Just Ask the Universe by Michael Samuels

A No-Nonsense Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams

Intro. This is a guide to personal development. It is a blue-print for self-growth and self-improvement. You can have anything, all you need is to ask. 1,203 more words


Tricky word pairs!

The other day in class (btw, when Sonia read the other day she was well aware of this: “the” is pronounced “i” when the following word begins with a vowel, remember?) I mixed up “moral” and “morale”, as I tend to do because I have issues with “morals”! 65 more words


Arithmetic Operations

There are only 4 binary operations which we call “arithmetic operations”. These are:

  • Addition (+)
  • Subtractions (-)
  • Multiplication (×)
  • Division (÷)

Reading this fact, an obvious question is: 398 more words

Problem Solving