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My name is Missy, and I Procrastinate.

Gasp, shock and awe!

I knew this was going to happen, it always does. As of writing this opening paragraph, I have no idea why I do this. 891 more words

New BuzzMath Activity - Factor Expressions with Rational Coefficients

Let’s factorise! That sounds like a workout, doesn’t it? But there’s nothing strenuous about factorising. The term factorise is used in the UK instead of its American counterpart, factor. 117 more words


RATIONAL ‘Cooking Live’ demonstrations

Imagine if you could offer your customers more choice, whether it be healthy eating, vegetarian, savoury or sweet all at the touch of a button and with only one cooking appliance. 385 more words


My new adventure

I wanted to share with my friends and colleagues the most recent phase of my professional career. Last month I left Zynga and moved to Isle of Man to become Director of Social Gaming at Amaya’s… 199 more words

General Social Games Business


To analyse any matter, we should have four eyes.Two, to see our point of view and other two, for the other person’s point of view, no matter if he is against us or with us. 201 more words


No Reprieve

No Reprieve

Run sit stand watch breathe,
No resting, we interweave
Desires reprieve


Friendship for dummies

We talk two different languages

I express myself with figures of speech

and similes and metaphors

and poems read with the voice

of too many cigarettes and bitter tears… 71 more words