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How to troubleshoot document generation in DNG

When starting with DNG and document generation or when deploying new reports on the server the RRDG log is an invaluable resource for troubleshooting problems on the RRDG server.  125 more words

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The Mircale of Christmas. Part-One.

The Holy Spirit Intervenes.

Two miracles occur in relation to the birth of Jesus! The Holy Spirit or Breath of God comes upon Mary a virgin and concieves the child, while after the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem Marys waters remain intact. 69 more words


I don’t wanna spoil this one by trying to explain this little writing of my friend Weirdo, which I happened to come across recently. So, I’m gonna put it the way I found it. 542 more words


Here come da sword to separate

When our rebellious 20th-century soul

slit its wrist with a broken existentialist bowl,

our severed spirit was cast out to wander

in a rational world cut a-sunder. 163 more words


Traceability with DOORS 9 and RQM

Continuing the series of articles on the topic of creating traceability documents I have arrived at an interesting use case:  traceability from DOORS 9 and RQM. 248 more words

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How to Invest in Different Types of HYIPs

Rational distribution of investment funds contributes to achieving the greatest profits. Let s start with a general rule suitable for any type of investment: “Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose!” Investment Bank should comprise the sum the loss of which will not be catastrophic for your life. 123 more words

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A recent discussion with a group of friends made me realise to what extent science is considered to be the most believable narrative by many; sometimes termed as rational. 495 more words

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