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The very first blog post

Just posting a quick test post because:

A) Its 2:28 AM.

B) I wanted to post something to make this site official.

C) Starting to get a little tired. 26 more words


Solving Rational Inequalities in Maxima: solve_rat_ineq()

There is an undocumented user-contributed feature of Maxima for rational inequalities:  solve_rat_ineq().

Here are few examples of its capabilities and limitations:

Oedip ad nauseam

Iată, “Omul Postmodern”!
L-am vizitat azi-noapte în cuștile lui:
același animal de atâtea mii de ani…

Și-a pus luminițe în verigile lanțurilor.
Când dă cu ghiarele în gratii… 92 more words

The extremes

I feel that behaviour of people currently are on two extremes. I believe that both personal and professional life are equally important and need to go hand in hand. 308 more words

Faithful But Flawed

The opening chapter of the book of Judges outlines the conquest of Canaan by the people of God. The first verse draws our attention to the book that immediately precedes this one, the book of Joshua. 1,030 more words

Admitting "I don't know" or defeat or simple reality is so so hard for some

Yesterday, Pat Robertson went on the air and was cock sure God would give republicans the votes necessary to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

Said Robertson, “They’re going to give it to the president. 802 more words

Bloggy Blog


Now…let me start by warning u off first…
If u are a Rationalist STAY OUT….MORALISTS STAY OUT…and if u are easily butthurt keep reading, . I just loooove buttthurting people… 88 more words