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About time 

You think that you don’t have time to do

all the things you want to do,

yet you have enough time to waste

on the trivialities of life. 19 more words

Change Management

9 rationalisations that men make when women don't reply to their text messages

1. She must be busy with work/study: Some pantsless bears tend to believe women when they tell them they’re busy. This is because pantsless bears aren’t busy. 655 more words

 ‘Our purpose in Life’

Quote of the day

‘The purpose of our life is to persist in serving our Heavenly Father with devotion and dedication as sole custodians of the living world. 455 more words

#27 Conflicted

You know it’s really easy to just give up and die. It just dawn upon me that I have very little reason to live. My parents and I aren’t getting along very well. 1,697 more words


Magical thinking and Greek footballers

This week I’ve been magically thinking about magical thinking.

Magical thinking involves assigning causal meaning to unrelated events in your life.

So for example, if I don’t shower for a couple of days then THATs why a new piece of work came in. 250 more words

Mental Illness

Guilt Trip

They disobeyed. Realising they have sinned, they tried to hide and shift blame instead of owning up. They are Adam and Eve.
He betrayed, acknowledge it, unlike the first human couple. 340 more words


The "holy trinity" of sociology

Ken Plummer, in chapter four of “Sociology:  The basics” highlights that the 19th and early 20th centuries brought a vast array of thinking to the changing world.  229 more words

Society And Politics