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Rationalisation, discrimination, de-legitimisation ... you know the rest

Interested, while controlling my revulsion at the subject matter, to read this, via Unz:

By the logic of gay liberation, Thiel is an example of a man who has sex with other men, but not a gay man.

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4 steps to saving good ideas in your organisation

4 steps to saving good ideas in your organisation

This week I am delivering a Masterclass event in the United States, focusing on Talent management and shifting good ideas into action – basically developing stronger business cases for good ideas, which increases the probability of  “good ideas” being operationalised. 358 more words

The skewed search for life's meaning

When sentient beings search for meaning it often leads to gibberish. Markets and newspapers burgeon with spirituality columns, self-help books and religious cults that claim to tell you the meaning of life. 1,278 more words


Poem and I: The Road Not Taken

I have always felt that one’s encounter with a piece of art- a song, a film, a play, a poem: anything- collides their separate lives together for a purpose that is only visible in retrospect, leaving both the person and the piece of art slightly but permanently changed. 1,982 more words

Mark St Cyr's Crystal Ball Goes Blood Red

Mark St Cyr puts it out there, in a coherent and plausible argument:

Few believe there is a reason for concern that China “might” do something which may upset the current economy as it now stands.

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Of Mindless Acts of Violence

WordPress alerts me that it’s my blogging birthday today – 6 years ago I started writing this half confessional/half I-don’t-know-what blog that is still experiencing the growing pains of defining what its role and purpose might truly be. 423 more words


Whichever First?

I just have a few very simple food for thought at this moment to share:

When something happens, think the emotions arise first, or do you think the thoughts come first? 84 more words