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What they don't tell you about garage startups

There is more about successful garage startups than just the founder’s ingenuity and hard working. Most articles perpetually regurgitated by monopolistic media and various blog posts try to convince you that exactly only hard working and ingenuity is necessary to create a multibillion international company. 820 more words


A nudge bias

The potential of behavioural economics: beyond the nudge

Behavioural economics is a revolutionary field. Its champions may not have beheaded any royalty, but they have done the academic equivalent by overthrowing a paradigm that ruled our thinking and shaped our institutions. 56 more words

Behavioral Economics

Populism: New Moon in Taurus

The apparent behaviour of the Milky Way  may afford astrology a globalist understanding of how the constellations and seasons fit together in the interpretation of identity, and a matrix to make sense of an astrology which actually looks at the stars, but here in the South the head of the Bull reminds us that there is more to life than ideas. 479 more words

Moon Phases

The desire to be right

Confirmation Bias: Why You Should Seek Out Disconfirming Evidence

Confirmation bias is our tendency to cherry pick information which confirms pre-existing beliefs or ideas. This is also known as myside bias or confirmatory bias. 75 more words

Behavioral Economics

Workshop on 'Reasons' -- 31 May - 1 June


Day 1 (May 31)

  • 11-12:30: Julien Dutant (KCL)
  • Lunch
  • 1:30-3:00: Clayton Littlejohn (KCL)
  • 3:00-4:30: Kathryn Lindeman (Saint Louis)

Day 2 (June 1)


Thoughts on terrorist bombers, reasons, and reason

Even if you’re convinced bombing is a judicious move, why suicide? Why not live to bomb another day?
They’re miserable and they want to die. 210 more words


A Crisis in Economics?

by Mario Rizzo

Periodically, people warn about the “crisis in economics.” I have heard about several of these over my professional career. Somehow the mainstream or orthodox economists never seem to notice these crises or take them seriously. 692 more words