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Why you are irrational and illogical

Humans are amazingly smart. We not only have the most powerful brains in the known universe (which is a stupid statement because “known” here must implicitly refer to what we know and therefore the statement is basically “so far as we know, we are better able to know than anything we know”), and we’ve managed to construct systems which are able to learn the way many living systems do, only with the advantage of unparalleled precision and “memory”. 3,385 more words


Claims and Self-Reference

Whenever someone makes a claim, it is a good idea to apply the claim to itself to see if it is self-contradictory. This is an important tool in critical thinking, and may save you some headaches when you are arguing or debating with someone. 930 more words


A Belief Straightened Out.

“Death and struggle for life is a wonderful thing. That’s how we get ahead.” Quoted from Charles Darwin “On The Origin Of species”, 1859.

Well coming back my belief, the creation view says that there was a flood (During the time of Noah) about 4400 years ago. 680 more words


Gender and Gender Roles: Between Stereotypes


For what forth the fecundity

Large-breasted like pair of Jupiters

Long live long legs, lo giraffe catwalks

Behind the scene we all can see

Is this behind that all can see? 1,012 more words


COMING SOON: Granovetter, Mark. "Economic action and Social Structure: The Problem of Embeddedness." 1985.

Abstract, as provided by the Author:

“How behavior and institutions are affected by social relations is one of the classic questions of social theory. This paper concerns the extent to which economic action is embedded in structures of social relations, in modern industrial society.

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Never mind the nanny state

Should Governments Nudge Us to Make Good Choices?

Our decisions are constantly shaped by subtle changes in our environment. Even choices that feel deliberate and conscious can be swayed by cues that we may not even notice, such as social norms or the setting of a default option. 61 more words

Behavioral Economics

How to veganize Sam Harris

For those who don’t know him, Sam Harris is an author on philosophy, religion & atheism, rationality and a lot of other topics, and has quite a large following. 1,180 more words

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