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Learning from Past Experiences


A commonly used distinction in psychology is that between goal-directed action and habitual action. As the name suggests, goal-directed action involves deliberate decision-making. Habitual behavior is a more automatic behavior that happens without much conscious input. 1,048 more words


Choices are Bad

Epistemic Status: Spent way too long deciding what to put here

Kind of a Follow-Up to: Change is Bad

Will Hopefully Lead To, But No Promises: Some combination of, when and if I write them: Complexity is Bad, Choices Are Really Bad, Frontload Choices, Delay Choices, Avoid Choices, Simplify Choices, Destroy Choices, Make Good Choices, On Choice Algorithms… 947 more words


Beyond Rationality

We often idolize rationality as the solution to all of the world’s problems. Awareness. Education. These are always touted as the foundations of success for any plan that hopes to create real change. 738 more words


From Divine Spark to Free Will and Beyond

Based on article originally published in Portuguese by Paulo Henrique de Figueiredo at: http://revolucaoespirita.com.br/livre-arbitrio-espiritos-superiores. Translated to English and adapted by Rodolfo de Oliveira.

St. Augustine officially converted to Christianity on the year 386, when he became a priest in Milan, Italy. 1,389 more words


How We Democrats Can Win

How can we win next time?

I do not need to go over the long list of Trump’s transgressions. I take it for granted that he should never have been nominated by the Republicans, and should never have been elected. 479 more words


Scientists discover that human brain is more complicated than black holes and space-time.

Yes it is time to get the info.

You may have been fooled by the international scientist conspiracy to undermine the human brain. They say we are like lego blocks and can be summed up by numbers and calculations. 11 more words

On Self-Understanding

You will never understand yourself through reason alone. You must descend into the recesses of your mind, into the abyss of the irrational. You must be overwhelmed by your own emotions, good and bad. 129 more words