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The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty

What it’s about: Dan Ariely takes us on a tour of human dishonesty and tells us that humans in general don’t rely on dispassionate cost-benefit analyses (expectation of reward vs penalty of being caught) to guide when they cheat. 430 more words



We were out on the field, building steam, in preparation for the main event. We loved it out on the field, for the sticky patches of temporal bragging right it always brings. 991 more words


Is it important to question?Why we dont?

Yes. Not just important rather the most essential part of realizing human-ness. Else there is not much a difference between you and an animal or may be a plant that grows when watered that dies when left in place which lacks solar energy. 423 more words

Argumentative Indian

Bigmouth strikes again

The Memo of Doom has occasioned more commentary than anyone requires regarding anything, and that’s actually the main problem. Parsing individual claims in a situation like this tends to involve ignoring what the text actually… 1,876 more words

Pure Ideology

From Being Natural — To Become Spiritual

Selection from The Divine Providence ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

Three Things Must Be Considered

It is by means of these two faculties—rationality and liberty—that man is reformed and regenerated by the Lord; and without them he cannot be reformed and regenerated. 1,557 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg


—wait for it! (Catchy headline, though?)


here’s ya quote:

“… Conspiracy theorists think an astronomical alignment involving the constellations Leo and Virgo, along with various other planets will fulfill this prophecy word-for-word. 386 more words


Postmortem: mindlevelup: The Book

I just finished the mindlevelup: The Book, a collection of essays focused on instrumental rationality. Now that the project’s reached a pretty good stopping point, I’m looking back to see how my expectations and goals played out. 3,010 more words