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The world we accept tends to be the world we see and we assume that we see all there is – but what we see is never all there is. 211 more words

An Interview with Yisrael (Robert) Aumann

I was privileged to join Menachem Yaari and Sergiu Hart in interviewing Yisrael Aumann.  The interview is in Hebrew. It is an initiative of the Israel Academy of Sciences and the Humanities. 79 more words


The Unfathomable

Can a person fathom the limits of the universe?
At least, not as of today.
It is therefore well-settled that human’s capacity to rationalize, conceive and fathom is limited. 69 more words



PMW 2018-047 by Jason Lisle (Biblical Science Institute)

Gentry introductory note: Postmillennialism entails a full-orbed biblical worldview. The argument for postmillennialism begins in the Creation Account.

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Pascal's Wager: The Initial Setup

Think you’re rational? If are not a devout worshipper of the Catholic God, then a certain mathematician-physicist-writer-inventor-theologan (whew!) Blaise Pascal would respectfully disagree. In §233 of his… 1,036 more words


Why I stopped identifying as a rationalist

I’ve told this story to a few people in person, but I wanted to write it out because honestly I just wanted to challenge myself to say something that many people I know may disagree with. 713 more words