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That one does not infer everything from a contradiction

C.I. Lewis wasn’t happy with the material conditional , presumably because that conditional does not formalize the indicative conditional in quite the expected way. He then resorted to the strict conditional , thus avoiding many of the ‘counterintuitive’ results involving the material conditional, e.g.:   but , and   but , and also  but , among others. 567 more words


Distracting And Suppressing Your Purpose Of Life

Comments on Albert Einstein: Does God Exist and views on Atheism made by Blogging Interfaith

“The reason why many people do not believe in God is not so much that it is intellectually impossible to believe in God, but because belief in God forces that thoughtful person to face the fact that he is accountable to such a God.

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The Straw Man

I was surfing the internet and I stumbled upon this term called the Straw Man fallacy. It’s an argumentative position in which the opponent distorts the argument put forward by someone by exaggerating, oversimplifying or misinterpreting their point in order to make his/her retort sound a lot more powerful than it actually is. 438 more words


Does God Enjoy Punishing Us?

So far in our study of the book of Judges, we have seen two very important things about God. The first is that He will give us over to the idols we worship. 1,603 more words


Defending Sacred Values

In the comments of my last post on sacred values, I noticed a lot of people thinking that they should transition from using sacred values to consciously-held ethical injunctions, or that sacred values are utterly unnecessary as long as you can think “torture is wrong even when I hear a good argument that torture is right”, etc. 878 more words

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Rationality and Ego

Ego is a child of rationality. A rational person always wants to be certain. He is forever looking for proof but there is no ‘perfect’ proof. 103 more words


The Secret Society for Suppressing Stupidity

The People of the Book

A long long time ago (by internet standards), in a faraway land (I dunno, probably California), a bearded man from a Jewish family sat down to write a… 3,860 more words