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Resolve: Post-CFAR 3

Resolve: Post-CFAR 3

One of the coolest paradigms I picked up at the CFAR workshop was something taught by Duncan Sabien, called Resolve, which gets its name from the Resolve Cycle. 1,537 more words


Levers, Emotions, and Lazy Evaluators: Post-CFAR 2

Levers, Emotions, and Lazy Evaluators: Post-CFAR 2


When I was at the CFAR workshop, someone mentioned that something like 90% of the curriculum was just making up fancy new names for things they already sort of did. 1,773 more words


Your place or mine?

We sometimes find ourselves at junctures in our lives which make us wonder: wouldn’t it be so much easier to be in someone else’s shoes at the moment? 527 more words


The Simple "Complexity" of Spirit

I have deep conviction that life is essentially a spiritual enterprise; or, as someone has said, “We are spiritual beings having an human moment.”   But to be honest, I’m hesitant to even use words like “spiritual” for in my culture they too often refer to jargon and rhetoric which I now see as ideological bondage described by the Apostle Paul as, the “letter of the law” which he described as spiritually lethal. 550 more words

Poetry And Prose

Giving Reason in Digital Culture

Human Reason – and rationality potential – is too complex to have a single kind of function.

When we are giving someone reason, the main aim is to get the person we are facing agreeing with us (you know what I’m meaning, the type of tacit agreement on our views, opinions, personal truth, and so on). 1,568 more words

Life Thoughts

Ontologies are Operating Systems: Post-CFAR 1

Ontologies are Operating Systems: Post-CFAR 1

I’ve been thinking more about the idea of how we even reason about our own thinking, our “ontology of mind”, and how our internal mental model of how our brain works. 1,304 more words


Wyoming Man Receives 'Miracle' Face Transplant 10 Years After Suicide Attempt

Ten years ago, Andy Sandness tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the face. After miraculously surviving the horrific incident, the 31-year-old has received one the rarest surgeries in the world — a face transplant. 721 more words