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Pain As Anti-Akrasia

Akrasia is the philosophical term for the state of acting against one’s better judgment. For instance, if you know that you’d be much happier if you and your partner talked about things in a calm and civil manner, yet you somehow find yourself raising your voice again, that’s akrasia. 625 more words

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Priviledging Spirituality vs. Rationality in India

The special characteristics of Western approaches to India have encouraged a disposition to focus particularly on the religious and spiritual elements in Indian culture. There has also been a tendency to emphasize the contrast between what is taken to be ‘Western rationality’ and the cultivation of what ‘Westerners’ would see as ‘irrational’ in Indian intellectual traditions. 66 more words

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The Triggering, A Response and Why the Truth Hurts

Yesterday evening, I attended a panel discussion about political correctness. The speakers invited to the event were academic Christina Hoff Sommers, radio host Steven Crowder, and the infamous Milo Yiannopoulos who is currently a third of the way through his “Dangerous Faggot” College Speaking Tour. 582 more words


The fly in the window

A few days ago, for the first time this summer, there was a fly inside our apartment. I opened the smaller window to let some fresh air in, and the fly came in immediately. 881 more words


Existence and Awareness

             We all have our struggles.  They are as varied as we are.  And the tools we use to keep ourselves safe, they are as individual, as well. 392 more words

A life time...

A life time is a really long time.

A life time is also a really short time, only in hindsight.

In the holy bible about relationship, there is probably one chapter about how the idea of lifetime commitment scares guys away. 454 more words

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Reality, spirituality, conspiracies, the outer limits. These are conversations that are not typically had with your fellow civilized earth-dweller, nor is it warranted. 1,504 more words

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