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Feminism's anti-rationality

One of the most clear and wretchedly amusing symptoms of the modern anti-reason mind set is the incessant rise of Feminism. Much of the writings and beliefs of this huge, chaotic movement are so laughably false it is almost pointless to write about them, unless purely for a kind of masochistic entertainment. 622 more words

Ayn Rand

The drowning stranger illustration challenges atheistic morality

This is by Matt from Well Spent Journey blog.


Here’s a thought experiment.


Imagine that you’re a healthy, athletic, 20-year-old male. It’s the morning after a thunderstorm, and you’re standing on the banks of a flooded, violently churning river.

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  • I felt hurt and sad when Joseph responded so conservatively to my confession of obsession. I wandered the mall feeling sorry for myself, and ate sushi alone at whole foods while Tindering aggressively and thinking: 
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I was returning home fresh from doing some photography at the botanical garden when I spotted him. As I turned to look discreetly I recognized him instantly. 348 more words

Are economists like doctors?

Economics would be more useful if our expectations were more modest

The Guardian recently asked nine economists whether we’re heading for another global financial crash, and of course, they gave nine different answers. 66 more words

Behavioral Economics

Feelings > Rationality

그 사람이 있었다. 그 사람이 살다. That Person Existed. That Person Lives.

The thought of having feelings overcoming my rationality has never ever slipped my mind. 510 more words


Quest For Skepticism

“Ubi dubium ibi libertas: Where there is doubt, there is freedom.”

– Latin Proverb

From the moment that I decided that I would dedicate my life to scientific skepticism, critical and creative thinking; I have faced many incidents of dissent, profanity, threats, insensitive ad hominem, indecency, wrongful allegations, accusations of being condescending, trying to stir unrest, and many ruined relationships with people, young and old.

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