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#FTOTD: bound

to hold yourself together – is to keep yourself from falling a

by all means, even if it means to cage oneself.

this post is an optimistic one, sorta rare. 123 more words


Organizing Aims in Rationality and Persuasion

An organizing aim is essential to rationality and persuasion. Its resultant state of clarity will facilitate internal logical consistency, a means for judging arguments, and a platform for which to persuade and argue with others. 1,142 more words


Everyone Did What Was Right in their Own Eyes ~ Our Current Culture ~ Psychology

Introduction (April ~ 2017)

The time covered in the book of Judges in the Old Testament was a time prior to Israel having a King. God set up judges to rule over the land and fulfill His Will for the nation of Israel.   7,950 more words

BRENT'S - Biblical Perspective

Introducing Time-Bot

Time-Bot is an automated schedule maker. You put in your break/work times, your tasks, and your time estimations. Time-Bot syncs to the current time, adds in additional buffer time to account for overconfidence, and then gives you a premade schedule! 13 more words


AI Singularity? Never Going to Happen

Artificial intelligence singularity, ‘singularity’ presumably borrowed from cosmology, is the inevitable point at which artificial intelligence (AI) becomes equivalent to, and then goes on to surpass, human intelligence (HI). 2,310 more words


Owen's Notebook Scans: CFAR and more!

I recently went through and scanned a bunch of my notes from EuroSPARC 2016, EA Global 2016, and the Feburary 2017 CFAR workshop. If anyone’s interested in what my thoughts-to-writing pipeline looks like, here are two PDF compilations of my raw notebook scans. 10 more words


Teaching Rationality to 6th Graders

My 90 Minute Attempt to Teach Rationality to 5th/6th Graders:

Things I attempted to cover in ~90 minutes:

  1. A 45 minute presentation on economics, game theory, and basic 80,000 Hours-esque considerations with an environmental slant.
  2. 1,478 more words