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Non-Contradiction between Faith & Science 

Salman Ahmed Shaikh

Qur’an is not a book of science. But, to present its basic message, it focuses our attention on different realities, both within our consciousness and in the outside natural phenomena. 499 more words


Why Jesus Hates Religion: Part 2 - Ignorance and Enlightenment

Ignorance and Enlightenment

The enemy has used both ignorance and “enlightenment” (or the perception of it) to mislead many.

Even the church has been used many times to lead people into darkness – or to keep them there. 3,672 more words

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Winston Churchill on how our buildings shape us

“We shape our buildings and afterward our buildings shape us.”

I heard this famous quote of Winston Churchill years ago.  I find it greatly insightful about the effect of architecture and design in shaping the human experience.  

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Don't Believe Wrong Things

LessWrong has a reputation for being a place where dry and earnest people write dry and earnest essays with titles like “Don’t Believe Wrong Things” 4,040 more words


Fallacies - Fallacy of Composition

Assuming that something true of part of the whole must also be true of the whole.


Ex. #1: “I know some lazy, narcissistic Millennials who act entitled. 38 more words



is of no help at all sometimes.

But for those of us with minds I draw your attention to this offering—


—and should you go there … please spread the good news. 330 more words