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Tell me how your brain works !

I am a strong ‘believer’ that Science is the way to go for Humanity to resolve its innumerable problems and bring peace and well-being to every human on Earth.. 1,617 more words


Is it time to stop defending religion?

Everytime there is a radical Muslim terrorist attack, there is an immediate reaction from both Muslims and social progressives to point out that the majority of Muslims are peaceful and that Islamic terrorists don’t represent them. 487 more words

Social Philosophy

Is there a reason for everything

If we think beyond

We can unravel any riddle

The more that we discover

Further will grow the puzzle

‘Coz we’re smaller than small

With the wisdom of one cycle…

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The pondered life - setting the quest

“The unexamined life is not worth living”
– Socrates

It is a universal trait, I believe, to reflect and evaluate. We strive to do so in our jobs, in our schools, and at least once a year on holidays. 788 more words


Make Them Gold

Let’s go into some more detail about what happened last night, shall we?

So, B and I each did half a gram of K, which is about twice the amount that would have been necessary for either of us to k-hole. 484 more words

Should science be relied upon absolutely as it is inherently objective in its claim to truth?

Famous philosopher Bertrand Russel once remarked,

 “What science cannot discover man cannot know”

This echoes an oft-held perspective that “hard science” should be relied upon absolutely as it is inherently objective in its claims to truth.

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Fighting religious extremism..

Our minds crave for truth, as the most unshakable, safe ground we can hold on..When we are healthy, worthy and enjoying our lives, this craving can be ignored for a while, kept in the background of our minds.. 1,119 more words