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Optimizing the mind

Hacking the Brain

The perfectibility of the human mind is a theme that has captured our imagination for centuries—the notion that, with the right tools, the right approach, the right attitude, we might become better, smarter versions of ourselves. 109 more words

Behavioral Economics

Managers should balance self-interest and altruism

Multiple studies confirm: Greedy CEOs are bad for business

That gut feeling many workers, laborers and other underlings have about their CEOs is spot on, according to three recent studies in the Journal of Management, the Journal of Management Studies and the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies that say CEO greed is bad for business. 106 more words

Behavioral Economics

Let's change the tone

How long can we be angry? Is it just me or does anyone increasingly pick up the paper and cannot believe the non-partisan, agenda-based drivel on the front page? 995 more words


Symmetry - beauty of rationality #2

Symmetry appeals to the human mind as beauty. A lot is written about symmetry in music. Some composers are strongly associated with symmetry and mathematics: Back, Mozart, Chopin, Bartok, and I guess many more. 39 more words

Geen Categorie


Some comment replies require more than just a few brief lines. 515 more words

Global Warming

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Denialist tripe, swatted by Tamino. Now, I know I am learning via the Denial101x course by John Cook (and many others) that the reason why Deniers are Deniers is because the notion of global warming itself challenges their values or the solutions they imagine are needed to curtail warming are unacceptable. Nevertheless, it is amazing to me that people will repeatedly trot out the same old crap and somehow believe if they do they are advancing understanding. Either they don't really understand, or they are just parrots of a few key spigots of climate denial. I don't know the degree to which this is true, but I have read, but have not (yet) investigated that some comments at online news sites are not posted by people but by bots. Now, in Tamino's case, it's improbable Mallett is a bot, but this might go some of the way explaining my dismay on why the same old-same old gets trotted out, including the "warming stopped in 1998" thing.

Are the poor less rational?

I have read ‘Poor Economics’ by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo recently. I recommend the book for anyone interested in development economics and to anyone interested how people get by on less than 0.99$ I elaborate on one of the topics of the book, namely, saving and consumption in extreme poverty by comparing the decisions made by the extremely poor people in, for example, India and the middle class of America. 582 more words

Why Obelize?


ˈäbəˌlīz/ verb

1. mark (a word or passage) with an obelus [ ÷ ] to show that it is spurious, corrupt, or doubtful.[1] 105 more words