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Flat? Wrong!

Oh, the irony.

Few places in the United States are more attuned to science than the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area, collectively known as the Research Triangle.    249 more words


On Models

The word “model” gets tossed around a lot in the rationality community, and, for quite a while, I really wasn’t sure what it was referring to. 799 more words


Are we being made into 21st century "puppets" by our online masters?

In a recent Guardian article, ex-Google strategist James Williams describes the persuasive, algorithmic tools of the internet giants – like Facebook’s newsfeed, Google’s search results, etc. 1,136 more words




at the speed of light—

“This pretty much rules out the alien megastructure theory, as that could not explain the wavelength-dependent dimming,” lead author Huan Meng of the University of Arizona said in a statement. 81 more words


Economics Nobel to Thaler: Fairness, Rationality, Self-Control

Economics Nobel to Thaler:

Fairness, Rationality, Self-Control

By Shlomo Maital

   Univ. of Chicago Professor Richard Thaler has won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Economics. Thaler is a behavioral economist, and has according to the Nobel committee… 326 more words

Innovation Blog

Aesthetic Ardour

Sparks of a spirit forged with reason set aflame paths of logical progression. Waste not your time attempting to douse its blazing zeal; the fire of truth will fusillade your cowardly evasions and burn your irrationality to ashes. 16 more words


#1 Who am I ? Reason or guts ?

I’ve always been someone pragmatic, who listens more to reason than the guts.

“Listen to your guts” they say.

Do you know where the gut is? 1,053 more words