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Various ways I think about things and some stuff about the reactions to LKY's death (Another Facebook debate)

Once again, this is not a real post. Similar to the last one, the majority of this post will consist of a copy and paste of some facebook comments I made. 4,445 more words


The Gulag of optimization

A Sucker Is Optimized Every Minute

Not long ago, our blockbuster business books spoke in unison: Trust your gut. The secret to decision-making lay outside our intellects, across the aisle in our loopy right brains, with their emo melodramas and surges of intuition. 82 more words

Behavioral Economics

Thoughts on Decisions and Intuitions

Intuition is a funny thing.

Research has shown that much of the time it’s better to trust our intuition than it is to make a reasoned analysis. 769 more words

No Exceptions

personal reassurance or general advice?

If you’re In too deep or moving too fast..ride the wave, don’t think about it or you’ll fall off. If you stop to think, that clever brain of yours will find the flaws, the clauses, the fracture in your fantasy.   42 more words

Average Rationality

Have you ever noticed that we are always much too dramatic about things that have no real bearing on our future? We make decisions based on what our deceiving minds tell us will happen, not on what will realistically happen. 126 more words

Current struggles

I have been asked questions by several people who read my blog, but one that idea that came up consistently was the specific challenges I have dealt with, and what I am working on now. 571 more words

Self Improvement