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Teflon Trump

Alan Zendell, December 11, 2017

I don’t know whether I’m more frustrated by the White House’s rejection of any point of view but its own concerning sexual misconduct, or by the strident defense of the president in this regard by people who surely know better and act entirely out of political or financial self-interest. 822 more words



from a few decades ago now, when this church—

… Steedman told the jury they would have to be especially careful with issues of prejudice. 160 more words


Critical thinking or empathy?

Another thought experiment, inspired by a conversation with this blogger*.

If you had to live in a world where, compared to this one, people had… 603 more words


The Limits of Rationality

A Misunderstanding

When I was living in Tokyo, I once tried to purchase tickets for a sumo wrestling tournament at my neighborhood 7-Eleven.* The ticket machine was only in Japanese, and I ended up requesting the assistance of a young female employee who happened to speak a bit of English – a find nothing short of miraculous. 1,268 more words


Seeker and Believer

There are two kinds of people who follow any religion, one who are seekers and others who are believers. A seeker and a believer may subscribe to the same religion but their path seems to wary and in conflict with each other. 377 more words


Why Don’t I Cry?

My younger brother is dying.  It’s a tragedy.  The idea that in mere months he will be gone forever in months at the age of 65 doesn’t seem real.  459 more words

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