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Can some things only be learned through action,
Not telling? I think it is the case.
Our wiring goes so deep, rational thought
Only so far. 6 more words


Emotion Vs. Rationality

When it comes to decision-making many people suggest you have to be logical and can’t let emotions get in the way. You have to be rational and therefore ignore what your heart is feeling and focus on what your brain is thinking. 320 more words


quantifying sensing

tonight, my daughter and i took in the lovely flavors of a new  local thai joint. it was the kind of meal in which everything that sounded good was requested from the tiny kitchen, a few bites were taken from each dish, and everything else was packaged for days of delicious leftovers. 572 more words



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Where the Wild Things Are: Anomalies and the Poverty of Critical Thinking

“People tend to say ‘I like independent thinkers but they must think what I want them to think independently’” – Rassool Jibraeel Snyman

Pundits, skeptics, and the educators of America are largely convinced that belief in strange phenomena, illogical political choices, and all manner of social ills are the result of a generalized poverty in an elusive and ambiguously defined faculty called “critical thinking”, a phrase which has come to mean pretty much whatever we want it to mean, as long as you agree with me.  803 more words


Shaping the World

We have to understand our world if we want to shape it how we want it to be.

“The amoeba cannot choose whether to categorize, it just does. 426 more words

The Ruling Faculty

Marcus Aurelius placed his ruling faculty, or the conscious and rational ability of his brain above all else in his life.  He focused on maximizing his rational ability and strove to bring a sense of awareness and intentionality to all aspects of his conscious being. 374 more words

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius