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OftA: Science, Metaphysics, and the A Priori / A Posteriori Distinction

If there’s one topic that I’ve probably done more work on than anything else, it’s what you might call the methodology of metaphysics. My… 2,768 more words


A Developmental Framework for Rationality

I started mindlevelup with the goal of figuring out self-improvement.

Over 2 years later and over 100 (!) essays later, I’m still at it.

Looking back, one thing that stands out is how I can identify distinct shifts in the ways I’ve approached this problem. 2,442 more words



‘Paradigm’ is set of accepted fundamental laws, assumptions, and standard ways of working (instrumentation and techniques).

A new and original social paradigm is recognizable only if it accedes to the world stage of the global scientific system constituted and structured by networks of scientific scholars, scientific contributions published in scientific journals, books, internet sites, etc., fueled by a vast array of international meetings, seminars, conferences, and so on. 766 more words


The Underbelli Podcast #1: Schizo-Genesis // Mad Apocalypse

We are very pleased to say we finished the first episode of our new podcast The Underbelli. Episode one features us and some of our friends reading from Sasha Durakov’s “Schizo-Genesis // Mad Apocalypse—The Story of the Psycho,” which you can read… 211 more words


The median and the message

How does the man on the Clapham omnibus stay in shape? NHS Choices has an idea.

Many of us spend a lot the weekend sitting down.

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Kegan and Cultivating Compassion

As far as fads go in the rationalist community, Robert Kegan’s constructive developmental theory and stages of human psychological development is so 2017. Right now the cool thing is triangulation, or circling, or tulpas. 1,838 more words


Unconscious Competence and Counter-Incentives

Cue the four stages of competence.

The four stages represent a framework for modeling how people get better at a task, from unconscious to conscious incompetence, followed by conscious to unconscious competence. 966 more words