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Deferred Gratification and Trumpism

One key factor in mental health is predictability.  To function meaningfully in a social context, others will have to have confidence in you and you will have to have confidence in them.  402 more words

Republican Party

Why do I even train?

I used to say that I train because I want to maximize my chances of survival. I used to say that it was rational to train if you want to live. 784 more words


Any Idea Can be Dangerous!

Yes, even “noble” ideas can become dangerous as I have often noted.  Even “Jesus is the Light of the World” can become ignoble if one becomes so intoxicated with himself that he feels he has to hammer others with a message that, if offered with a degree of humility, could be valuable. 417 more words


34 is sneaking up, I've learned Love is a lie

NOTE: To all my still married friends, the is not an indictment of your relationship. It is simply saying that I don’t believe it is lasting because it was “pre-ordained,” but because you work you asses off for it… 282 more words


Your Brain, the Liar

Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

Thinking machines, like those portrayed in HBO’s Westworld, use new information from their environment to update their beliefs about the world and take action to further their goals. 2,040 more words


Theatrical Happiness

The basic idea that we are going to be considering here is the idea that ‘restriction-we-cannot-see-as-such’ (i.e. the rational mind, otherwise known as the system of thought… 16,417 more words

Longer Articles

Marginality, Boundaries, & Racism

Marginality is a commonly used term in modern culture, referring to pushing certain people into the “margins” of our social body because of reasons that often amount to the simple fact they are “different.”  And I’m glad this term is on the table as it has produced such abysmal ugliness in our culture as racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia. 450 more words

Human Culture