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Accounting for Choices in Economics

Economics is sometimes characterized as the “science of rational choices over the allocation of scarce resources” or even more straightforwardly as the “science of choices”. In… 1,045 more words

Non Classé

"You can't set her free": Pharmaceutical Advertisements and the Always Shifting Perceptions of Madness

Looking at the ways in which the psychiatric profession advertised for its drugs and treatments can tell us a lot about shifting perceptions of mental health. 1,147 more words


From the Comments: Israel and Palestine

Irfan and Jacques are going the rounds on Israel and Palestine (Canaan?). The dialogue, so far, is excellent. Jacques started things off and Dr Khawaja… 3,312 more words

Current Events


Unless this is the first web page you’ve seen after emerging from a coma, you know the mental landscape has changed. Society is a bit less sane than you remember. 913 more words

Book Summary -Visual Intelligence: Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life

Author: Amy E. Herman Favorite Line:

Our perceptive filter is shaped by our own unique experiences in the world. Everyone’s is different from everyone else’s, sometimes wildly so.

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Why Reason? Why Science?

We live in this modern day world. Everyone is moving forward with an ever increasing exponential pace that just won’t stop. People reject old days ideas like superstitions and irrationality, although the number of these people still remains very low as compared to the total world population, and take up new ideas of reason and sciences.The big question lies on the simple side if a person is being rational and opting science as a definite way of an explanation then why science? 670 more words