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Defending Sacred Values

In the comments of my last post on sacred values, I noticed a lot of people thinking that they should transition from using sacred values to consciously-held ethical injunctions, or that sacred values are utterly unnecessary as long as you can think “torture is wrong even when I hear a good argument that torture is right”, etc. 878 more words

Ozy Blog Post

Rationality and Ego

Ego is a child of rationality. A rational person always wants to be certain. He is forever looking for proof but there is no ‘perfect’ proof. 103 more words


The Secret Society for Suppressing Stupidity

The People of the Book

A long long time ago (by internet standards), in a faraway land (I dunno, probably California), a bearded man from a Jewish family sat down to write a… 3,860 more words


Writing Sample

Humans have fought for survival since the beginning of time, who can really say for sure when the beginning of time was, or how we even got here? 648 more words


Effectuation is a concept I recently discovered and I think it’s really interesting.

One way of creating plans is though causation. In this context, causation involves identifying a goal and then looking for the resources that will help you achieve it. 398 more words


Fear in Moderation

Often, the cautious, incremental, conservative, moderate, careful approach is the least appropriate and stupidest response, under the circumstances.  It’s the mindset that leads to the wrong answers or to a lack of effective action.  512 more words

'Self matters' - beyond rationality: two comments by Reinhold Niebuhr and Carl Jung

“Individual selfhood is expressed in the self’s capacity for self-transcendence and not in its rational capacity for conceptual and analytic procedures.”

Reinhold Niebuhr – Theologian/Author of the “Serenity Prayer” 83 more words

Spiritual Development