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The Motionless Battlefield

It’s always the same.

I tell myself something about how I am going to wake up, but the reality is very different.

Last night I said I wasn’t going to hit the snooze at all. 708 more words

No Exceptions

An anti-conjunction fallacy, and why I'm a Singularitarian

When anyone talks about the possibility or probability of the creation/existence of an UFAI, there are many failure modes into which lots of people fall. One of them is… 1,113 more words


How PC must we be?

Living on the liberal minded West Coast, I am no stranger to the growing awareness regarding how we manage our everyday speech in order to maintain the outward appeal of respectability and political correctness. 866 more words


Investment Criteria Issues: Remember This Riddle

We should all remember one of Abraham Lincoln’s favorite riddles when looking at an investment idea that doesn’t quite make the numbers nor has any substantial qualitative prospects: 70 more words


Did technology eliminate asymmetric information?

The End of Asymmetric Information

Might the age of asymmetric information – for better or worse – be over?  Market institutions are rapidly evolving to a situation where very often the buyer and the seller have roughly equal knowledge. 99 more words

Behavioral Economics

What is the Emotion Economy?

The Feel-Good Switch: The Radical Future of Emotion

For most of the last century, the study of emotions was not considered serious science. The problem was subjectivity. 74 more words

Behavioral Economics

Wisdom is the balance between emotionality and rationality

“There must be some reason for having rationality in us. Why God has given us rationality? He doesn’t believe in values like that. Rationality gives us the sense to understand that we cannot reach there through rationality because unless and until this thing happens to you, you are not going to believe. 204 more words