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Metacontrarianism in 2017

We’ve passed through another cycle of rationalist dialectics. Bashing the centre, what we call “liberals”, which also includes some people from the progressive centre-left and conservative centre-right, has been in vogue. 705 more words

Reasoning to the Extreme, or Descartes' Better Dictum

Reason is not the opposite of spirituality.  Reason is the opposite of folly and ignorance coupled with prejudice and superstition. In other words, in moral and spiritual language… 7,592 more words


Knowledge is shared

Why We Believe Obvious Untruths

How can so many people believe things that are demonstrably false? The question has taken on new urgency as the Trump administration propagates falsehoods about voter fraud, climate change and crime statistics that large swaths of the population have bought into. 48 more words

Behavioral Economics

In The Beginning...

…there was a dream. I always wanted to make a blog. Since I was in middle school, actually. Here I am, finally doing it. To cut straight to the chase, this blog will challenge the faith of the Christian believer and (hopefully) will share some insight into why a Christian believes in God. 191 more words


F.A.Q.: A Smattering of Intelligence

My birthday is the feast day of Saint Anselm of Canterbury, and I find it fitting. Anselm is one of my personal heroes in the faith, and I have two of his maxims written in Latin on the markerboard in my kitchen:  764 more words




Here, have a wee snippet—

President Trump may soon face a similar test. With almost no public awareness, the Pentagon’s nuclear program has achieved unprecedented capabilities that once again raise the possibility that a U.S. 422 more words


How to Choose a Goddess (Using a Spreadsheet)

After years spent perfecting my OkCupid game, my efforts hit home in April 2015. Two wonderful girls replied to me on the same day, and two first dates were set up for the following week. 3,057 more words