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An Example of Willful Ignorance, and the Separation of Church and State

Willful ignorance. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Well, except for ratings, I suppose.It doesn’t advance public discourse, is frustrating to deal with, and it can’t possibly help the individual exercising it. 1,906 more words


The Price is Always Right

Last night I dreamt that I lived in a world parallel to ours, in Old Cork City in the Stated Unions of Columbia. The Columbians are an affluent and enlightened lot, but they suffer from a very peculiar madness: they consider Newton’s laws of motion and gravity to be ethically unjust and refuse to abide by them. 2,575 more words

Policy And Economics

Everything You Know About Noah’s Ark Is Wrong

Have you watched any of the documentaries about the search for the Ark? Or when it’s brought up in debates? Anti-Ark people focus on archeological, geological, anthropological, biological, technological, or historical evidence (or lack thereof). 1,918 more words


Why I like Religious People

There could be many reasons given but I have one.

The greatest reason I like religious people stem from the fact that they believe in something so outrageously illogical. 1,444 more words

Writing A Book

The rationality of suicide.

Meta note: This post perhaps is alarmingly darkly themed. I do suffer from suicidal ideation, but I don’t think that not writing or publishing this post will fix that. 694 more words


Reminder To A Christian Nation: Tolerance Is The Bare Minimum*

I really didn’t want to write this article. Well, that’s not true, or I wouldn’t have written it. I didn’t want to discuss religion or politics in this blog. 2,109 more words


Rationality of Faulty Prejudgements I

Words of caution.
Firstly, this post, along with several of my future posts, are bound to be fairly controversial, and sometimes even personal.

Secondly, these ideas are based on personal experience and observation alone. 1,488 more words