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I’ve been reclusive lately, focused on academics, an interpersonal relationship or two, and distracting myself. My career in the Imperial Academy goes well enough, I guess, while the human connections have been a disaster. 590 more words


Are They Insane, Or Are They Insane?

(Not resharing this with Google+ for Reasons, and I’d be obliged if you’d play along with me, there.)

I find myself in need of some specific words in English. 159 more words


My Daughter

My daughter just came up to me and told me, with excitement, that she wanted the barbie doll on the top left.  I asked her why she wanted that specific one and said, “uh me no have a boy yet!”  She only has the doll on the left in the middle, so naturally she needs a boy doll.  18 more words


The Dark Art of Causal Self-Modeling

Background: Vaguely inspired by “On Measuring Tradeoffs in Effective Altruism”, by Ozy Frantz on Thing of Things.

Content warning: Scrupulosity.

Causal modeling is a way of trying to predict the consequences of something that you might do or that might happen, based on cause-and-effect relationships. 932 more words

Daniel Kahneman's insights

Daniel Kahneman: ‘What would I eliminate if I had a magic wand? Overconfidence’

Daniel Kahneman is the very definition of unassuming: a small, softly spoken man in his 80s, his face and manners mild, his demeanour that of a cautious observer rather than someone who calls the shots. 106 more words

Behavioral Economics

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion (Part 1): What is God, faith and rationality?

Before study a philosophy of religion remember that “God” and “religion” are different  concepts; you can believe in both God and religion, or believe in God but not any religion, or believe neither God nor religion. 1,338 more words


My Childhood Ruined?

If you’re actively perusing the interwebs of late you’ll know the recent crazy spewing forth from Mr Jim Carrey, but maybe you haven’t heard.
California’s… 340 more words