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Answer Me!

How many times in my life have I tried to rationalize situations in my head? Too many times I have thought if I say this, they will say that or if I do this, they will do that. 310 more words


Break Free From Self Limitation

Don’t want to repeat the past? Identify the limiting pattern. Don’t rationalize it. Interrupt it. Break it! Let it go and start fresh.

Have the courage to listen within. 26 more words

Consciousness Tidbits

How Immediate Is Your Response in Faith?

“Follow Me,” He told them, “and I will make you fish for people!” Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. (Matthew 4:19-22)

Immediately? Really? That’s impressive, but I don’t think it’s the norm. 210 more words

My Life With God

Kite Flying Robot - Red Phone Booth

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Justify and Truth

Justify is another word for rationalize; we create our realities each day we live. Just like building blocks, we lay a foundation for the day. The “why” we do what we do is to get what we want. 88 more words


Neal Pollard

That part of each man crafted by God
But unseen by mortal observation,
That figurative place of our emotions and thinking
Helping our spiritual station. 224 more words


Some days are tough.

Some days I’m screaming inside my head, begging the cosmos, the universe, and whatever else may be so expansive and powerful, even if only in the concepts of certain people; I beg them to give me back what was once mine, laying claim on my happy memories, my source of joys, my sense of self, my sense of family and home, and the source of my comfort. 383 more words