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Rationalization - Overworked

Background: The nice thing about this rationalization is that the type of work can be changed depending on the circumstances making it quite versatile. I’ve seen rationalizations like the one below identify well with people who have not typically had serious behavior problems in the past. 325 more words

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Rationalization - Nomadic Lifestyle

Background: Lets face it, traveling around the country every week for work can really be a point of tension for some people. Sometimes, people go years loving the nomadic lifestyle and the freedom it brings, and then all of a sudden, they loose the drive and all that pressure from home and work takes its toll. 415 more words

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Worst case scenario 

I cannot speak for everyone, or anyone but myself really. But my anxiety has me constantly seeing/believing the worst case scenarios constantly.

At a stop light, if a car is approaching I think they’re not going to stop and rear end me. 189 more words


Last Night's Dream is a Lesson For Today. Be Ready.

Compassionate Love: Displaying Compassion for Those Who Struggle with Mental Illness   (c)2017 Nancy Virden, Always The Fight Ministries

Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? 665 more words


Rationalization - Competition

Competition is a funny thing. It can make a good athlete great, it can help a company push harder to gain market share. These are good things, progressing forward and continuously improving is the business mantra for most people I have met. 462 more words

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Why Rationalize?

A question many early investigators ask themselves when they start getting into the field and completing investigations is “Why would I want to help a person feel better about what they have done by using a rationalization?” 423 more words

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When Life Makes No Sense

When life makes no sense we tend to do two things wrong, the first is panic and the second is rationalize. Both of these are dangerous.