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Rationalizing the numerator to evaluate this limit

We had to rationalize the numerator (get the root sign out of it) to evaluate this limit.

Evaluating Limits

#110 BAM!

Ah, the Universe, it’s a bastard sometimes, isn’t it? Some of us think we’re in control of our entire lives and our future, whilst some of us think we need to interpret signs and experiences in order to find our true path in life. 450 more words

My View From Here

The Uh Oh

Since becoming a mommy, I’ve developed some supernatural abilities and features, such as eyes in the back of my head, sonic hearing, powerful gut instincts, and, on occasion, lightening speed and super strength. 617 more words


Conviction or Control?

How often do you use God’s name to confirm something you want to do without actually checking with Him?

You’re confident what you’re doing is a good thing. 306 more words

My Life With God

Addiction... The Crutch that gives us false hope.

Addiction is like the temptation, that Jesus himself resisted from Satan, we the people within this Society can win over this temptation of Addiction, as we stay strong and believe in ourselves, as well as God, just like Jesus did. 571 more words


DayBreaks for 01/07/15 - The Day the Whining Stops

DayBreaks for 01/07/15 – The Day the Whining Stops


Do you ever get tired of people whining and giving excuses?  I think we all do.  And I know that I far too often catch myself being guilty of excuses for what I either did or didn’t do. 636 more words

Christian Illustrations

Snow Shovel Dilemna: Haiku

Snow has fallen here

If I leave it, it will melt

Or freeze much harder…

It’s sad when you try to spin simple laziness into something deep and poetic, isn’t it?  :)