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I Can Rationalize Anything

I had a boyfriend (first love of my life, actually) who said he had realized, “I can rationalize anything.”  I never ever knew how I felt about that, until this past year, when I realized that one of the big problems, if not the biggest problem, of the human species is that “we can rationalize anything.” Meaning we can take whatever the reality is, and make it sound like something else, that fits inside our world views, our small brains. 829 more words

Apology Accepted

We have all unintentionally hurt someone who put their trust in us.  In order to restore the relationship, you have to apologize to the other person.  91 more words

The devil and New Village: Mister Headley's strange encounter

The Devil and New Village

 Mister Headley’s strange encounter

Mister Headley was a handsome man with diabetes, leg sores that didn’t heal, and a bad habit—he watched people at night from the vantage point of his bedroom window. 332 more words


Using the "It's just the way I am" excuse!

On this talk show:  Do you use the “It’s just the way I am” excuse?…plus, how to deal with hateful comments from one’s parents…plus, what to do if your spouse uses accusation and blame to manipulate you… 27 more words


Rationalizing the numerator to evaluate this limit

We had to rationalize the numerator (get the root sign out of it) to evaluate this limit.

Evaluating Limits

Blame, Denial, Blame…

Today’s challenge: Figure out the meaning of this statement. “The only thing I will say at this point in time is yes, it’s certainly possible that certain things I have said could have inferred blame and I can see why you could have interpreted them that way. 30 more words

Human Nature?