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The Lowdown on Rations in Metal Gear Solid

Warning: Contains spoilers for the Metal Gear Solid series

One of the main items to be found in Metal Gear Solid are possibly Snake’s best friend, rations. 263 more words


21 August 1915

Extract from the diary of Norman Hughes, “B” Coy, 1/4th Ches. Regt. 53rd (Welsh) Division

In Fire trench.

Snipers do not worry us so much. Heavy artillery duels. 36 more words

Spain's Solidarity Fridge Cuts Down on Food Waste and Gives Back

I was listening to NPR yesterday and I heard the greatest story. In the small Basque town of Galdakao the town has established a communal refrigerator. 259 more words


Throw Back Thursday - 1940's Knees Up 2014

Around this time, or probably a little earlier last year, there was a great event on at Brewhouse Yard in Nottingham. A celebration of the 1940’s with a huge display of vehicles, how Nottingham life was in the era of war, and the usual exhibitions open for all to see –  even an absolutely terrifying teaching experience in a traditional school class room! 190 more words


SOS Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food Bar 3 Day

The Meal, Ready-to-Eat — commonly known as the MRE — is an individual field ration that is in lightweight, self contained packaging. The United States military buys MREs for its service members to use in combat or other field conditions where organized… 148 more words

The Weekly Ration: Volume V

In the sweltering, sticky, grossness of August, I never feel like cooking. Even with the AC on full-blast the kitchen seems to turn into a sauna every time I turn on my oven. 623 more words


Down on the Farm

This past weekend Dream and I were treated to a tour of one of New Jersey’s biggest commercial produce farms. Now your first thought might be “Jersey ewwww, who wants to go there?” Little known fact, Jersey is actually known as the Garden State. 436 more words