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the map that shows what america really likes to eat

Ever been curious what people REALLY like to eat in Omaha? (It’s Mini Corn Dogs.) Or how about Philly? (No surprise here, we really love our Chicken Cheesesteaks) Check out this… 21 more words


nordic cuisine is having a moment

Maybe I’m the last to notice, but it seems like Nordic cuisine is having a moment here in the States. Historically, the foods of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden have been tough to come by, and if you asked most Americans, they probably couldn’t tell you what it consist of (unless you consider Swedish Meatballs from Ikea “Nordic”).  640 more words


Let's have a cheap lunch

Due to my latest challenge, I am attempting to minimize my shopping addiction and use more of what I already own. Lunch time rolled around, as it always does, and I had a nose in the fridge. 95 more words

Gluten Free

Food for Thought

I promise that I don’t spend all day every day digging through the collection but every now and then, usually while I’m looking for something else, I stumble across something that catches my eye and sets me off on an information treasure hunt, and yes I usually end up somewhere other than what I set out for. 331 more words

In good company

It’s a curious thing. I opened up a recent edition of Waitrose Weekend and found this article on the first page:

It seems I am part of a trend! 267 more words

Gluten Free

Indian Army Enamelled Plate

Whilst in the field most soldiers eat ration packs or something equivalent. Out of the front line though it is more common to have food prepared, frequently at a unit level, by cooks and distributed to all the men through a mess or canteen system. 437 more words


Indian Made Ration Bag

During the Second World War, soldiers were issued with a simple plain cotton drawstring bag in which to put any uneaten rations for the day. These bags were either placed inside the mess tins in the soldiers’ packs or tied to their equipment whilst on the march so they had easy access to food, as in this photograph of British soldiers from a 1939 copy of picture post: 231 more words