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Life on rations

Today 6RKJ have been cooking a vegetable stew based on a WW2 recipe, most of the ingredients were foods that could be grown in a garden so would have helped save rations. 68 more words


Making Sure Your Manners Translate

A few years ago, I traveled to Jordan. In Aqaba, I met a very nice man who offered to show me and my friend around. After a lovely day on a boat on the Red Sea he asked if we wanted to come to his house for dinner, but cautioned that it was customary for guests to eat from the head of the camel at the meal. 79 more words


A Delicious Week in New York

This past week Dream and I headed up to New York so I could attend the Social Good Summit. We got there super early because the Pope visit was making it impossible to travel from Philly to New York, and promptly spent five days eating….typical. 477 more words


Laser Cut Nori: The Most Beautiful Sushi You'll Ever See

I guess this was big news like four years ago and I totally missed the boat. I’m sort of banking on the fact that you did too, because this is amazing! 61 more words


Memory about the Shoe

Shoes. Good shoes. Good leather shoes. There is so much meaning in these words to someone who grew up in Soviet Russia and whose youth was witnessed by the crazy 80s. 517 more words

Biodynamic Chocolate is all the Rage in California

While strolling along Abbot Kinney in Venice the other evening a hippy-ish fella started shaking what looked like a large rock in our direction. The rock turned out to be a pod of biodynamic chocolate that made a noise like a maracas when it shook. 228 more words


Canadian National Exhibition 2015

Took in the last weekend of the CNE and caught some interesting shots. 81 more words