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Midwatch (AKA Warts and All)

A short (300ish words) story I wrote whilst walking home from work.


The hand was small, and wrinkled, and had a wart on the third knuckle. 317 more words


WWII Ration Dinner

Mock Apricot, Faux Coffee and Spam may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when Sara requested a WWII Ration Dinner for her birthday I happily obliged. 713 more words

Historical Kitchen

Fantasy Food

Was inspired by a recent blog post of someone making rations from various DnD/Fantasy races. So I made some breakfast and lunch “adventure” rations, as well as some meat pies! 28 more words


Chapter 17: Valuables

It’s true that Isidor is very resourceful and Ania was always less ready to get her hands dirty than I, but even their finances had run low, and the journey they planned would take what they had left, in bribes. 1,943 more words


Chapter 13: Finding our feet

The day passed quickly, in walking the streets, knocking on doors and asking about apartments. The lady in the queue had been right. There was nothing to be had, even at prices we couldn’t afford. 1,515 more words


Village party to talk rations

Florence Vansittart Neale was impatient when others failed to do their share of the work.

2 May 1917

2 hours Food Meeting of Executive. Really ought to have got on, but secretary seems to have done nothing. 29 more words

Life On The Home Front

A sermon on rationing

The vicar of Bisham preached on the food situation.

29 April 1917
Willie preached: “Sunday labour” in morning, “Food Rations” in evening.

Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale of Bisham Abbey (D/EX73/3/17/8)

Life On The Home Front