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The Weekly Ration: Vol. III

Sometimes I have one of those weeks were all my old recipes will not do and I just need to try out new ones. I find this increasingly as it gets hotter during the summer months and all my  favorites from the winter start to feel too heavy or overused. 407 more words


Canadian Army Ration Card

Tonight’s object has a degree of mystery about it. This little blue ration card is fairly self explanatory, being issued to troops in camp to ensure they got fair shares of chocolate and cigarettes: 173 more words


Puree of Black Bean (Wartime)

Welcome back all you history and food afficionados!! This time around, I went back a hundred years to explore the nature of recipes during food rationing over the course of war.   1,187 more words


The Weekly Ration: Vol. II

Ok, I know, I said weekly and this is more like bi-weekly, but let’s be real, I don’t have many readers yet so I can’t imagine anyone is missing it too much, except maybe Dream who loves to review what we ate in pictures. 1,015 more words


The Weekly Ration: Vol. I

Philadelphia is food heaven. We have a plethora of delicious small, often times family owned, restaurants and no lack of variety. But one of the best things about the Philly food scene is an ancient thing called Blue Laws. 1,142 more words


World War II diet

Failing miserably to lose our Christmas extra poundage (probably due to our ages, which seem to be reaching nastily high numbers at a far too great a speed) my other half and I needed to get ourselves onto some sort of health kick. 552 more words


Cuba: Figuring Out Pieces of the Puzzle (Full Text)

Cuba is an unusual country for quite a few reasons:

Financial Implications