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Kisses for Cookies

Dear Human,

As you know, rations are sometimes scarce here at PLVH. With all these absurd ideas floating around like exercise and dieting, there have even been days where I have found my food bowl to be half empty. 45 more words


A vegetable? In a cake??

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that my favourite cake is carrot cake, and it’s so popular now that no-one thinks it’s peculiar to have a sweet thing with a vegetable in it; when it first started appearing, a lot of people were almost horrified at the thought… a… 192 more words


Postcard 65

The final Bairnsfather postcard from Series 2.

According to a BBC website, “At the outbreak of war, Ticklers secured a contract to supply front lines with plum and apple jam – a contract worth £1m between 1914 and 1918. 33 more words


Ration book challenge - Day 10

its the 2nd weekend in my ration book challenge and I wanted to have a day of baking and making.

I had decided as part of my challenge I would do as many women did back in the 30s/40s and make do and mend. 464 more words

Cookie Safe

This Kitchen Gadget Locks Your Cookies Away So You Can’t Eat The Whole Box In One Sitting
By Kate Bratskeir, The Huffington Post Posted: 01/07/15 08:15 AM ET Updated: 01/07/15 09:59 AM ET Sometimes, when a sugar craving hits, you can’t help but to reach into the cookie jar a few too many times. 97 more words


Everyday Hardship: The Red Army Soldier's Diet

Eating habits, as well as food technologies, have changed much over the past 75 years. While our grandparents grew up eating fresh, perhaps even home-grown, foods, today’s generation is more likely to live off staples such as Kraft Dinner or the ever-popular McDonald’s. 1,085 more words