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Food Waste Part II: The Story from John Oliver

Food waste is a major topic of conversation these days. As you may recall from an earlier post mass quantities of fruits and vegetables go to waste simply because they don’t look “uniform.” Recently, John Oliver addressed this issue on his Sunday HBO show and I was really stuck by all the implications of our wastefulness. 48 more words


RASC Condensed Milk Crate

While many items of military equipment survive, it is those items that were most common, but disposable, that are often hardest to find- tooth brushes and period (clean) toilet paper, ration packs etc. 335 more words

British Army

Flashlight (his words revealed a darkness)

Why have you brought a torch
when you know I want
to explore darker terrain.
I suppose you have
a map and a compass
survival rations… 164 more words


Rations In The Post-War Era

The whole idea of rations sounds so World War II–doesn’t it?

Anyway here’s the lowdown on how fuel rations work.  Once you get through the labrynthian obstacle course that is registering your car, you will be given paperwork that you will then take to the BX customer service counter-along with your car registration from Pass & Reg.  240 more words


The Inglorious Fight Against Food Waste

Wandering through a grocery store it would be easy to believe that every carrot grows looking exactly the same. It seems like every eggplant is a plump purple oval and every apple a perfect red sphere. 97 more words


The Weekly Ration: Vol. III

Sometimes I have one of those weeks were all my old recipes will not do and I just need to try out new ones. I find this increasingly as it gets hotter during the summer months and all my  favorites from the winter start to feel too heavy or overused. 407 more words


Canadian Army Ration Card

Tonight’s object has a degree of mystery about it. This little blue ration card is fairly self explanatory, being issued to troops in camp to ensure they got fair shares of chocolate and cigarettes: 173 more words