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Two cooks and a Cabbage.

An amusing guide on the correct way to boil vegetables in times of austerity from British world war two educational film, this one shows you how to boil cabbage to get the best taste.

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Ration Week: Day 7

My final day on rations and I started with my coveted fresh egg! If you have been following along you’ll have seen that I have been forced to use a couple of fresh eggs previously but they were stand ins for the unobtainable dried egg powder. 574 more words


Ration Week: Day 4

Today started well with eggy bread. I was going to make this with reconstituted dried egg powder but I just haven’t been able to find any! 851 more words


Ration Week: Day 3

Today started with potato cakes and an egg white and mushroom scramble. The powdered egg whites are the closest thing I’ve been able to find to dried egg, it’s just not something supermarkets stock anymore! 731 more words


British Army Boil in the Bag Ration Pack

Since I first wrote about the mid-nineties ration pack two years ago, I have added several more packs to my collection and I now have four different boxed ration packs, one is sealed and the other three are open with minor varieties in the printing on the box: 317 more words

British Army

Ration Week: Day 2

I wasn’t feeling great today so I treated myself to a cup of coffee to start my day. 1 sugar isn’t bad, I suppose, but it’s still not my favourite! 433 more words


Ration Week: Day 1

Today started off well with me measuring out how much tea I had for the week.  More than I thought actually.  There are enough teabags there for 3 cups a day, and it’s Yorkshire Tea so you can easily make 2 cups from each bag.   532 more words