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Pigeons: ‘rats with wings’?

Humans have a love-hate relationship with the Feral pigeon (Columba livia domestica). On the one hand, we love to feed them – until recently, crowds would flock to London’s Trafalgar Square to be photographed feeding the birds (an activity now banned), and what child didn’t learn to love birds through feeding pigeons (or ducks). 154 more words


Rats with Wings

I’ve always thought Pigeons fairer than their dove cousins
The iridescence of their plumage
Reminiscent of the oil setting on asphalt
In the sunny wake of spring rain… 112 more words


Flocking Together

“Look at a pigeon the same way that you would look at a rose, or a bed of wild flowers. They are beautiful and unique, with each one being different from the rest. 750 more words

Things To See

Lame Adventure 466: Testing My Limits

It is no secret that I am fond of pigeons. When they perch on the sill while I’m at The Grind, I welcome their visits. 857 more words


Watch A Seagull Steal Some Guy's GoPro And Take It For A Ride

Anyone who’s spent enough time by the water knows that seagulls will steal anything light enough to fly away with. And now, with technology advancing as it has, that includes expensive… 135 more words


Silent Screech

Sheltered in shadows till light disappeared,

Urged into night with a screech,

Hung by my feet till wings found release,

Shackled by lack of sight, leeched… 188 more words