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Explosion of rats in Eugene linked to chickens, compost

Rats are on the move in the Eugene area, and chickens and compost are to blame.

In late 2016, Eugene resident Jim Kocher and his wife, Sally, began hearing strange knocking and pitter-patter sounds in the ceiling and walls of their home. 12 more words

The Oregonian

Common Pests that Invade the Home During the Winter Season

When winter weather arrives, some pests go into hibernation while others enter homes seeking warmth and food sources. The National Pest Management Association encourages homeowners to take several precautions against common winter pests like mice, rats, raccoons, cockroaches and spiders. 648 more words

Must be another way...

My son told me something yesterday that pulled at my heart strings. Did you know that a ratπŸ€ comes out of hiding when it’s dying… 78 more words

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Another War, Lost.

In 1971, President Richard Nixon coined the term β€œWar on Drugs.” From then, the government has played a vital role in the systemic process of flushing out drugs and drug users from the country. 2,376 more words

Bruce Alexander


One evening, relaxing in Ozzie’s main living space, Husband barks at me, ‘Shh! Do you hear that sound?’

I listen closely. I wait. And then I hear it. 443 more words

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Rethinking the bokashi

For almost three years, I’ve been using a bokashi bin to ferment all manner of food waste for use as fertiliser in the garden. There is no doubt under normal circumstances that the contents of the bin become excellent compost after a couple of months in the ground. 294 more words


How Wildlife Exclusion Services Stop Rats and Squirrels from Entering Your Home

Wildlife exclusion services are among the most valuable tasks performed by pest management professionals. Why continue to treat symptoms when you could get to the root of a problem? 53 more words