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Last Cat On Mars Presents: A Question Of Interpretation

I would simply like to point out that Jibber Jabber is a preferred language at the Ye Olde Mars-y Tavern, Bistro, Grill & Tuna Tagine on the shores of the beautiful Erythraean Sea here on the fourth rock. Especially after midnight.


It Walks At Night

I think it was the cold that woke me up first. My body was warm enough, in fact I had taken off my bed socks a couple of hours earlier, but my nose had been chilled by the night temperature. 551 more words


D.C. has rats...

I’m speaking of the  four-legged  variety,  though there is certainly an abundance of the two-legged type as well.   New York City had a rat population explosion a few years back,  and it turned out that so many of the immigrants living there came from cultures where municipal trash collection was a largely unknown experience that most of them did what they had done in their previous homes –  threw the trash where they pleased.   38 more words


Rats are cute

By what they look physically,

But what is physical

Just the matter and energy.

How come they stink sometimes

When they look scary, 76 more words

Rats and more Rats

RATS and more RATS

by Lynn Turner

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time co-existing with rats and mice. Even though I’ve lived outside the USA for most of my life, I have a mice phobia. 461 more words