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Goodbye to Winston Rat 

❤️ This week we said our final goodbye to Winston rat, after 2 years and 4 months of his wonderful company. Over his little lifetime he changed considerably as he grew up and grew with us – from a timid wide-eyed baby rat born in a rescue centre, once called Pinocchio, who when he first came home was so afraid to even step out from his cage door; to our strong and playful young Winston rat, gambolling around the room at top speed; and eventually to our old flop Winnie, never far from our sides, always tugging at a trouser leg to be picked up for cuddles or settling down for an evening snuggled under a chin. 32 more words

Malaysia: Borneo (Sandakan)

After quite an adventure in Semporna, I decided to go on an organized overnight trip through Uncle Tan Wildlife Camp in Sandakan. I stayed overnight at Uncle Tan’s location in Sepilok – it was empty except for me and two couples from England who also went on the overnight trip – and then we joined with a group the next day to head to the jungle. 890 more words


Rats: Part X

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With the splintering heat of the sun came the morning and Medees was awake with it. She hadn’t slept the night before, letting the Dugout settle into silence apart from her. 2,391 more words


In Praise of Rodents

Rodents have a bad rap and it’s totally undeserved.  When people think of rodents, they always think of mice and rats.  In fact, there are tons of rodents.  133 more words

The E word

My religious beliefs (which are rather ‘unusual’ on a good day) have led me to become a firm supporter of euthanasia.  I firmly refuse to let anything suffer on my watch. 655 more words