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Walking Tales#3 - Rat (s)



London Coliseum – Mile End

Rodents are plaguing my walks home.

Three enormous, rotund rats have shown themselves to me this week.

As a London dweller I’m used to the flash of a tail on the tube tracks, a bush that rattles with movement when there is no wind, a rustling plastic bag that gets up and walks away. 201 more words

Creative Writing

Octavio Teaches Joe a #Lesson: A #Thanksgiving Tale

There have been creatures hanging out in the a/c crawlspace for a while now, and it was driving me crazy.  About a month ago, it came to a stand off, and I found myself writing this simple silly tale that I had no intentions of ever sharing, but something told me it might fit in fine with the spirit of gratitude that is currently the focus for many right now.   1,284 more words


Bed Buds

Valleray and Lola-Grace (with Leto & Violette in the back somewhere), and Lola-Grace, um, entwined with Leto.


Rats: Part V

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When the fire began to rain down on the desert and the Murids scattered, some were inevitably caught inside the City. For some, the need to survive in a place that demonized them won out over their beliefs, won out over the fight inside them and assimilation was inevitable. 2,248 more words


Steadfast - part 4

Steadfast is a serial short fiction piece.

To start from the beginning, go to part 1.

 Steadfast Kindle Ebook

Scurried, hushed footsteps reached my ears. Soft yet unmistakable, more than one something approached. 519 more words

Short Story