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Cogito ergo sum

Twenty-eight years ago, two people who likely wouldn’t have ever looked at each other on the street fell in love because they each liked the way the other thought. 638 more words


The One Thing

Have you considered how essential the task you are doing? One quick way is by asking yourself: “Is this the one thing I should be doing right now?” 142 more words


Fenton To Rats: Get Out Of Town

FENTON, Mich. (AP) – Some residents have stopped filling bird feeders. And now Fenton is spending $6,400 to address the problem.

What’s the issue? Rats. 104 more words


Mundane Life in Oblivion: Cheydinhal. Day 13.

I awoke this morning still in the Imperial City. After a busy night last night, finally giving Argarmir what he had coming to him. It feels great to finally have that loose end tied up. 802 more words

Elder Scrolls

Baby steps

I’ve been a little busy with some new babies for the past couple of weeks. Here’s the latest video.


the rats and I

The rats become more than just pets alone
but an analogy for the human experience,
and I become nothing more than a caged animal
continuing to bang my head against walls… 42 more words


The Issue of Street Art & Graffiti - Part II

Topics discussed in this part:

I.            Techniques of Street Art & Graffiti
II.            Banksy, The British Street Art Legend
III.            Shepard Fairey 3,017 more words

Street Art