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Tackling cats and rats

At Christmas Island National Park we’ve got the next few months clearly mapped out with a series of cat and rat control projects on the horizon. 266 more words

Parks Australia

A Guide To The Wonderful Wildlife of New York City

1. Pigeons

City pigeons are easily the best argument for the extermination of birds, and it’s massively disappointing that they aren’t edible, given their uselessness. They enjoy walking in zig-zags in front of you and thinking “Must go faster, must go faster” à la Jeff Goldblum, all because they’re too drunk to remember they have wings and can fucking fly to escape a perceived threat. 1,070 more words

When you have vindictive rats

What do you get in the cat n’ mouse games with a smart rat?

You get him doing shit like this….

Tearing holes in the wall over night and bringing your trap from under the sink through the walls and putting it on your counter. 57 more words

Random Crap

Ewww. Yeah, just Ewww.

What the heck are you talking about Black Dog? you may be asking yourself.  Well, lemme tell ya.

The hubs and I spend ENTIRELY too much time watching TV.   431 more words


Chocolate, Cannabis and Chemistry of the Brain

About two decades ago, a team of scientists at the San Diego Neuroscience Institute found themselves in the enviable situation of having spare grant money lying around. 1,213 more words


Internship Day One - Disneyland

So I was going to type this up in the office but alas I felt very self- conscious , maybe when I find a teeny corner to myself :p . 382 more words