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Brownie was looking out of the hole in the wall.

It’s coming this way!

Don’t worry, said Daddy. The trap should take care of it. 175 more words


Meet my other 2 year old, fancy rat, Twinkie!

Meet my other 2 year old fancy rat, Twinkie. Binkie’s sister.

Bless her. She’s not very well and come to me for cuddles. 


I quite like the word "frog"

Flo changed species in my hands,

She heard a noise and turned into a tiddlywink.

(It was her sister rooting in the bin).

I’d left a banana skin in there.


Theo Anthony's Rat Film is a smart, provocative look at Baltimore's rodents — and racism

Baltimore is a city not so much infested with rats as utterly beleaguered by them; tormented by vermin, inundated as in a biblical story. In Theo Anthony’s excellent new documentary Rat Film, these parasitic little critters seem to be scuttling about wherever the camera happens to look: down shadowy alleys and up desolate streets, ducking beneath residential foliage or darting out from under curb-side cars. 498 more words


Kill the infected rodents, or allow the infected rodents to kill us?

The Black Death, a plague which swept over the Planet in the 14th Century, that was thought to have been spread by the fleas that live on rats. 299 more words

The MV Lyuobov Orlava

A rotten rusting hulk losing its balky battle twixt water, air and iron plate. Drawn day by day ever closer toward the briny deep.

The string quartet plays a mournful tune echoing around the listing listless ship, broken furniture and shards of glass litter the wretched cabaret lounge. 145 more words

Ghost Story

Oh, Rats!

I smell a rat…. if only I could get my cats to do the same.

In our utility room, which is stuffed to the gills with various types of food – bags of dog, and cat kibble, potato chips, egg noodles, dried peas and beans, and individual packets of hot chocolate powder began developing holes. 989 more words