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Wolfie - my natural pest control agent

So around midnight last night I wake up to this incessant meowing. And not the kind of meowing where she wants to eat or be petted, this was the meowing of someone on a mission and she had something to say. 181 more words


Rats show empathic helping: Replicated and extended!

I am thrilled to say that after roughly 3 ½ years, our work on empathic helping has been replicated by Nobuya Sato and his colleagues. Not only did Dr Sato confirm that rats help other rats in distress but he extended this finding in several ways. 1,569 more words


haiku - cats rule

young rat in garden
old cat leaves her warm cushion
rodent is dispatched


Residents Frustrated with Vacant Properties

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — North St. Louis County residents are frustrated with vacant properties.

Thelma Hall and Alberta Winston are neighbors in unincorporated North County near Moline Acres. 276 more words


Ok, I have not been active here for a little while. Hey, I’ve been busy! Shocking, I know!

I am here to tell you, I’m back! 178 more words


Hit and Miss

No one will let me shoot my own gun. I didn’t know why. Every time I would call for its use, someone else – usually a man – would take it from my frantic hands and shoot it for me. 2,921 more words

Family Experiences