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The MV Lyuobov Orlava

A rotten rusting hulk losing its balky battle twixt water, air and iron plate. Drawn day by day ever closer toward the briny deep.

The string quartet plays a mournful tune echoing around the listing listless ship, broken furniture and shards of glass litter the wretched cabaret lounge. 145 more words

Ghost Story

Oh, Rats!

I smell a rat…. if only I could get my cats to do the same.

In our utility room, which is stuffed to the gills with various types of food – bags of dog, and cat kibble, potato chips, egg noodles, dried peas and beans, and individual packets of hot chocolate powder began developing holes. 989 more words



Lies burrow into my brain
Like rats gnawing through stones of thought
To establish a foul nest of doubt
That leaves truth damp with dew in numberless false dawns… 34 more words


First blog post

This is my first post so I am deciding to just post facts for now. These are truths, some of which I haven’t told anyone. Some of which I lie about constantly. 197 more words


8 Cool Facts About Rats (Posthumously Starring My Rat, Jones)

I was looking back on some memories on my old rats that I used to have, and I became aware of the fact that, in my almost 5 years running my blog, I’ve never actually done a blog post about rat facts! 557 more words

Animal Facts

Wow, it's been a while

This is what happens when I try to parent and blog at the same time. Parenting always takes priority. But, an awful lot has happened in these past few months. 623 more words