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Take Action: Ban cruel rodent glue traps from UK stores

Rodent glue traps that cause prolonged and unnecessary suffering are in stores now.
Tell UK retailers to stop selling these cruel traps!

Imagine being stuck, unable to escape, because your limbs are glued down. 261 more words


Settling in

Got the habitat set up finished, and it’s a hit. Sappho, Leto, and Grace are all happily settled in, with Grace having established that she’s the baby boss of everyone.


The Old Guy ... Malcomb The Rat ...

A while back, not really so long ago to be somewhat more accurate, I stood looking out the kitchen window and noticed to my amusement a movement in the yard. 702 more words

You know you're in Arunachal when ...

  1. Even after a gruelling 8 hour journey on ‘non’ roads you’re ever so slightly disappointed to have reached your destination because the drives are just so damn beautiful.
  2. 141 more words

Rats and Raptors

I never thought I would be the kind of person to get excited over the prospects of cutting up dead rats.

But I was wrong. 477 more words

Animal Rehabilitation

Introducing Grace

We brought home two more rats today, Grace, who is five weeks old, still popcorn, and driving Leto and Sappho to distraction. She’s grand, possibly in the category of dangerous smart (a la Alfie or Agnes), sweeter than sugar, and fun. 152 more words