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Catching Mr. and Mrs. Rattlesnake Right Now: Everyday Magic, Day 856

This is a live report: at this moment, just around the corner from where I sit on the screened-in porch, our friend Hank Guarisco, who is an expert at catching snakes (although he’s more of a spider man and one of the leading spider experts in the Midwest), Ken, and Daniel are entrapping a big rattlesnake. 568 more words


5-Foot Rattlesnake Found Outside Office Building Near Blue Hills

BRAINTREE (CBS) — A five-foot rattlesnake was found outside the entrance to an office building near the Blue Hills Tuesday afternoon, authorities said.

Massachusetts Environmental Police said officers relocated the Timber Rattlesnake, which is endangered because of its declining population. 165 more words



There are times when Malcolm and I really wonder about the dogs.  Seriously, Einstein they are so not.  That’s not saying Amore or Dolce are dull as dishwater or as dumb as dirt, they definitely have personality.  843 more words

Bernese Mountain Dog

Rattlesnakes in Maricopa, AZ?

Are there Rattlesnakes in Maricopa, AZ?

You may be thinking about buying a home in Maricopa, AZ but first want to know if there are… 275 more words


Day 55: Rattlesnake Magic

This is a reworking of an older post with added information, clarification, and an update on the informant. 

In the Ozarks, as well as some other places in the South, snakes are often associated with spirits, whether good or bad, and are sometimes considered to be the embodiment of wandering spirits. 2,170 more words

Folk Magic

What I never worried about in Las Vegas

1. If I fall down the gopher hole is it the same as Alice down the rabbit hole?   Did Alice have invisible scorpions in her rabbit hole? 157 more words


California - Van Tuyle

I love to travel. What’s even better is traveling AND getting to do my job. The Van Tuyles, were my first family with kids over the age of 7. 39 more words