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101 Nights Box Set, S.E. Reign

101 Nights Box Set, S.E. Reign
An erotic American Cinderella story

Genre:   Romance, Erotica

Sometimes I like a read that’s pure escapist fantasy, the rich guy and the struggling girl kind of thing. 946 more words


Bend, (Vegas Heat Book1), Molly McLain

Bend, (Vegas Heat Book1),  Molly McLain

Genre:   Romance,

Well, this proved to be shorter than I’d expected, and one of the reasons I don’t often read novellas was played out exactly here. 228 more words


JULY 2016 (XXX)

XXX Sleazy Lust’filled Unadulterated Tease S.L.U.T XXX
PLEASE PLEASE please…….bother yourself NOT with this writing if you are offended by erotica/sleazy/slutty writings……All forms are art….. Right??? 303 more words

Dare Me, Rebecca Shea

Dare Me,  Rebecca Shea

Genre:   Romance,

Well, *sigh* I really wanted to like this, it sounded a fun read but…it wasn’t a bad book, there were a few irritations, but it was mostly a non event for me. 325 more words


"The Stranger, The Better"

One of my favorite songs is “Someone New” by Hozier, and is what inspired this piece. I originally wrote it in a less “raunchy” context when a friend told me it needed to be spiced up. 157 more words

Pearls & Persuasion, Angelita Gill

Pearls & Persuasion,  Angelita Gill

Genre: Romance,

The first book, Diamonds and Desire is currently free  so I’d read that while waiting for this one. I enjoyed it but it didn’t really hit the spot for me, so I was hoping that maybe this one had a little more excitement, more heavy drama. 262 more words


Married With Children (1987 - 1997 USA)

The World According to Al Bundy:” You think I’m a loser? Because I have a stinking job that I hate, a family that doesn’t respect me, and a whole city that curses the day I was born? 618 more words