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Review - Sausage Party (2016)

I don’t often find myself at a loss of words when it comes to film, but Sausage Party had me at that loss. This is an R-rated animated film that goes as far as it will go on a limited R rating, and then some…but these are things I already knew, yet I’m still shocked at the direction they purposefully went. 481 more words


Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates movie review

Swing and miss… I’m a sucker for comedies, party movies, raunchy, and all four main characters. Even if every other person in the world hated this movie I should have loved it. 164 more words


Her Halloween Treat, (Men at Work 1), Tiffany Reisz

Her Halloween Treat, (Men at Work 1), Tiffany Reisz

Genre:  Romance.
I adore Tiffany’s writing, began with book one of the Sinners stories and have been hooked since. 317 more words


11 Of The Raunchiest 2000s Music Videos Your Parents Forbid You To Watch

Sex sells, obviously. Our society is evidence of that, but this is nothing new. Sex has been selling and will continue to sell for years to come because people are secretly dirty freaks…okay, not all people, but you get my point. 553 more words


Programmed To Please, The Tau Cetus Chronicles Book One, Jenna Ives

Programmed To Please, The Tau Cetus Chronicles Book One,  Jenna Ives

Genre:  Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy

Well, I thought this sounded intriguing, how could a woman act as a robot in such an intimate situation but…just didn’t work for me as a story but it was well written and for those that want erotica its pretty spicy. 234 more words


The Actor

The actor was loud. Handsome, but loud. In every sense of the word.
Every other sentence was an impression, a character, a joke, a piss-take. Which meant half of the time I was laughing hysterically, and the other half I was trying to work out what he thought of me. 445 more words

Total Trainwreck, Evie Claire

Total Trainwreck,  Evie Claire

Genre:  Romance,

I’m a real sucker for the film/rock star romance trope so when I saw total train wreck I clicked request, got it, opened it and started, and was totally lost. 840 more words