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The largest classic car exhibition as it is known, and I had never been there before!… shame on me. It was a perfect occasion to compare with Retromobile, which for me always has rated first class… It is hard to tell which is better, since Retromobile and Techno Classica are so different, and each has its own charm. 72 more words

Classic Cars

Parshat Tazriah

In this discussion, we discover some illuminating and truly groundbreaking concepts about how the Torah views some, nowadays, quite controversial issues. We see the truly amazing approach it has on Women, Brit Milah and our outlook on the physical world. 8 more words


Parshat Vayikrah

In this week’s discussion, we follow Rav Hirsch as he delves in to a beautiful description of the Jewish nation and the way we serve our Creator, so different from other nations. 11 more words


Parshat Vayakel 2

This week’s Parsha deals with a very fundamental message about lessons we can gain from the Torah, how we must understand everything in context to see the real meaning behind the passages. 8 more words


Into the woods...

One good thing about going to Nepal is the preparations that include long walks in the nature. Here are some photos from a forest outside Huddinge. 82 more words



This week, we will talk about the first two commandments given at the start of this weeks Parasha. We will firstly give a insight into the divine system of law, then talk about a more delicate subject. 26 more words


Dear reader, today was a lovely day at the Dutch Interclassics in Maastricht. This exhibition is one that I will permanently put in my agenda from now on, because it is well worth visiting! 46 more words

Classic Cars