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StarCraft 2 Ravager

The ravager is a zerg assault unit that morphs from a roach and can fling corrosive bile which excels at hitting targets from a distance. One cheese strategy involves rushing two ravagers as soon as possible and attempting to win the game off the momentum they provide. 101 more words


Unit Spotlight: Ravager


  • Cost
    • Morph Roach 75 gas 25 minerals
    • 3 supply
    • 1 Larvae
  • Combat
    • Weapon 1 Ground only
      • 16 (+2/upgrade) damage
      • cooldown 1.14
      • DPS 14.04
      • Range 6…
  • 661 more words

Palatinat: exactions françaises (1)

Palatinat : exactions françaises (1)

Grüß Gott !

Les troupes françaises, en l’an 1674, sous Turenne, saccagent et ravagent, une province allemande.

Relation des violences exercées au Palatinat, à la fin de l’année 1673 & au commencement de 1674 / Cologne / 1675: 1,412 more words

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Yondu

Get your hands on this blue-skinned Ravager!

Hawkeye might be the greatest archer around, but nobody’s better with an arrow than Yondu. The blue-skinned Ravager’s ready to wreak whistling havoc on the enemy team and we talked to D3 Go! 801 more words


Deathstroke: The Gospel Of Slade Review

DC: Rebirth has been successful in bring a lot of characters back to their roots, reminding fans what they loved in the first place. A character who’s benefitted from Rebirth is Deathstroke, particularly in the latest graphic novel to be released called… 648 more words


Why Is Deathstroke The Greatest Assassin In Comics?

In the world of comics, there are various assassins. They are the people who can be hired to do the impossible, to kill any target, providing the money is good enough. 728 more words