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How Ravager Forged Her Own Path

“Whatever people want to think of me, they can go ahead and think it. Deathstroke’s daughter. Teen Titan. Hero. Villain. Loyal. Brave. Crazy. Conniving. Broken. What matters is the choices I make and whether or not I can live with them.” 318 more words


Night Viper, Jugendkulturzentrum Linse, Berlin (DE)

Price: 13€

Support: Ravager, Skulled

Lineup Skulled: Jan Hölscher (voc) – Oliver Ralle (g) – Jannes Stoll (g) – Lennart Ebbers (b) – Tim Dasenbrock (dr) 67 more words


TvZ: Early Roach Ravager Attack

Early Roach Ravager attack builds are very popular in the TvZ match up now. There are two different builds that attack with Roach and Ravagers early on, and I will discuss how they are different. 1,660 more words


P.M.R.Bonez88 and Dark Shadow's Movie Review: Phantasm Ravager (2016)

The fifth and last Phantasm movie which was directed by David Hartman and produced and written by Don Coscarelli and along with the stars returning Reggie Bannister, A. 50 more words

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Phantasm: Ravager (2016) Review

37 years ago, Don Coscarelli unwittingly began a cult franchise with his guerilla style DIY supernatural film Phantasm.  While the directorial reigns have been handed off to new director, but long-time series fan David Hartman, that guerilla style of filming still remains with this final entry.  580 more words


Phantasm: Ravager Review 

The Phantasm film series, which this would make the fifth installment, is a bit of an odd duck in the horror film community as its quite beloved, but no one ever talks about it. 517 more words

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Catch Up on the Entire ‘Phantasm’ Franchise with this Slick Featurette

If you missed one of the first four Phantasm films, and have thus decided to hold off on watching Phantasm: Ravager, you should probably tune into this featurette and catch up on the other pics soon. 164 more words