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The Support of Friends and Strangers

I’ve been feeling really alone in my quest to learn to spin vinyl, as I say “Like an adult person” meaning I sound like I’m new (because I am) but at my ripe old age of 41 I feel like I should be much better, conveniently forgetting that I’ve been on turntables for 1/20 of the time many of my agemates have. 1,612 more words



Although I had listened to EDM beforehand, I consider DJ S3RL (pronounced “Serl”) to be my proper introduction to the genre. S3RL is the stage name of Joel Hughes, a UK hardcore DJ, record producer, and musician hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 266 more words


Mixmaster M's Passover Basket

The year was really who the fuck remembers what year anything was? and I was working as a promoter for a crew that was throwing a HUGE civic center sized, 2 stage rave.   959 more words


Interviews We're Working On, Please Check the List and See if We Need Your Input (or your connections)!

1. Long time “Bedroom DJ’s” for an article about why some people prefer to keep their art private.

2. Female and Male DJ’s (bedroom or working), working… 372 more words


Poll: Preach the Noise asks Which Type of Set You Prefer

Multiple Choice:  Which do you enjoy/derive more satisfaction from, A) a set in a genre that is on your no-fly list but played masterfully by an innovative or super-skilled DJ or B) a set played by a Proficient of Just Good (or even a Not Very Good Dj) in a genre you love with all tunes you would pick for yourself? 53 more words


Am I the First to Be This Crazy? The First "Not-A-DJ" DJ?

I always tell kids looking to start to spin that they need to know their ENDGAME before they even pick a genre or a medium.  Do you want to play just at home and house parties? 1,187 more words