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Terra Firma

It is gravity that keeps me here

among the summer browned grass

and tangled gardens,

the still sharp scent of green

and ocean blue in the air. 72 more words


Urban Wildlife

If I could pick just one,

I’d be God’s own manul cat,

that feisty little thing

with the darkest “keep away” pupils,

but I believe you’ve come to test me… 146 more words


Entwined 16

‘Er..homosapien…’ replies laira confused. ‘And he is not my boyfriend’ she adds shyly.

‘Of course I know he is not of primate species. He almost looks like us..except his frizzly hair so he must be a homosapien’ frowns Sebastian. 749 more words


The Raven's Causes: Living With Autism

Ever since I started this blog, I have been spoken about Autism and about being a parent of a Autistic child. While I have been able to provide some insight into what it is like, the perspective that I have always struggled to convey, is that of someone who has autism himself. 318 more words


Out in the World.

With humidity gone, I feel the sun,

heat upon bare arms and shoulders,

hot compress of comfort as I walk.

I smile at the coming sections of sidewalk with no shade. 155 more words