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Lightbringer 1

Lyliliana watched the flock glide and dip and soar. It was her favorite thing to do when her chores were done. The birds were blue and red and white against the black and gray of winter. 1,622 more words


How did I get Here?

The story begins with one of those record-scratch moments, like in the Planet Scout shows.
Before we get too far, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Puck. 1,158 more words

Bird Herd

Love of Birds: Part 2

My bird series continues!  I have been experiencing with linoleum block printing and I am very happy with the results (the raven print).  The other drawings were all done with micron pens (my tool of choice!) and copic markers.  Enjoy!

Music And Art


“Winter’s grip lay hold of the earth and on this day, a raven was perched on the rooftop of a mosque.

She peered over the empty streets, aside from the worshippers in the temple, the world seemed asleep in the frost. 139 more words



First drawing in a new house! A slightly Game of Thrones inspired Raven. Done using a 0.1mm Pilot drawing pen and a 0.1mm grey Graphik line maker. 17 more words

The Slow Journey South

The list of birds I’ve seen in Britain is fairly modest, by birder standards. Many hardcore listers manage more species in a year than I’ve seen in a lifetime, but I’m slowly closing the gaps. 494 more words