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Ravens in the nest

I have a fondness for ravens (Corvus corax), even if they are ravenous egg thieves and chick killers. Everyone has to survive somehow. 156 more words


Raven's Nest Coffee House

On my day off, I needed a quiet spot away from rehearsals and coachings to enjoy good, dark coffee and to think. I found Raven’s Nest… 73 more words


Ever Deeper into Time

To the Syncline, where we watched a pair of ravens build their nest.¬†Among the braided channels of the arroyo was a beautiful Archaic¬†metate— 69 more words

Walking All Day On Stone

On a day like this...

… I love my remote release. It was cold when I made this photograph – somewhere in the low single digits or maybe even zero – but when you add the wind chill whipping in off the ocean, I was glad that I didn’t need my camera-operating fingers exposed to the elements any longer than necessary. 442 more words


Sights (and sounds) of Schoodic

A nice place to spend some time. Though a still image can take me back to a place I have visited and sometimes even remind me vividly about that experience, it’s merely that… an image. 26 more words