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Part 39: Flight

Oliver crashed through the door to his bar. The door jam splintered as he pushed through it. The afternoon sun beamed through the windows, casting long bright squares into the depths of his bar. 843 more words


Part 32: Target-Locked Missile

It was quiet and, for some unknown reason, that bothered Oliver.

Yes, the silence was almost palpable after all of the noise his rampage in Marcus’s office had caused, but this was too much. 811 more words


Part 18: Silver Bullet

“I don’t know what Ghol’Toruk wants and I don’t care,” Oliver said, pressing the barrel of his shotgun into the creature’s groin for emphasis. “You tell him that if he wants something from me, he can come down and ask me himself.” … 603 more words

Emily's Portions

Part 16: Fight and Flight

Her muscles were hot and painful, screaming out in protest every time Grace moved, but she didn’t care. She entire body was trembling, vibrating like the prongs of a tuning fork, but she didn’t care. 911 more words