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How To Make Cardinal Bird - Motivation Enchantment by Silver RavenWolf

Dreaming Bird Series – Cardinal By Silver RavenWolf copyright 2017

It came to me in that state between waking and sleep on Yule morning of 2017 that I wanted to make a series of magickal birds and animals that could be enjoyed by children and adults.  2,081 more words


How to Make A New Year's Floor Wash! #silverravenwolf

by Silver RavenWolf

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…isn’t that what we constantly face?  Sometimes the idea that we must move in a direction is so frightening that we have difficulty wiggling even one pinky-toe toward a course of action. 274 more words


How to Make Bird Seed Cakes and Suet for Candlemas, Valentine's Day or Spring Equinox #SilverRavenWolf

How to Make Bird Seed Cakes and Suet – Candlemas, Valentine’s Day, or Spring Equinox Celebrations #silverravenwolf

Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2017

January, February, and March in the northern climes can be difficult months for wildlife, depending upon weather conditions and available food source.  2,022 more words