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Cave Adventure

I had a BLAST (similar to how they blast open a cave, haha) at Black Chasm Caverns in Volcano, CA earlier this month in an attempt to get out and do more things! 534 more words


Interview with Jessica from Chronically Vintage.

Although there are so many vintage bloggers, few have captured my attention as firmly as Jessica Cangiano.  Jessica’s blog, Chronically Vintage, is a visual delight of gorgeous photographs and excellent treasures from yesteryear.   1,461 more words


5 Fandom Friday: My favourite things about Winter.

It’s more than a little bit ironic that I’m writing this post in front of the blasting air-conditioner while outside it’s a scorching 40 degrees.  Ah well, it’s time to cast my mind forward to icy days and chilly nights and thing about my favourite things about Winter. 357 more words


Say Cheese

While at the lovely wedding of Ryan and Lisa, I crossed paths with the photographer. After she snapped a picture of me and the banshees, she said “I’ve taken your picture before!”. 196 more words


Shop 'til You Drop

Saturday | August 2, 2014

I never thought I’d ever get sick of shopping, until now.

You see, this weekend is Florida’s Tax Free Weekend, where you don’t have to pay for sales tax for anything you buy in stores. 300 more words


Unwanted Attention

Saturday | July 19, 2014

As usual, I woke up pretty late again. 826 more words

Daily Happenings

They Say It's Your Birthday

And they’d be right. Well, if you’re talking to me anyway.

Thank you all for the birthday love! 60 some posts on Facebook. Calls. Emails. Texts. 36 more words