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How Fyre Festival Damaged the Brand of Small Festivals

Fyre Festival is a nightmare currently going down in the Bahamas. Tickets started at $1200 and went up to the thousands.

It was the company’s first attempt at a festival. 198 more words

A Fear-based Response: to drink or not to drink?

I have an upcoming surgery called Chiari Decompression. It involves tapping into my skull so spinal fluid will flow and a cyst in my spine will decompress (I guess that’s the word).   337 more words


Why socks are stressful

My friends saw the socks lined up in my drawer and they laughed. I guess I understand. It does look odd, after all.

They had taken the drawers out of my dresser so the dresser would be easier to move across the room (because my friends are super awesome like that) so they noticed the socks. 586 more words


Roundin' Up The Raves: Hollerado, Southern Avenue, Little Bandit, Blackfoot Gypsies

An eclectic mix this week. A little something for everyone. This track doesn’t suit your tastes? Simply scroll down.

Let’s see what happens, when we round ’em up. 157 more words


In Love with The Shape of Me

Before I had kids, I was between a size 00-3, which is still very strange to me. Anyway, I was probably at my healthiest weight right before I got pregnant mostly because I was working out everyday and gaining muscle mass, I was about 113lbs but still skinny fat. 388 more words


The Experience Machine

Today I am using a friend’s story about her formerly broken leg to show you a little more about what the mind can do. I invite you to consider this blog post to be entertainment. 838 more words

Dear Cassie: Apartment Complexes Are Rip Offs!

Dear Cassie,

As if living in South Orange County wasn’t bad enough (rent wise), these complexes have to charge us for the convenience of using their community laundry rooms too! 527 more words