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Camp Bisco: The Experience (2017)

Camp Bisco was a fun – if slightly damp – weekend. It was my 2nd time at this festival, my first being in 2015, which also happened to be the festival’s first year on their new grounds in Scranton. 1,027 more words

Music Festivals

Roundin' Up The Raves: Dan Black, The Americans, Japanese Breakfast, The Lunar Laugh

The musician-type people are making a strong showing this summer. There’s a lot to like out there right now. Too much, in fact, for only one post. 199 more words


KandyGem #17: Post Festival Blues

I’m awaken at the butt crack of afternoon, by my baby. Haaaa, really me with a baby… My momma, my niece and my nephew are all waiting for the day that I produce a child… I’m pretty sure my baby sister will have a baby before me. 2,211 more words


Ay Der from Up Nort'!

So. So much for updating you, my dear reader(s?), about the fun stuff quickly. But never fear! I am back! Since my last post, I have: met my brother’s gf’s parents, spent time with my besties in beautiful Bozeman, sprained my ankle, spent time with my godparents and cousins in Fargo, ND, driven to WI to unload the junk in my car, chilled with my parents,┬áread an ungodly amount of FF instead of unpacking said junk, visited the doctor SO MANY TIMES to finish up my medical stuff for the Peace Corps, and facetimed with a friend! 712 more words


Fuel Foods Meal 3

Grilled Steak with vegetables and barley, again I started eating before I could take a picture but it was well seasoned and juicy not dry. The vegetables were crispy too and the food was delivered on Sunday so that is pretty interesting to note! 56 more words


KandyGem #15: I Got a Cray Squad but I Did dis Dolo

It’s Friiiiidaaay!! My week had been fucked. I missed Above&Beyond the Friday before, but I knew I had DJ Mustard and Matoma to look forward to the next. 5,007 more words


Fuel Foods Meal 2

I picked White fish for dinner today in hopes that it would be the freshest and let me tell you it was yummy! Yet again I am impressed. 35 more words