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Upcoming Events!

How has February been treating you so far? To put it frankly this has been my worst Reggae Month to date but the month isn’t over, and there’s still more events scheduled. 80 more words


Dionysus (Bacchus) & Folsom St

The Greeks held Dionysian Rites and the Romans enjoyed their Bacchanalia. We have the Folsom Street Fair and other debauches in San Francisco. Most celebrants carry wide smiles and little else. 27 more words


Joy on Market!

Rarely do we find the perfect pose, the short-lived gesture, the conspiracy of joy on the street. We capture the pathos of the poor, the head-down walk of the harried, and the stress in faces of all kinds. 31 more words


Hypnotic Poetry Experiment No.3

It’s not always easy to remember the blessings we are constantly receiving as we explore and grow in our complex lives, and there are so many compelling and diverse distractions! 1,402 more words


The Road to Carnival -I

In came the New Year, in the blink of an eye or the pop of a bottle, 2016 was gone. Cheers to life, we had airily planned out 2017, this year would be one of adventures and new experiences. 515 more words


Why I Photograph the Homeless and Dispossessed?

 Part 3 of 3

It’s a cool, cloudy day in San Francisco. I can feel a chill under the shade cast by buildings and clouds. An apparently homeless man sits near a steam vent trying to get warm in the wet, billowing cloud. 1,023 more words