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Fighting the Tides

It often happens that I’m at home, sitting down with the intent of working for hours. My laptop is plugged in and raring to go. I open up the word document. 351 more words


Learning Curve

I’m constantly doing research. Sometimes it is reading books about history, watching informational videos over concepts that make cars run, or even just talking to people who know more than me about a given subject. 387 more words


Lily Of Da Valley

Serengetti, Hope Zoo

We had gathered for the launch of “Lily Of Da Valley” Jesse Royal’s debut album. The event was amazing; it was beautiful to see all the fans come out, despite the rainy weather we had a packed venue. 490 more words


Make a pact with Fence

I told a lie today.

Simple lie about the way I behave

I just wanted to tell a story

Make it known

Didn’t really think on how the lie may grow… 31 more words


Limited Amount of the Limitless

Space is infinite, to the best of our knowledge. It goes on and on forever and beyond. When we think about the whole of existence we imagine only a very small part, no matter how big our imagination. 331 more words


Art for Healing

I find that the happier and stronger I get, the more I enjoy listening to songs which are angry and sad. I love screaming out the words of some songs (“Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!”) and with other songs I just love the feeling of crying. 420 more words


Sleeping with Disappointment

Disappointment looked up at me last night, over my comforter, and said, “No sleep for you tonight.”

“Why not?” I asked, groggily.

Disappointment gestured to Baxter, a one-year-old standard white poodle, snuggled up to my girlfriends feet. 441 more words