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Comfort food that makes you say "aaahhh..."

It had been the Day From Hell.

I’d been going at a dead run since 8:30 a.m. I’d made an unexpected two-hour trip I hadn’t really planned on making, and got started later than I really wanted to start. 924 more words

Someone Else's Cooking

Ode to Chef Boyardee: A Poem

I scrape the last ravioli
from his inner tin walls—his cylindrical ribs
contain my princely dinner.
My fork presses onwards
into the man’s metal viscera, pursuing the mush… 163 more words


Mega Mushroom Ravioli

This recipe is exactly what it sounds like, oversized mushroom ravioli. Why? I mean, why not?

There are three main components of this recipe: pasta, herbed cheese and mushroom filling, and a quick tomato sauce. 931 more words


Mushroom Ravioli...Round Two

Last week, Paula and I invited her father and his wife over for dinner. She wanted to try making ravioli again to see if we could improve on our previous efforts. 496 more words


Soy Boy Frozen Vegan Ravioli


Soy Boy’s Okara Courage Burger is my favorite burger replacement; okara is a by product of tofu production and is high in protein.  Their burger has a flavor and texture similar to falafel and has 14g of protein per burger.   212 more words


Chicken and Cheese Ravioli

Homemade pasta is one of my favorite things to eat, and it is surprisingly simple to make. Many restaurants have gotten away from the art of making dough by hand and our culture has become accustom to the taste of store-bought pasta. 224 more words