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Easy Chocolate Mousse for Two

By definition a Mousse is a dessert that incorporates air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture and can range from light and fluffy to creamy and thick. 275 more words


Dark chocolate's beneficial deeds

Having dealt with hazards in food during a lifetime, it is always nice to be able to look at the benefit side. We all need good news stories. 765 more words

Spurious Health Claims

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This looks like pleasant news for chocolate-loving endurance jocks. I have previously written about raw cacao powder which seems a similarly good addition to the diet. I include it in my morning smoothie. What are the benefits of raw cacao - Infographic How and why you should add raw cacao to your diet Also, Why should I eat more dark chocolate? Tony  

White Nutella 

A devilish idea of white chocolate and hazelnut butter

Creamy, yet crunchy white hazelnut butter. Addictive and perfect for baking, eating by the spoonful or spreading on fruit. 79 more words


Banana, Pecan & Cacao Loaf Cake

I thought for a while about how to decorate this cake – I considered smothering it in chocolate icing; perhaps sprinkling cacao nibs or crushed pecans on top. 285 more words


Almond Cacao Protein Smoothie

Almond Cacao Protein Smoothie

April 30, 2016 by sweetestnovember

Almond Cacao Protein Smoothie


Almond Cacao Protein Smoothie

PREP TIME 5 mins

COOK TIME 0 mins… 77 more words


Dessert: chocolate mousse

Ingredients (for two):

– 1 avocado

– 2 bananas

raw cacao (2 soup spoons)

– coconut-rice drink (optional)

– nuts or coconut flakes for decoration 115 more words


The benefits of raw cacao

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All health lovers will have undoubtedly heard of the nutritional powers of raw cacao. But what exactly is this superfood and do the health claims stack up? 612 more words

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