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** Homemade Cacao Coconut Chocolate **

We should all probably cut back on the chocolate that we eat…. high in fat, over processed and high in refined sugar. But if you’re like me and still need to satisfy your ever craving sweet tooth, perhaps try these gorgeous little simply Cacao Chocolates. 186 more words


Raw cacao breakfast with plums

A hot Sunday afternoon… relaxing… meanwhile the breakfast is getting ready…

It’s fresh, tastes like raw chocolate, some sweet raisins and ripe fruit… over ripe is also good. 177 more words


Recipe | Easy Raw Chocolate Mousse

Don’t get me wrong, chocolate mousse always tastes so much better when it’s full fat and dreamy, but if like me, you have an incredibly sweet tooth and could easily spend hours with your spoon in a gigantic tub of melted chocolate, then sometimes you may crave a lighter option. 251 more words


Chocolate Mylkshake

I was recently watching an Eco Vegan Gal ‘What I eat in a day video’ and I was super inspired by her carob smoothie. However, as you may be aware, I am quite a fan of chocolate. 173 more words


Recipe of the day: Bittersweet chocolate treat

This is the simplest, most delicious mug of bittersweet bliss you’ll ever make. A raw cacao hot chocolate made with only three ingredients, nothing complicated or clever, the perfect feel good drink for a rainy evening! 38 more words


Raw Chocolate Chip Peppermint Nice Cream

This is so delicious, you will forget it’s only a handful of ingredients – all raw and natural.

The raw ice cream, or “nice cream” base is always frozen banana chunks blended smooth. 176 more words

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