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This crunchy chocolate spread tastes and smell almost like a Nutella and it is my latest obsession! I like to mix it into a warm porridge, a smoothie, have it on a slice of gluten free bread, drizzled over fresh fruit or eat it straight from the jar. 236 more words


Coco - Cacao - Porridge

As we approaching autumn, I wanted to share one of my favourite warm brekkie meals  – coco – cacao – porridge :-) It warms you from the inside, lifts your mood – due to its high proportion of neurotransmitters that are responsible for your emotions – and it is super tasty. 59 more words


Sweet Potato Brownies

I love brownies. It’s one of my favourite desserts! Sadly, the ones that you can usually find at the supermarkets are hyper caloric and contain lots of sugar, preservatives and colourants. 235 more words

Food & Drink

One of my guilty pleasures...

used to be eating chocolate chip cookie dough off of a spoon.  Who’s with me on this one?

But while eating cookie dough may have made me happy, all that sugar and white flour sure weren’t doing anything in the healthy and hot departments! 646 more words

Happy Healthy And Hot!

Homemade Raw Chocolate Bark

Are you a chocolate lover? My husband, daughter and I am! Problem is I have a hard time finding good chocolate with least amount of ingredients, and when I do its incredibly expensive. 208 more words

Natural Momma

Salted Caramel Pecan Pie

These have to be all my favourite sweet combinations in one! Pecans are probably my favourite nuts to bake with, they bring out a lovely sweet nutty flavour once baked. 534 more words

Clean Eating

Speedy energy boost breakfast: raw cacao-banana shake and the effects of raw cacao


– 2 bananas (small to midsize)

raw cacao (1 tsp)

– rice/oat drink/coconut milk or coconut water (2 to 4 dl)

Blend all the ingredients. 272 more words