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Fruit Pots

Morning everyone!

Thought I would write today’s blog post on gluten and dairy free fruit pots as I keep stumbling upon more and more ingredients to add and love the versatility! 219 more words

Clean Eating

Paleo Choco Coconut "Oatmeal"

Realising that I would not be able to have my usual All Bran this morning – I went in search of something else that I could eat and came across a very yummy looking coconut “oatmeal” receipe from… 185 more words

Paleo Fail

Chocolate 'Cacao' Porridge

We needed a good breakfast this morning, one that would give us loads of energy for working on the allotment and in our garden at home. 230 more words


Raw Cacao Powder

Raw cacao powder is surely one of the best finds?!

A bonafide superfood packed with antioxidants and nutrients, raw cacao has more magnesium that any other known food and is loaded with B vitamins and good fats. 120 more words

Clean Eating

Almond Butter Chocolate Shake

So I’m on a drink kick lately, if no one has yet noticed :) But they are fast, easy and oh so delicious!

The other day I decided my breakfast shake (and taste buds) would enjoy some raw almond butter and raw cacao thrown in. 202 more words

Raw Food

Raw chocolate pie!



I discovered these lovely little bars when I was on holiday in St Ives in Cornwall a couple of years ago and stumbled across the gorgeous little Hazlephron Herb Farm Shop. 208 more words

Clean Eating

Black magic: Chocolate syrup on ice

Just two ingredients…

Awesome! This idea came my way courtesy of the Paddington Foodie, chef extraordinaire. It’s ridiculously easy. Combining just two super-foods, this simple syrup zaps any dessert you like with goodness that is sure to grant you the superpowers of your dreams. 552 more words


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My friend and fellow blogger, Ms. Vinny Grette, has just published this brilliant post on a really fun topping that is so simple even Mr. Lazy Cook can do it. I can't get over this utterly easy combination of two very healthy ingredients to made a scrumptious topping for ice cream, fruit or whatever your own creativity suggests. As regular readers know, I am a giant fan of coconut oil, check out my Page - Coconut Oil -Why You Should Include it in Your Diet I have also posted on the health benefits of Why and How You Should Include Raw Cacao in Your Diet. Tony