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Breakfast On the Run - Fast & Healthy Recipe

There’s no excuse to not make healthy decisions… not even a busy morning should stop you.  I’m very passionate about living healthy and making those daily mindful unique healthy decisions.   1,365 more words


Beetroot Brownies

For those moments when you need something sweet but healthy, you have to try this recipe. The beetroot makes a super moist brownie while raw cacao makes it more chocolatey, it’s brilliant!. 117 more words


Resveratrol’s Link to Slowing Alzheimer’s

Story at-a-glance

  • Alzheimer’s disease currently hits someone in the U.S. every 66 seconds and affects 5 million Americans annually
  • In testing high doses of resveratrol, scientists found individuals with mild Alzheimer’s were experiencing brain shrinkage until they found a certain molecule that may be responsible for decreasing brain inflammation…
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Three Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Dates are a great addition to your diet! I like to throw a couple in a smoothie to add natural sweetness in whole food form or use them to make energy bites with things like nuts and berries in them. 290 more words


Raw Cacao Truffles

Looking for an excuse to have more chocolate in your life? Who doesn’t?! :) Chocolate is one of the most common cravings people have. The recipe I am sharing with you today will hit the spot for chocolate and will offer you much more – … 439 more words


Kickin Chocolate Power Smoothie

Kickin’ Chocolate Power Smoothie

1c cashew nut milk

1T chia seeds

1T hemp seeds

1t raw agave or raw local honey

2T raw Coconut Manna… 48 more words


This Finnish Entrepreneur And Chocolatier Wants Food Businesses To Be Accountable For Public Health

Jukka Peltola worked in the gaming industry before launching a food brand. He was busy developing games at Rovio, the powerhouse that created Angry Birds. He had no experience in food nor a co-founder who was steeped in the food business. 224 more words