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DCLH TIP: Naturally Cleanse Air with Essential Oils

By: Lontier of youthfully grown

As we make strides each day to live holistically, I think it’s easy to forget the role that our environment plays when it comes to our overall wellness. 621 more words

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Chocolate-Cherry Granola

One of the first things I did last year after reading the amazing book, The Sugar Smart Diet, was to eliminate packaged cereal from my diet. 648 more words


DCLH TIP: A Nadi Shodhana Practice Can Promote Holistic Wellness

By: Lontier of youthfully grown

What is Nadi Shodhana?

Nadi Shodhana—also known as alternate nostril breathing—is a simple, yet effective technique commonly practiced in yoga. 550 more words

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Heart pie

Last weekend I was recycling ingredients in my kitchen and the result is the heart pie. See what you have, be free and bake.

You need love, love and more love… 227 more words


You NEED THIS in your life!!!!! This is the tastiest bad boy smoothie I’ve had in months, so replenishing and hits the sugar crave spot! If you love chocolate and want something easy and AMAZING then you got to try this! 95 more words

a healthy rich & creamy chocolate nut shake

right knowledge + right action = good result

plus I got to spend the afternoon doing silly stuff

a healthy rich & creamy chocolate nut shake… 165 more words