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VEGorino Romano grated cheeze??

Pleased is not the word to describe how I’m feeling right now. After serving my husband a beautiful plate of pasta with some sundried tomatoes and rapini, I offered him some cheeze to sprinkle on top of his plate. 238 more words


Is Raw Milk Cheese About To Get The Axe?


Help us protect the best tasting and healthiest cheese from a spurious new FDA attack. Action Alert!

George W. Bush’s FDA banned the import of the finest French artisanal cheeses, which are usually made from raw milk that has been cultured with special bacteria, and then aged, which makes it even safer. 152 more words

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Fall is just around the corner, and besides all those beautiful fall colours and beautiful fall veggies, it’s also time to start the cheeze again! I start them only in the fall , and then stop in the late spring due to where I keep all the cheezes to age. 69 more words


Crustless Chicken Pizza Casserole

Mmmm … does anything say “fall” more than comfort foods?

This casserole is warm and cheesy, and while I have yet to find a GAPS-style pizza that we really like, this recipe helps me to not miss it as much. 211 more words

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Cheese #5: Mahon Curado

Name: Mahon Curado

Country: Minorca, Spain

Milk Type: Cow, Raw

Aged: 2 months

Musings: This cheese is “curado,” or cured, much like prosciutto and other meats, meaning it’s been preserved by the salt and winds of the Spanish sea. 94 more words


Raw Onion Bread With Raw Almond Cheese

My raw sweet onion bread is so different, it’s not really a bread but not a cracker. My daughter says that it is raw sweet onion brittle. 87 more words


Food bites... Simply brunch

There was a tomato staring me down when I went to cook something up.  I wanted more of a breakfast flava, then I remembered that I had leftover Amber 16 cheddar from Chapel Creamery in my fridge.   36 more words

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