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Cheese and why we need a food policy council

Artisan cheese makers like Biddy Fraser-Davies could be forced out of business by soaring government compliance costs. The Food Safety Law Reform Bill may well result in higher compliance costs. 581 more words

Nutrition: Who is Your Diet Really Benefitting?

According to a recent survey:

83% of doctors believe margarine is healthier than butter

66% believe that vegetable oils are beneficial

New research has proven beyond any doubt that… 474 more words


Raw vegan parmesan cheese

Raw vegan Parmesan cheese

YES, cheese! EFFIN cheese! So here we have this awesome 3 ingredient raw vegan Parmesan cheese. Before I switched to vegan, Parmesan cheese was an imperative part of my pasta! 284 more words

Agnes Laner | Cheesemaker | Alto Adige, Italy

Kindergarten teacher by day, cheesemaker by night, Agnes Laner handcrafts the sought after alpine graukäse using raw milk from her trio of cows. Framed by towering mountains in Italy’s German-speaking Alto Adige region, her family property sits right on the northeastern border with Austria. 569 more words

Almond, cilantro and cayenne pepper spread cheese / Formaggio spalmabile di mandorle al coriandolo e peperoncino

Hello everyone!

I made an other almond spread cheese, very tasty, so I’m happy to share with you my recipe! I found some fresh cilantro in a little Indian shop, so I used it in this cheese! 209 more words


My Mac N Cheese Raw and Vegan

Happy Christmas!
This is my Raw and vegan take on Macaroni Cheese!
So gorgeous but oh so healthy.
A completely win win!
Hope you like it… 69 more words


Food Fact

Food Fact: Raw ‪‎cheese has a richer and deeper flavor than cheese made from pasteurized milk because heat destroys the enzymes and good bacteria that add flavor to the cheese. 68 more words