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Now Available: Jacob x Black Welsh Mountain Raw Fleece

This is the first shear from my Jacob X Black Welsh Mountain ewe lambs, I have decided to sell it as raw fleece in order to prevent it from going to waste, 78 more words


Washing Our Fleece

On Saturday, Mike and I got up a little earlier than usual to work on washing our fleece. It’s a good thing we did because the process took quite a while with having to heat up water multiple times. 946 more words


Knitting with Handspun Part 2: Shawls

It’s about time I continued my posts about knitting with handspun yarn, especially now that my lovely Etsy shop (check it out here) is up and running and people are actually buying my yarn to knit with.   1,433 more words


Knitting with Handspun Part 1: Beginnings and Pullovers

I haven’t really mentioned knitting here before, but those who know me well will know that I knit constantly.  One of the great pleasures of spinning is being able to knit the things that I spin, although I don’t do it as often as I should.   749 more words


Feliz Fleece!

I am so excited to have been gifted raw fleece from two Shetlands and two Romney Mix from a  local couple.  It is as close as I’ll get to having my own sheep, at least for the foreseeable future.   44 more words

What's Going On At The Shop?

Processing Raw Fleece: Part 2

So now you’re ready to get the fleece into the tub.  I like to use plastic baskets that you can get from the pound shop or dollar store.   621 more words


Processing Raw Fleece: Part 1

So here we go!

This is what a bag full of raw merino cross looks like.    Lovely creamy colour….

But quite dirty in places

The first thing I do is trim off all the caked and dirty ends.   379 more words