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It's scouring time again

Its that time of year again when the shearing is nearly over and the raw fleece is ready.  As I’ve started to make more batts to sell this year I’ve gone and got considerably more fleece to clean up and process.   430 more words

Fibre Preperation

Keeping Track: The Journals

I’ve heard from several spinners and fleece prep-ers, that your memories of each carefully considered and executed yarn will be forgotten–even sooner than you might imagine . 147 more words



‘Are you seriously not staying here or could you at least look for another studio?’ someone asked when he came by and saw the amount of materials I still need to sort through. 106 more words


Washing Fleece

loosening the dirt

washing the lanolin out

rinsing the locks

spreading & air drying

Phew – I have finished washing all the fleece from Amanda at… 549 more words


Adeventures in Raw Fleece

I am pretty passionate about sourcing my materials locally. So it was really exciting to me when I found a Craigslist add written up by a shepherd that lives only 20 minutes from my house. 649 more words


Rooing the day

Recently we rooed one of the ram lambs, Dingus.  It was a pretty successful experiment, we got a lot of fleece off him.  We are going to try rooing the entire flock and shearing whatever doesn’t roo off ourselves instead of doing a professional spring shear.   143 more words


Power scour v Dish washing detergent for washing fleece

I have LOTS of fleece to wash, and if I don’t get it all washed by Fibre East, I’m not allowed another one for a whole year. 363 more words