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Processing Raw Fleece: Part 2

So now you’re ready to get the fleece into the tub.  I like to use plastic baskets that you can get from the pound shop or dollar store.   605 more words


Processing Raw Fleece: Part 1

So here we go!

This is what a bag full of raw merino cross looks like.    Lovely creamy colour….

But quite dirty in places

The first thing I do is trim off all the caked and dirty ends.   350 more words


Processing Raw Fleece: Intro

Processing raw fleece is time consuming, but not labour intensive.  At the bare minimum all you need is a bathtub or sink, some dish soap, somewhere to dry the fleece, and a few hours at home to mind the fleece as it soaks.   149 more words


From fleece to yarn...

This is my favourite way of working and is also how I learned to spin.  Working from a raw fleece allows you to be involved in every step of the process and to see the transformation of wool from fleece locks, directly off the sheep, to yarn that’s ready to knit or weave.   433 more words


Washing Wool - The Virginia Way! - from 'Ten Good Sheep'

This is a really amusingly written TUTORIAL which I will be adding to the i/sheet page and can also be found on my pinterest wool board. 2,225 more words


love blue? join us 8/22

my love affair with japanese indigo began long ago, dear friends showed us the magic of dyeing with a farm raised blue and i was hooked. 372 more words

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Fermented Suint (FSM) update

Ok, blimey crickey it works.  It really works.

I left the fleece in for 8 days, until Wednesday, as it wasn’t smelling as much as I was expecting.   267 more words