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Dystopia - Kyom City Project

This is kind of a new project type for me… a model sculpture made with waste and raw material, amazon boxes, bottle caps, straws, paint… I enjoyed a lot working on it since Christmas. 29 more words

Non Classé

A study of iris - from crop to perfume

Good morning students! Please take your seats, take out your notebooks and open up your minds to learn something new. Welcome to room 20, where you are going to take advanced iris class today. 846 more words

Fragrant Thoughts

A Sneak Peek

Like all bonsai enthusiasts in the dead of winter, I’m excited about the potential of the growing season ahead. I’ve a lot catch up on after two years of inactivity in the garden but in some cases this has been a good thing. 137 more words


Wild Raw Beauty

Like many of you who are afflicted with wanderlust, we too have planned a getaway for this year. Although we will selectively choose tours when we arrive at our… 13 more words


Fundamental supply principles: Let’s get back to the basics

Understanding the most fundamental principles of supply will allow you to know what decisions to take when it comes to supplying your entire chain. The problems taking place daily in a supply chain are countless, and the right decisions are the only way to keep the boat afloat. 817 more words

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