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Ferran Adria's advice

Could you manage a restaurant successfully? Ferran Adrià has the keys

El Bulli Foundation and CaixaBank just presented Mise en Place, a business management guide aimed at future restorers in which the chef Ferran Adrià has much to say. 492 more words

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Reasons to Love Pinterest (or the Virtues of Denial)

We have a cousin who lives in Pakistan and was awakened early today by the sound of her neighbor’s sacrificial goat crying. I was scrolling Facebook late last night when I encountered her concise and poetic description of the creature wailing. 881 more words

Raw Material

Sawara Cypress Repot

This chamaecyparis was rootpruned  last year but has made such a good recovery that I can reduce the rootball further this year and reduce the time it’ll take to get it into a suitable drum pot. 33 more words


exit for hire. 

can I still get into heaven when

I don’t know a thing. People like flies and I’m remembering the way my mother smelled like strong perfume. 277 more words

in Boston maybe.

Look at us, my god watch us go. Swallowing bullets by morning and throwing our hands up as the politicians rage. “These filthy men, these liars,” as you finger the deeds of your youth like a righteous void. 193 more words

ripped open envelope.

I’m staring into the kitchen sink

carrots aren’t always orange.

I’m eating purple hues, with green bellies and I want to kiss the most silent frog. 156 more words