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From Writer to Author

“To be or not to be”, such is the soliloquy we use as our opening phrase; to place meaning on the word emphasis: To Be an Author, welcomes us to the literary stage. 689 more words

Clothing material

Clothing material

Historically, clothing is and has been made from many materials. These materials range from grasses to furs to much more elaborate and exotic materials. 430 more words


My 2 from 1 Cotoneasters

I did some work on 2 of my shohin cotoneasters today. Regular readers will remember that both these trees are being developed from the single piece of material shown in the next picture, which was collected from my garden in 2011. 273 more words


In a world that is changing by the second, a world that glorifies instant gratification, it is easy to choose products that satisfies needs quickly.  These quick fixes are usual unsafe and include harmful chemicals. 17 more words


A Good Perspective

Quotes from Pendle Hill: Today’s quote comes from Alan Cohen in his book A Deep Breath of Life.

Think and act as if everything that shows up in your field of consciousness is for your good. 79 more words

London Coffee Festival 2017 Part 4

Mr Black

The day was ebbing into its later stages and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to slowly make my way from coffee into alcohol via the convenient route of coffee liqueur. 785 more words

Magnetic Hopper

Magnetic hopper used to separate dust of steel or iron counterpart that may affect the production machinery or final result of food processing. There two kinds magnetic separator. 103 more words

Food Production