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exit for hire. 

can I still get into heaven when

I don’t know a thing. People like flies and I’m remembering the way my mother smelled like strong perfume. 277 more words

in Boston maybe.

Look at us, my god watch us go. Swallowing bullets by morning and throwing our hands up as the politicians rage. “These filthy men, these liars,” as you finger the deeds of your youth like a righteous void. 193 more words

ripped open envelope.

I’m staring into the kitchen sink

carrots aren’t always orange.

I’m eating purple hues, with green bellies and I want to kiss the most silent frog. 156 more words

the night you went into Philly. 

You were worn down and I always felt so strange driving someone’s truck, that wasn’t mine. I never settled in and I didn’t change my drivers license. 357 more words

you're laughing into styrofoam.

Staring into your eyes, 6 inches into a 20 mile dream. I remember the heat of Florida as you breathe the fumes of your desire across the pathways of the bones in my spine. 204 more words

not quite gra/ey.

there’s a rash under my right eye and I was reading about the way a parasite can lay dormant for years. I’ve been taken over so many times, pulling back the curtain of empty beds and it’s no wonder there’s anything left to something so empty as to fill- leave the blankets thrown. 278 more words

Larches in Development

Its still far too cold and wet here, for working outside.

So I’ve brought a few larches in development indoors to continue working on their progress. 323 more words