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Titulo original: Grave

Lançamento: 2017

País: Bélgica e França

Olha ele ai! o filme que saiu da deep web xD.

Bom, o filme realmente parece que saiu da deep web, mas é mais pelo clima estranho do que pelo medo, e o clima ta SEMPRE estranho, você sempre pensa “kct vai acontecer alguma coisa agora”, ai acontece mas eu fiquei tipo, “a tá, era só isso.” 150 more words


WWE Raw 12 June 2017 Review & Result

This week on Monday Night Raw, I felt more excited than last week even as the most of the episode were relative boring as ussual because of Brock Lesnar returned and Paul Heyman addressed things that had happen to him last week by Samoa Joe. 1,022 more words

Raw Review

WWE RAW 5 June 2017 Result & Review

As always, I would like to make a review on Monday night Raw and obvious without fail WWE has been giving the same boring story line as always that have managed to a lot of people or I should say those people who make review on Raw in their podcast, Youtube and many more websites that are available. 1,193 more words


WWE Raw 25/4/2017 Result & Review

Well with the last WWE Raw before the Payback this sunday, there are nothing much that this show can do to sell their event tomorrow. The matter of fact, I also realize that the fans wasn’t really into the show besides of Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens rivalry. 601 more words

Raw Review

WWE Raw 17/4/2017 Result & Review

This would be two weeks in the row that WWE have been producing not a five star show but it was a decent show. Honestly speaking I like the show that they shown this week and there was a great way to continueing the stroyline from last week. 698 more words

Raw Review

WWE Raw Review: 10th April 2017

With the excitement about Superstar Shakeup announced by Vince McMahon last Monday, I was expecting that there would be like a draft that occurred last year but there isn’t and honestly it was disappointed to see there wasn’t any formal event about the Superstar Shakeup. 713 more words

Raw Review