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WWE Raw 27 November Review & Result

For this week’s Monday Night Raw, the show had steered in a number of intriguing direction. One of the interesting event that had happen during this show was Samoa Joe forced his way into the Intercontinental Championship picture, Matt Hardy appeared to begin his transformation into his broken self. 1,651 more words

Raw Review

WWE Raw 20 November 2017 Review & Result

After a decent pay-per-view event during the weekend, we get to see a shocking return of Paige after months being away due to backstage conflict. In fact, Roman Reigns has become a grand slam champion by capturing the Intercontinental Champion in the main event of Raw. 2,480 more words

Raw Review

WWE Raw 13 November 2017 Review & Result

Well honestly, this week’s Monday Night Raw, I would say that WWE has finally make a push towards Survivor Series after miserable three weeks of show. 935 more words

Raw Review

WWE Raw 6 November 2017 Review & Result

It’s been two weeks in the row since making a review and result blog for Monday Night Raw and honestly I’m proud of making a progress on it. 912 more words

Raw Review

WWE Raw 30 October 2017 Review & Result

It’s good to be back on doing Monday Night Raw result and review after being inconsistent on writing up about my review. For this episode of  1,396 more words

Raw Review


Titulo original: Grave

Lançamento: 2017

País: Bélgica e França

Olha ele ai! o filme que saiu da deep web xD.

Bom, o filme realmente parece que saiu da deep web, mas é mais pelo clima estranho do que pelo medo, e o clima ta SEMPRE estranho, você sempre pensa “kct vai acontecer alguma coisa agora”, ai acontece mas eu fiquei tipo, “a tá, era só isso.” 150 more words