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WWE Raw 17/4/2017 Result & Review

This would be two weeks in the row that WWE have been producing not a five star show but it was a decent show. Honestly speaking I like the show that they shown this week and there was a great way to continueing the stroyline from last week. 698 more words

Raw Review

WWE Raw Review: 10th April 2017

With the excitement about Superstar Shakeup announced by Vince McMahon last Monday, I was expecting that there would be like a draft that occurred last year but there isn’t and honestly it was disappointed to see there wasn’t any formal event about the Superstar Shakeup. 713 more words

Raw Review

Raw: Review

In what is one of the most remarkable debut features of recent years, Julia Ducournau’s Raw manages to take a number of different ingredients from different genres, stir them all together, and make a filmic feast that is darkly delicious and rich with depth. 726 more words


3rd April 2017 #RawAfterMania Review

It would be two days overdue for me to make a review for Monday Night Raw. Raw after Wrestlemania is always everyone’s favorite show because of the crowds where they literally took over the show and they never disappointed. 472 more words

Raw Review

WWE Raw 27 March 2017 Review

It would be my first blog article about review for both Raw & SmackDown for my new blog site. As I’m writing up this review for Monday Night Raw, I had mixed feeling about this article as I felt both excited and worried about this article. 848 more words

Raw Review

This Week in WWE Review - 9/25/16

I need a better name. And a better update schedule, but let’s not ask for too much.

Not neutral and so on. 883 more words


This Week in WWE Review - 9/15/16

From now on I’m just going to do weekly summary/recap/thoughts post on WWE. It’s easier on me and it’s not like anyone is reading my posts anyhow. 1,532 more words