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This Week in WWE Review - 9/25/16

I need a better name. And a better update schedule, but let’s not ask for too much.

Not neutral and so on. 883 more words


This Week in WWE Review - 9/15/16

From now on I’m just going to do weekly summary/recap/thoughts post on WWE. It’s easier on me and it’s not like anyone is reading my posts anyhow. 1,532 more words


Raw Review 09/05/16 & Comments on Last Week's Shows

Yes, I missed writing any reviews last week. I was going to do a summary review but I ended up getting busy and frankly didn’t have the energy. 2,895 more words


WWE Reviews Poll

I missed writing up most of the reviews last week due to mix of being busy and being simply uninterested in writing them. I’ve been wondering if it would be better to just write up a weekly post summarizing events and my thoughts. 28 more words


The WWE RAW Review: August 29, 2016

WWE Raw on the USA Network – August 29, 2016
Live from Houston, Texas at the Toyota Center

RAW opened with a memorial graphic for Mr. 1,592 more words


Raw Review - 08/22/16

The mess fallout from SummerSlam continues.

Not a neutral review and so on. 1,632 more words


Raw, Smackdown, NXT, & CWC Reviews

I haven’t been home this week and it’s been stressful, so while I have watched the shows I didn’t feel up to doing reviews. I ended up feeling bad about that, so I decided to do this. 1,203 more words