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Homemade Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is a sour salty food. So I am not a big fan of sauerkraut it is an acquired taste if you ask me, but I eat it because of the many benefits it has. 485 more words


Raw Vegan Lasagna! 

So sorry I haven’t been posting any content lately, I haven’t been home in over a month and have not really been cooking or using a blender or juicer lately. 232 more words


Raw vegan ungranola bars

I do not eat wheat or grains anymore, but I like granola bars, what to do? Make my own, a raw version of granola bars. I’ll tell you this…they turned out great. 457 more words


Raw vegan strawberry ice cream sandwich

Yep you read it correctly raw vegan strawberry ice cream sandwich. No dairy, no sugar, no animal products, no chemicals only good for you ingredients. Fruit, nuts, seeds, spices and that is it. 106 more words


Raw Vegan Fruit Salad

Sometimes I like to have a very filling bowl of sliced fruit for supper. It’s a wonderful blend of fruit, a fresh, crisp, refreshing yet light change. 46 more words


Raw Vegan Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Crunch

One of my favorite flavors is vanilla. Raw vanilla powder has a pleasant mild vanilla earthy fragrance. It is a nice dark brown powder. It tastes great and it can be used in any recipe that calls for vanilla. 560 more words


Hemp Protein Powder Smoothie

I’ve been experimenting with hemp… Urm, not what you think!

My friend suggested that I start using protein powders in smoothies recently, she’s also a veggie and she’s been using it to boost her protein levels, so I bought some and thought I’d give it a go. 184 more words