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WATCH: Iraqis Drag ISIS Terrorist Bodies Through Mosul — Troops Take Fight Deep Into City

Iraqi forces pushed deeper into the city of Mosul Saturday, the 27th day of the offensive to retake the city from ISIS terrorists who captured Mosul more than two years ago. 570 more words


WATCH: ISIS Missile Blows Up U.S.-Made Iraqi Tank

A video posted recently to YouTube shows an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) fired by ISIS militants near Mosul, Iraq, blow up an American-made M1 Abrams tank. 289 more words


WATCH: First Mosul Videos as ISIS Fight Moves Into City

Iraqi troops broke through ISIS lines into the city of Mosul on Monday, two weeks after the joint Iraqi-Kurdish force — supported by a United States-led military coalition — launched a massive military operation to reclaim the city held by ISIS militants since June of 2014. 720 more words


WATCH: U.S. Troops Battle ISIS Near Mosul, Dramatic Video

The main military force fighting to liberate the ISIS-held city of Mosul, Iraq, from the terrorist fighters who have held it since 2014 consists of the Iraqi government military and Kurdish Peshmerga troops, from the autonomous Kurdistan region in the north of Iraq. 471 more words


Video & Photos: Austin Man's SUV Dangles From Parking Garage

A man drove his SUV off the roof of a parking garage in downtown Austin, Texas, but it was miraculously caught on wires, allowing him to escape… 451 more words


VIDEO: SpaceX Launch Site Rocket Explosion at Cape Canaveral

A rocket carrying a $200 million Facebook satellite exploded into a massive fireball at a SpaceX launch site at Cape Canaveral, sending thick smoke into the air and shaking nearby buildings. 852 more words


WATCH: Rouen, France Birthday Party Bar Explosion Scene

Foto Bar #LeCubaLibre #Rouen = HEFTIGE #Explosion = 13 Tote = Alter 18-25 J / 6 Verletzte,davon einer Lebensgefahr pic.twitter.com/jacfcBLJS2

— stephan herzog (@teleherzog) August 6, 2016…

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