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Ethical Eating Nightmare!

So I was veggie for years then tried to eat more locally. then found out about the dairy shit industry and turned vegan and also concerned about organic. 136 more words

Vegan Raw Life Style

My wife and I received our results from our fasting labs. The results were not good. We need to seriously work on becoming healthier. We both hate eating meat and animal products, especially when it comes from a food chain. 60 more words

RAW by Belle Aurara (SPOILER ALERT)

Hi Guys

welcome to my first book review i am so excited LETS DO THIS!!!!

The books this week is Raw by Belle Auraora

PLOT******** 532 more words

Belle Aurara

This is a difficult issue that is guaranteed to offend some people...

MSU Presents Partnership Award

“Topeka, Kan. – Michigan State University (MSU) College of Veterinary Medicine recently presented the 2004 Partnership Award to Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. 967 more words


WWE RAW May 25 2015 Review

The Opening Segment

So apparently, Ambrose big risk last week was just

about to become meaningless, but Rollins saved it

asking Triple H to give Dean a chance. 729 more words


Rise of the DarkWalker: The Chronicles of Carter Blake, Book II


Firelight played over the aged face, turning a silver Van Dyke a reddish-orange. The drip of water from stalactites, the crackle of burning wood, and the sting of smoke were all ignored as he concentrated on reaching out to the untrained mind. 150 more words



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “On the Way.”

Okay. So this is actually a response to a weekly photo challenge.

78 more words
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