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the 21 day fix post (finally), part 1

I decided that I’m starting the 21 day fix “diet” plan on March 1 2015 and I’m excited about it! In preparation I have been reading Kris Carr’s… 459 more words

Why I Love Almonds

Almonds are a powerful little superfood nut. They are a perfect snack when you are craving something crunchy and nutritious. They also take a decent amount of chewing so you eat slower (perfect) and it takes longer to digest. 157 more words


The secret to beautiful colors

This week we have the pleasure of featuring experienced high-end retoucher, Pratik Naik, on the blog. In this post Pratik will let you in on one of the secrets behind the beautiful colors in his impressive work. 8 more words

My first day off

So I finally had a day completely to myself! No sugaring no work and a whole 24hours of not being on call. It felt so good not having to check my phone. 292 more words


8 Reasons to do a Juice Cleanse! 5 Kid-friendly Detox Recipes!

­čî▒Hello and welcome back amigos! ┬áMany people have requested Juice Cleansing Recipes that taste good and are Kid-Friendly. ┬áThe following recipes are Yummy, Vegan and Easy to make! ┬á ┬á 899 more words

Healthy Living


This post was written not as a duet but in contribution to my compassion series.  Since I am short on days this month he graciously agreed to share his post today along with my duets. 288 more words