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The First Night

I have been working the night shift for six months. At first, it seemed to be easy peasy. Uncomplicated cases, boring problems. I had time to read and play games between sessions. 361 more words

Track of the Day – DELTA SHADE ‘Wake Up’

Delta Shade is a rock band based in California, and they have released some great bluesy, psychedelic-tinged rock’n’roll. My fellow Rock And Roll writer Maria Savva wrote about the band last year, and the trio has just released a new video for the track ‘Wake Up’. 17 more words


Interview with Crashdïet’s new singer Gabriel Keyes

INTERVIEW . Sleaze rock is the bastard child of heavy metal, as the term defines a musical genre that has almost as much to do with attitude as songs. 16 more words


Album review: Fear The Fallen – ‘The Order’ (Sound House Records)

Fear The Fallen – ‘The Order’ (Sound House Records) http://ift.tt/2BDPn0C

We all know of albums that have left an immediate impression on us, be that for better or worse. 92 more words



When I was a kid, my parents and grandparents used to feed us with sauerkraut in the winter time. They said it contains loads of vitamin C and we’ll be strong and won’t get the cold. 303 more words


My favorite fruit salad

My favorite food in the world is fruit! It’s sweet – but I don’t feel bad physically after eating it because the processed sugar is not in it, it’s fresh and juicy and I instantly feel better and more ‘fresh’ after eating it! 158 more words

Mastema The Grand Holocaust of Flesh

§ Wordless

Upon discovery of the present work, what may first make an impression is the utter disregard for names and appearances. It is not only that the executors behind the work are themselves veiled in anonymity, at least as far as the publication in itself is concerned, although their identity is probably known through third parties or private correspondence to some. 676 more words