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The BIG Über Rock Interview – Andy Cairns (Therapy?)

The BIG Über Rock Interview – Andy Cairns (Therapy?) https://ift.tt/2QXSch4

ÜR head honcho Monk grew up just a few miles down the coast from the ferry port which was the breeding ground for one of the most ground-breaking acts ever to emerge from Northern Ireland. 65 more words


The BIG Über Rock Interview – Sean Elliott (Professor And The Madman)

The BIG Über Rock Interview – Sean Elliott (Professor And The Madman) https://ift.tt/2NQrvc5

Just before last month’s debut UK show by Professor And the Madman – the Atlantic-hopping punk machine featuring past and current members of The Damned, Rat Scabies and Paul Gray – our resident gigaholic managed to catch up with half of the band’s Californian contingent, former D.I. 26 more words


Stronger For It: Death Itself

*Trigger warning* This post depicts subjects of depression and suicide, if this is something that is difficult to read about, please don’t.

Sometimes, when we look death in the eyes, death stares back. 544 more words

The Nostalgia Trap

WWE is a very mixed bag right now. If you want to see some of the best wrestling in the world, you can turn on any given wrestling show produced by them and see at least one really entertaining match. 945 more words

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How Many "Stars" is Baron Corbin Worth in 2018?

There are plenty of Baron Corbin detractors out there, but when looked at with an actual impartial eye like Box of Talks, you will see that he has made progress. 886 more words

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I used to be a wallflower. I would sit back and watch people and mimic their movements. How to talk, how to walk, how to breathe, how to live. 497 more words


Michael Sweet of Stryper Interview

INTERVIEW . Sleaze rock is the bastard child of heavy metal, as the term defines a musical genre that has almost as much to do with attitude as songs. 15 more words