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I put my emotions into a coffeegrinder and I ground them into the earth. My eyes reflect your crime, you don’t see the harm you do. 41 more words

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Book Summaries with Jeremy

Built on Values by Ann Rhoades


Built on Values stresses the importance of instilling values within an organization and living up to those values. Too often an organization struggles for its identity and culture along with poor results. 371 more words


What Leaders Really Do

Nearly 30 years ago, What Leaders Really Do (May need HBR subscription to view fully) was written by John P. Kotter for the Harvard Business Review. 549 more words


Caturday Has Gone to the Dinosaurs at DRC!!

Happy Caturday everyone! I’ve got some more cute cats in hats pictures to share. Recently Georgie and Cyril received a dino hat from their mom made by me. 20 more words

Del Roba Creations

Dinosaurs are my Co-pilots

Happened totally by accident, and I bought them at different times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a 90’s kid that grew up in the age of Jurassic Park mania so how can I not like dinosaurs!? 105 more words

Kool Things

A Lion's Roar

(Disclaimer: Lions can’t speak. I guess. And I’m terribly sorry about this.)

A lion went into a restaurant. The waiter gave him a menu and asked him what he wanted to eat. 45 more words