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A example of a M+ text

Rawr x3 *nuzzles* how are you *pounces on you* you’re so warm o3o *notices you have a bulge* o: someone’s happy *nuzzles your necky wecky~* murr~ hehehe *rubbies your bulgy wolgy* you’re so big :oooo *rubbies more on your bulgy wolgy* it doesn’t stop growing ·///· *kisses you and lickies your necky* daddy likies (; *nuzzles wuzzles* I hope daddy really likes $: *wiggles butt and squirms* I want to see your big daddy meat~ *wiggles butt* I have a little itch o3o *wags tail* can you please get my itch~ *puts paws on your chest* nyea~ its a seven inch itch *rubs your chest* can you help me pwease squirms pwetty pwease *sad face I need to be punished *runs paws down your chest and bites lip like I need to be punished really good~* *paws on your bulge as I lick my lips* I’m getting thirsty. 96 more words


Why I don't want to have one.

Being a mother is one of the best things a woman could ever be in her life. Giving birth to your flesh and blood does not compare to anything in this world. 715 more words


Isn't Lonely Lovely?

It’s 6:12 pm

So I am supposed to be writing a new “Have Cheetah,Will Review” but am having trouble coming up with the words needed for the review. 1,634 more words


HHF Opinion: Can Hip Hop Die?

Written by James “Nobodee Jones” Horton

It’s a funny thing, me being an atypical cat, Midwest rural born and southern deep fried upbringing. I been into hip-hop music since the era of the fat boys back in the gap. 926 more words

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