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The Joint Sings in Drowned Sailor

I twist a joint between my fingers
let the smoke linger against the skin
ghost sirens coming up in whispers

around it. One toke billows like the… 66 more words


The Tasting

I tasted myself once
the iron of a body rotted from
crooked clocks, a sweet spot of nectar nesting
in my marrow like a forest of fallen doves. 281 more words


Day Four. Rawr.

My alarm went off this morning and my eyes opened, and I was just, awake. Like, fully alert – no grogginess or heaviness. I mean, I still hit my snooze button a few times cause I wanted to lay there longer. 323 more words

I wish my parents...

…would stop giving me a hard time when it comes to my appearance. I’m a grown ass woman who has her own style. If I want to wear t-shirts and jeans forever, no one can stop me except myself. 228 more words