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Trump White House orders federal agencies to blow off requests for info from all Democrats

“Politico reports that the Trump administration has ordered agencies to stop responding to oversight requests from Democrats, as administration officials “fear the information could be weaponized against President Donald Trump.” 77 more words


Russian state-run bank financed Toronto Trump hotel through mystery buyer

“According to the Journal, government-owned VEB helped former Trump hotel partner Alexander Shnaider arrange an asset sale involving a share in a Ukrainian steel firm worth $850 million. 31 more words


The Tide Turns on Trump

Joe Scarborough is the conservative host of the talkshow Morning Joe.  He has defended Donald Trump at different points throughout the campaign.  It has led to some tense exchanges on the set.   208 more words


House Republicans introduce bill that allows cutting federal workers’ pay to just $1

“House Republicans approved a rule this week that could allow lawmakers to cut individual federal workers’ pay to just $1, the Washington Post reported. The Holman Rule, which was written up in 1876, was approved on Tuesday as a provision in a larger legislative package that was largely ignored due to timing, as Republicans pushed to gut the House ethics office. 56 more words


Bombshell report claims at least 50 Trump electors are illegitimate — and should not have voted

“A bi-partisan legal team has issued a bombshell report challenging the Electoral College vote awarding Donald Trump the presidency, saying over 50 electors were seated illegally. 38 more words


Fast food CEO says profits soared after minimum wage hike

“The CEO of a popular fast food chain said this week that he was “stunned” to see profits soar each time California passed minimum wage increases. 64 more words