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The ‘Unf*ckable’ Eric Trump

“Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler this week decided to hit back at Trump by giving him some of his own medicine, although she directed it at his son Eric.” Read at RawStory.com

Chelsea Handler

'These gals stopped a rape last night': How 3 women kept a stranger from being roofied in LA

In a Facebook post caught by Jezebel, a woman described how she and two friends kept a total stranger from being drugged and raped by a man she identified as “one of her best friends.” 34 more words


Unable to post comment about Hildabeast Clinton on Rawstory

In response to one more filthy rich Hillary shill, avowing by heaven and earth that the evil witch is honest – these people just spit the lies out like popcorn – my comment was censored. 79 more words