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What's Catfishing? Everything To Know About Ray Allen's Legal Case

Many Twitter users posted tweets for sport Wednesday in a guessing game about an alleged “catfisher” who supposedly targeted Ray Allen.

Why? The retired NBA baller told a “catfishing” cautionary tale to an Orange County, Florida court Tuesday. 433 more words


Whatchu Think?: Ray Allen Got Catfished By A Man!

11/22/17- Former NBA player Ray Allen got catfished and he’s hollering about it! He was talking to a woman online who turned out to be a man! 71 more words

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Ray Allen Still Doesn't Know How to Use the Internet

Ray Allen says he is a victim of catfishing https://t.co/pqEfJy0B2a

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) November 21, 2017

Former Celtic Ray Allen announced today that he was a victim of a catfishing scheme.

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Ray Allen Claims He's The Victim Of An Elaborate 'Catfishing' Scam

This week in weird internet news you’d rather not be aware of, it appears that future Hall-of-Famer Ray Allen has fallen victim to an elaborate “catfishing” scam designed to extort money from the retired two-time NBA champ. 391 more words


Ray Allen Claims He Was Catfished And Stalked

Ex-NBA player Ray Allen claims he was catfished and stalked by a man pretending to be several women. 318 more words


Ray Allen is a Catfish amongst GOATS

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or living behind a computer screen posing as a hot, young female to hit on former athletes, you’ve surely heard the news by now that Ray Allen has been Catfished by an individual that posed as multiple women. 232 more words


Married Man Ray Allen Says He Was Catfished

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You know what group text I want to be in on right now? The one with former Celtics greats Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo — you already know their commentary on this reported Ray Allen catfishing/stalking story has to be absolute… 304 more words